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Week 11 Notes

by: Meghan Rixey

Week 11 Notes Ger1502

Meghan Rixey
GPA 2.75
Indo-European Folktales
Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst

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About this Document

Indo-European Folktales
Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Meghan Rixey on Friday March 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Ger1502 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 96 views.


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Date Created: 03/27/15
Week 11 o Lark and Taming of Women 0 Answers the question Why do husbands beat their wives o quotthe devil you know is better than the devil you don t knowquot 0 The unity of marriage is more important than the woman s well being in these tales quotTwo in a Sackquot 0 Hard to say what type of story this is Magic tale Jest Mixed Type tale Sack fairy tale motif 0 Idea that a male relative has the right to discipline not only his wife but other females in family Spousal discipline Man requires a magic helper he cannot do it on his own 0 Wife Who Would Not Be Beaten o Resourceful wife who avoids the punishment 0 Bluebeards husbands who cross the line 0 There is a secret behind the man s door 0 Background of Bluebeard Tales 0 Cautionary tales for men about the punishment of mistreating women To some degree Cautionary message for women about being to curious Fantasy wish ful llment for women in oppressive relationships Bluebeard tales are universal o quotCunmar the Accursedquot serial killer kills wives when they become pregnant but last wife returns from the dead gives birth and founds a convent Cunmar was a real gure thought to be a werewolf 0 References to real life crimes in some versions quotGilles de Raisquot mass murderer of 15th century in France referenced Turned to dark magic to regain fortune Involvement with dark magic eventually led to his arrest 0 Common Features of OralBased Bluebeard Tales 0 Bride s father is weak or absent 0 Nominal improvement of social status when the wife marries bluebeard o Husband must leave give his wife an object to test her loyalty Egg Flower Key Forbidden roof contains the dead wives 0 Wife sees tries to hide her mark of betrayal then brings the dead sisters wives back to life and escapes o Leads to the downfall of Bluebeard O O 0 Interpretation Feminist o If a woman can see l she can subvert the power structure of the man 0 Eastern Bluebeard tales 0 Different concept of a woman Herione may not be virtuous Women are proactive against abuse there are no male saviors No secret chambers so women s curiosity is not an issue Come to terms with abusive husband outsmarts man can be vicious and able to kill their own offspring Tiger tale OOOO


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