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Your Zombie and You

by: Sara Rahimzadeh

Your Zombie and You PHI 2016

Marketplace > Florida State University > PHI 2016 > Your Zombie and You
Sara Rahimzadeh
GPA 3.408
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About this Document

What are you fears? Introduction into Zombies Agents Paradox of Fiction
Philosophy Through Film
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sara Rahimzadeh on Thursday September 8, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHI 2016 at Florida State University taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.


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Date Created: 09/08/16
Your Zombie and You: Identity, Emotion, and the Undead Thought Experiments  To serve as an “intuition pump”  To test the validity of a concept o Ex. The trolley killing 1 person, or 5  Stereotype of the philosopher  I can sit in the chair and use rational thought to tell you the nature of justice, truth, God, etc.  Modern era  experimental philosophy; change your intuition. The Paradox of Fiction  “that in dealing with fiction we seem to inexplicably develop strong emotional reactions to fictional characters and events, things we know do not exist, and yet we seem perfectly rational to doing so” (pg. 22)  Being afraid and perfectly rational over something we know doesn’t exist Fear  What are you afraid of? The Cognitivist View of Fear  Propositional fear  dispositional  Experimental fear  actual = an occurent emotional state (an event – physiological arousal)  Reactive fear  fear of  Locus of fear  Universalized  all fear is fear of being harmed  Objection  Not all fears feel the same  Quantitative difference  degrees of fear The Horde  Taxis “an innate behavioral response causing an organism to move towards or away from some particular stimulus” (pg. 14)  {microorganisms, cockroaches, moths}- positively/negatively phototactic o slowly but surely devouring everything o not being able to escape The Agent  Rational agency  If zombies desire to eat flesh, then in what sense do they desire?  The agent DECIDES which desires to act on, and how  The agent reacts on REASONS  Whether or not something has agency or appears to.  Plato gave us the Chariot image. Controlling the horses with power and desire. You  You  story teller. Your unconscious being pulls you in a certain way. You feel like you’re in control, but you’re not. The decision to do or not is already made; you’re constructing the narrative for reasons. o Intuitive, instinctive o Automatic o Parallel o Old systems o Non-verbal 2  Rider  Wandering minds. The background noise; the scrolling message at the bottom of the news channel. Most of what you do is due to the unconscious o Conscious o Reasoning o Deliberate o Serial new systems o Verbal The Psychology of the Uncanny  Familiarity (y axis) vs human likeness (x axis)  Zombies take us into the uncanny. 3


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