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Week 1 Notes

by: meghan Hamilton

Week 1 Notes HST 198

meghan Hamilton
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Starts in the 1400
World History since 1500
Dr. Dewitt S. Chandler
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by meghan Hamilton on Thursday September 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HST 198 at Miami University taught by Dr. Dewitt S. Chandler in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see World History since 1500 in History at Miami University.


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Date Created: 09/08/16
Each Generation Creates The Christopher Columbus It Needs America: One World is born, another dies ● How did a handful of Spaniards defeat millions of people? ○ Cortes's expedition of the Aztec empire. The Spaniards had  help to defeat this vast empire ■ Invisible Partners ● Disease: Pandemics ● Allies: rivalry among india's: no  ethnic solidarity ○ The Spanish didn’t  giver the Native American allies credit for helping  them defeat the Aztec empire. The Spanish had  thousands of native american allies ■ Technological Superiority ● Weapons: guns, cannons,  swords, lances, crossbows ● Other advantages: horses ○ Horses were worth  their weight no gold. They were great for travel and  fighting ○ Disease: The Weapon of Mass Destruction ■ Major infectious killers of 1492 were “recent” ● The disease only came about  about 8­10,000 years ago ○ Around the time of  the Agricultural Revolution ● The Agricultural Revolution  brought about ○ Rapidly growing  populations ■ This  was one of the only times there was a surplus  of food and this surplus lead to a larger  population ○ Constant contact  with herds and flocks ■ One  of the first times people were around herd  animals on a daily basis. People  ended up  contracting diseases from these animals ● A “temperate­subtropical disease  pool” by c. 1000 AD World Civilizations Chap #21 The World Economy ● Silver became global currency during Early Modern period ● The Spanish found huge amounts of silver in the Americas ○ Crown kept 1/5 th of the silver found in the colonies ○ They built huge armies and new public buildings ● China and India were the largest recipients of the “New World” silver ● Merchants made silver the common currency and required it for even food  purchases ● Chinese observers thought that silver was creating a larger gap between the rich  and poor Maritime Power ● Crusades brought knowledge of the Islamic world’s superior economy ● Goods were imported from Asia ● European expansion faced threats from the powerful Ottoman empire New Technology ● Europeans developed deep­draft and round hulled sailing ships ○ Used mainly to sail in Atlantic ocean ○ Could carry very heavy loads ● Europeans began to adapt their knowledge of explosives to make gunnery ○ Weapons weren’t very accurate Portugal and Spain ● Prince Henry of Portugal sponsored a series of expeditions along African coast ○ Each time they went on an expedition they when a bit further ○ Spices, slaves and stories were brought back from each  expedition ○ Eventually these sailors ventured around the Cape of Good Hope, to try and find India ■ In 1488 they rounded the cape but were forced to  go back before reaching India ● Portuguese believed the Indians were Christian, so they faced some issues with  Muslim merchants who dominated trade throughout that region ● Spanish sailor Christopher Columbus reached the Americas in 1492 ● Ferdinand Magellan: sailed westward in 1519 to the Indonesian Islands. Spain  claimed the Philippines  Northern European Expeditions ● Spain and Portugal were distracted with the gains of territory they had just made, this made room for new countries for exploration ● The Dutch and British made some technological advances ○ Produced faster, lighter vessels ● French explorers reached Canada in 1534, which they claimed ● Dutch East India Company: joint stock trading company ○ Given government monopolies of trade in a designated region ○ They could raise armies, and coin their own money ● British East India Company: British did almost the same as above, but in India


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