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CJUS 2100 - Week 2 Notes

by: josephrauchwerger

CJUS 2100 - Week 2 Notes Cjus 2100


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About this Document

Apologies, i think the formatting got a bit screwy when converting to PDF. Have specific testing points highlighted.
US Crime/ Justice
Dr. Peter Johnstone
Class Notes
Cjus, Criminal, Justice
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by josephrauchwerger on Friday September 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Cjus 2100 at University of North Texas taught by Dr. Peter Johnstone in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see US Crime/ Justice in Criminal Justice at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 09/09/16
Tuesday 9/6/16 Justinian – Justice. Common law originated in England. Difference between common law and civil law. Canada – Common law. Mexico – civil law. Roman law is the foundation of “Civil law”.  Why didn’t Britain keep Roman law? o The footprint the Romans left in Britain was quite small.  Why did France keep Roman law? o The Roman footprint was huge, so much that their law is still heavily influenced by Roman law today. Politicians are protected today from criminal law such as Roman senate was protected in the times.  Diplomatic Immunity o Diplomats have certain freedoms from the law in other countries.  Protected under the law o Kids under 10 o Military o Politicians o Diplomats o Mentally Ill o (Roman times) Priests Businesses are not a protected class, but are categorized under a different section of the law, as you cannot prosecute an entire company.  Crime may be a o Legal Construct – Laws put in place for justice. o Social Construct – Laws change according to society.  Murder of common class vs an Emperor. Make an example of them, killing people of influence. Murder vs Assassination o Common class: Death by hanging o Emperor: Death by burning, or something more excruciating Today we call this English origin family of law, the Common Law. We call the codified legal system of Europe the Civil Law.  William The Conqueror o Came to England in 1066 o Fought the King and won, making himself King. o 200 years after, still ruled by Kings.  Water Ordeal o Unpleasant Ordeal = Finding out the truth? o Torture by deprivation of sleep for 4 days o Plunged into water. Floated – Guilty. Sank – Innocent.  Trials o Poison o Battle 9/8/16 Thursday  Curia Regis...the King’s Court o Judges go out across the country in the king’s name to perform justice.  Office of Constable o Not sure where the word Constable comes from  Office of Sheriff  Hue and Cry o To raise a voice about an issue when a crime occurs. o Anyone who saw the crime would be required by law to give chase. o Similar to “Crime Watch” areas around town now-a-days.  Night watchman o Stand on guard on the walls at nights.  Vigilantes o Fire watchers. o Stayed up at night and kept watch for house fires.  Pope Innocent III o Papal Edict  1215  Lateran Council  Cannot be involved in any capacity with any form of punishment or ordeal. o Europe needed to replace the ordeals with something else.  Torture?  Ramp up what juries do. o Britain has their own working system; England is behind. o Animals can be held accountable under the law too.  1215-1400s o Priests immunities erode


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