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In Class Notes 9/27/16

by: Kayce Notetaker

In Class Notes 9/27/16 Hist 132

Marketplace > Western Carolina University > History > Hist 132 > In Class Notes 9 27 16
Kayce Notetaker
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About this Document

What we went over in class today
US History Since 1865
Elizabeth McRae
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kayce Notetaker on Friday September 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 132 at Western Carolina University taught by Elizabeth McRae in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see US History Since 1865 in History at Western Carolina University.


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Date Created: 09/09/16
For the next 5 weeks; 1920­1968 ● How is it that Americans try to negotiate the maturation of industrial capitalism? ● How much do they respond to its ascendancy? ● Which approaches work? ● Which approaches secure democracy? ● Which challenge democracy? ● Model T ● Flappers ● New Deal ● WW1 The 1920’s bring a different type of freedom. 1. Money 2. Young 3. Rise of tobacco industry 4. Dancing ­ Jazz music 5. Breaking traditional values a. Sex b. Marriage c. Drinking and smoking In the 1920’s, the car industry will be the economic center $850 in 1908 $249 in 1934 ● Henry Ford wanted everyone to have a Model T By the end of the ‘20s every 1 of 4.5 had a car 60% of farmers had cars by 1940’s ● Assembly Line Booming Businesses Roads Steel Tires Mechanics Glass Insurance Ford is the first company to create Credit Cards Hotels, Fast food 25% of the American workforce had something to do with cars **Dating changes parental authority  “Brothels on wheels” New Women 19th Amendment Flappers Independance from  Parents Men Focuses on sexuality  Women became more “masculine” Sigmund Freud  Textiles experience loss New dresses used up to 12 yards less than traditional dresses Brings up controversy about birth control  Abortion was widely done Condoms were leather  Margaret Sanger By 1960, women could get birth control only if their husband approves ERA Amendment ‘23 Did not pass First ERA introduced to Congress KKK and Politics  2nd KKK is TOTALLY different At its peak; 5 million members National advertising  Nativism Organized Public Expanded its list of oppositions by 1920 Anti­catholic   Anti­flapper Anti­jew Patriarchal Control Preserve traditional family values (Father masculinity) Prohibition Falling  Leader is convicted of sexual assault and kidnapping Internal  Americanization            Americanization Campaign                         Who gets to be an American Indian schools (early version) What does it mean to be American Immigration Reform  Johnson­Reed Act 1924­1965 Favors Northern European Protestants  Limits immigration to the US  In 1917 you had to pass a literacy test to get into America  Eugenics Not allowing “bad Americans” to have families ­ national sterilization  NC kept sterilization around until 1970s Great Migration            Many black southerners move up north Black population triples in NY in the ‘20s Rising black middle class Rise in education  Music rising Louise Armstrong, Bessie Smith Harlem Renaissance Tulsa Race Riot  Greenwood ­ Black Wall Street Bombs are dropped on Greenwood and homes were burned down Killed 300 people because a black man fell into a white woman NOT IN THE SOUTH Until 9/11 it was the largest domestic terrorist attack in the US


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