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Art History Survey 1907 Week 2 Notes

by: Essence Foster

Art History Survey 1907 Week 2 Notes section 002

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Art > section 002 > Art History Survey 1907 Week 2 Notes
Essence Foster


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About this Document

These notes cover important works and historical information that can help with Exam 1 studies.
Art Hisyort Survey 1907
Michael Duffy
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Essence Foster on Friday September 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to section 002 at East Carolina University taught by Michael Duffy in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Art Hisyort Survey 1907 in Art at East Carolina University.


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Date Created: 09/09/16
Lecture Notes Part 2 Art History 1907 Section 002 Giotto (Tuscan Artist)  He was active in the 1300s  Created and Italian style  Also created language to improve painting styles in that period  Constructed The Arena Chapel  The chapel was constructed in Padua close to Venice in North Italy  Built near ruins of Roman structure known as the arena  Given material by Enrico Scrovengi who was a wealthy merchant Enrico Scrovengi  Scrovengi was the son of the Sin of Usury (named Reginaldo) and wanted to right his father’s wrongs  Reginaldo got his name after he began profiting loans in the Roman Catholic Church  Over the center of the chapel is the beginning of the annunciation  Paintings on the walls also includes stories of the life of the virgin  Dado painted imitation of marble  Paintings on the walls of the chapel include 7 deadly sins, the passionate, crucifixion, and the withered tree (reflection of Christ’s words)  Giotto moves turn the traditional poses of the figures in order to bring us into the painting (fresco technique)  He appeals to us by relating to human emotion and promoting humanism Important Terms ( Italian Origin)  Jornada- a days work; what you can accomplish in a fresco painting in a day  Arriccio- a thick coat of plaster  Sinopia- the “under dry” of a painting normally done quickly  Intonaco- put over the sinopia; fine plaster coat; thin and semi transparent Maestra by Duccio (1311)  Sienna Cathedral Altar piece  Central panel 7x13 ft  Painted on a number of boards of wood attached to each other  The pradella is a long piece at the bottom  The back illustrates the life of Christ; the front of the Maestra displays the life of Mary                          The resurrection of Lazarus is included  Everyone stares at Lazarus and one man even covers his nose- notice the linear movement in the head of the crowd  Others look at Christ (they respond to him directly)  Shows more interest in human emotion (what stinks? Why does he cover his nose?)  Duccio is good at making things clear and realistic  Duccio did something never seen before by creating rhythms aesthetically and historically  Eventually the piece was removed to put in different museums


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