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Christian Scriptures Week 3

by: Harry Hasbrouck

Christian Scriptures Week 3 REL 1310

Marketplace > Baylor University > Religion > REL 1310 > Christian Scriptures Week 3
Harry Hasbrouck
Baylor University

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About this Document

These notes cover literary and culture context of the Bible which includes the two creation stories present in Genesis. The second lecture consists of various stories of sin and also the Abrahamic ...
The Christian Scriptures
Dr. Derek Dodson
Class Notes
Baylor, religion
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Harry Hasbrouck on Friday September 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to REL 1310 at Baylor University taught by Dr. Derek Dodson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see The Christian Scriptures in Religion at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 09/09/16
A. Genesis 1:1-2:3 - Literary Context The deep- water God creates light 1. Day 1-Light separation of dark and light day and evening 2. Day 2-Sky (Dome/Firmament) waters are separated there is a separation of lower and higher waters (sea and sky) 3. Day 3-Dry land with vegetation separation of water and land vegetation covers the earth First three days God is giving shape to formlessness Next three days God is filling the earth 4. Day 4- Sun, moon, and stars (mirrors day 1) greater light-the sun lesser light-the moon God places the vessels (sun & moon) in the dome 5. Day 5- Water & air creatures (mirrors day 2) fill the the water with creatures and the sky with creatures 6. Day 6- Land creatures, humans, vegetation for food (mirrors day 3) male & female created in the image of God 7. Day 7- Sabbath of God a day that stands alone just as God stands alone B. Language poetic repetition; rhythmic formal structure Liturgical the script of worship an adjective printed the word’s prayer or the apostle’s creed some scholars believe that this text came out from people who were connected to the temple P tradition-“Priestly" used in a form in a setting of worship Portrait of God God comes across as transcendent there is creator & creation God comes across as a sovereign King whose commands are fulfilled Genisus 2 Language vivid feels like a story Portrait of God God is seen as a gardner, craftsman, and surgeon Anthropomorphic God is portrayed in human like ways; takes on human ways as a result God is more personal God is transcendent and personal (paradox?) this is the first thing we learn about God (they are both true about who God is) J tradition- Yawehist it presents God as anthropomorphic Gen 2- Lord/Yahweh Gen 1- God/elohim C. Setting Gen 1- watery chaos Gen 2- desert D. Cultural Context Enuma Elish- Babylonian creation story They share a similar cosmology Differences One God vs. multiple Gods Goodness of creation vs creation by violence humanity created in God’s image vs. Humanity created through violence (called savage) Significance? Theological protest it’s different story of how the world was scene emphasis is on God’s character (theological) creation stories say something about who your God is emphasis on nature of humanity (ethical) if humanity is named savage you have a particular view of how humanity is E. Contemporary Context Is Genesis 1-2 a scientific description of the organ of the universe? it is true given its attended meaning meaning is often dictated by genre designed to say something about who God is intention was theological, ethical, and liturgical it is true even though it may not be fact we have bought the truth that factual=truthful Genesis is a theological/ethical text, not scientific Genesis is about the “who” and science is about “How" The Creation of Woman Predicament: man is lonely (“it is not good that man should be alone”-Gen. 2:18) Solutin: the creation of “helpmate” (ever kenegdo; “helper corresponding to”) “helper”- one who comes to the aid of another it’s usually a military image; a savior, to rescue them in their time of need they become partners; and they correspond with each other; a solution to help man out of his desperation 9/8/16 Christian Scriptures- Human Sin and The Abrahamic Covenant A. Structure of Genesis Genisus 1-11: Primeval History Gen. 1-2: God’s good creation Genesis 3-11: Humanity’s corruption of God’s good creation; sinfulness of humanity Genesis 12-50: Ancestral History Abraham Isaac Jacob Joseph B. Genesis 3-11: Humanity’s Sin Adam & Eve (3:1-24) Transgression/sin: Disobedience there is some motive that moves this act of disobedience: Idolatry they are not willing to accept their creativeness and want to be like their creator (God); they want to put themselves with God wanting to be divine Consequence: Man- hard labor Woman- labor pains; man shall rule over her (consequence of sin and not God’s intended creation) Serpent- must crawl on its belly God’s Mercy: He provides clothing Allows man and woman to live long enough so that they may have children; they do not actually die that exact day. Cain & Abel (4:1-16) Transgression/sin: Murder- Cain kills Abel Jealousy outward act is motived by something interior Consequence: He is told to leave the land He is told to be a wanderer The land has been polluted in a sense by the blood of the brother God’s Mercy: Marks him with protection “Sons of God” and Women (6:1-4) (Prologue Transgression/sin: “Sons of God” have sexual relations with women Heavenly beings have intercourse with earthly beings breeches the separate spheres of heaven and earth offspring makes a race of giants Consequence: Limited lifespan life is limited to 120 years God’s Mercy: none it functions as a prologue to flood story The Flood and Noah (6:5-9:17) Transgression/sin: God is sorry; it greaves him (J tradition-anthro) “J” account (6:5-8)- wickedness and evil inclinations “P” account (6:9-17)- violence and corruption Consequence: Destruction by flood; a return to chaos flood purifies “P” perspective God’s Mercy: Noah & the ark God promises not to destroy the earth again; Noah covenant= rainbow Tower of Babel (11:1-9) Transgression/sin: Pride; they want to make a name for themselves Disobedience- God’s intention for them is to fill the earth; they are congregated in one place and haven’t separated Idolatry- they want to be like God; they want to build this tower to reach heaven Consequence: God confuses language the word Babel- “scatter" God’s Mercy: This “gap’ rhetorically connects 1-11 with 12-50; God’s mercy is the covenant with Abraham C. Genesis 12-22: Abraham Covenant Who: the One who called the cosmos into being is also the One who cals Abraham. What: this second calling represents God’s continued intention to bless creation corrupted by human sin. How: With this second calling, however, god’s intention to bless and redeem seems to require a new strategy When: Gen. 11:26-30 When creation seems to be broken down, that God decides to work through Sarah God chooses people to work through that nobody would choose to work through God’s Covenant with Abraham: 1. Possession of Land 2. Descendants/nation 3. Blessing God blesses Abraham God blesses the families of the earth through Abraham Promissory covenant an obligation to believe, have faith, and to go Sign of the covenant: circumcision this will show that they are God’s people


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