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Week 2 notes

by: Alison Holden

Week 2 notes Hon 160

Alison Holden
University of Hartford

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About this Document

The Containment Strategy
Discovering America III: 1945-Present
Professor Cooley
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alison Holden on Friday September 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hon 160 at University of Hartford taught by Professor Cooley in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Discovering America III: 1945-Present in Honors at University of Hartford.

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Date Created: 09/09/16
Hon160 Discovering America III 1945-Present Week Two notes Soviets established the “satellite states” (AKA Eastern European states that fell under communist influence). In order to prevent the further expansion of communism into Western Europe, the US had to devise a plan.  The Containment Strategy- George Kennan and influenced by President Truman o Components to Contain the Soviet Union  Form alliances  North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)  Collective Security- an attack against on country is an attack against all o Ex: 9/11, NATO countries came to aid of the US  Provide economics assistant to allies  The Marshall Plan (influenced by George Marshall and John Marshall)  By stabilizing the states financially, a communist takeover is less likely to occur  Military Assistance  Similar to the economic assistance, it assists countries from communist takeover by assisting the country’s capitalist government  Truman Doctrine o Ex: Greece was in a civil war, a rebel group trying to overthrow the nationalist government  Increase military spending- in order to contain Soviet using this strategy, US was required to increase spending  Covert Operations- prevent communist from getting into political power positions and/or overthrowing communist already in power.  Putting influence in political parties o Ex: Russia is currently accused of going to extreme measure to support Trump in the Presidential race by hacking democratic strategy  Rigging votes  Secret alliances with rebel capitalist groups and supporting them with military and financial aid  America was accused of ties to particular political assassination in other countries  Propaganda supporting specific political people or ideas o Where was the Containment Strategy necessary?  Western Europe  Giving aid to clean up after WWII  NATO  Formed secret alliance with rebel groups  Political assassination  Asia- China was communist and was a very powerful country in Asia  Confucious Philosophy’s traveled through many nations so the idea of communism was a very real possibility to also spread  US formed allies with Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia  South East Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO)  Military assistance to Vietnam and South Korea (war)  Covert operations o Vietnam- propaganda and sabotage that lead to military assistance  The American Homefront- The Red Scare  Brought up by Senator McCarthy from Wisconsin who wanted to prove that communist were in fact in America o Proof:  McCarthy’s claims were supported by two major events:  Russia achieving nuclear weaponry although America was the only country to have achieved that.  The Rosenberg’s were Soviet spies  Chinese Revolution o US embassy gave information that the capitalist group would be fine to overtake the communist group, therefore no assistance was given. However, the communists won. o How did McCarthy make a change?  Being a senator with much experience, he started a committee to find and prove that specific politicians were in fact communists.  However, every accusation turned out to be false in all cases  CBS news exposed this.  Repercussions of McCarthy’s actions o Psychological- widespread paranoia o Social- accusations of communist sympathy increased o Political- staunch in anticommunism


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