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First 3 Journal Entries

by: marina.lopez Notetaker

First 3 Journal Entries 0819

Marketplace > Temple University > EDUC > 0819 > First 3 Journal Entries
marina.lopez Notetaker
GPA 3.0
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About this Document

American Teenager Teenage Mystique Trashing Teens
Tweens and Teens
Mary Meghan Raisch
Class Notes
EDUC, Tweens&Teens, temple, writing, GenEd




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by marina.lopez Notetaker on Friday September 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 0819 at Temple University taught by Mary Meghan Raisch in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Tweens and Teens in EDUC at Temple University.


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Date Created: 09/09/16
Name: Marina Lopez Tweens & Teens Journal Entry Prompts *Use these prompts and questions to guide your reflections. Reflections should be a significant paragraph in length (approximately 200-250 words). Do not use direct quotes, and do not simply summarize the article. This is meant to be written in your words and be based on your personal experience with these issues. All reflections are to be submitted together on our Blackboard site on Friday, September 16 by midnight. 1. TheAmerican Teenager in 2015: On the Fringe of Something New (Time, 2015) Compare the behavior and trends of teenagers now to the teenagers from 50 years ago. Do teenagers engage in the same behavior? Did the time period you grew up in affect the activities you participate in? TheAmerican Teenager consists of qualitative research done by TIMES magazine. In this article they analyze a few modern-day students who described their experiences with independence, digital lifestyle, skin color, substance use and uncertainty of whats to come in their futures. I feel teens are often discredited as being much more careless in our modern-day culture. However, as the article mentions teens today have much higher expectations because of various things they are able to facilitate such as having a telephone or easy internet and worldwide access. It also mentions how detrimental things like social media can be for a students future considering all of the documentation of their actions. This article briefly describes college debt and the separation from the 1% of wealthiestAmericans and how that gap is only growing. College has become much more common and now the expectations that were once viewed as attending college have shifted to attending grads school. Teenage behavior from then and now has evolved greatly because of the evolution of technology, substances, and social standards. Modern day teenagers are in my opinion much more self excepting at a younger age because of the awareness of social standard and stereotypes and the encouragement of embracing yourself. The largest surprise was the statistic listed by the University of Michigan. It stated that alcohol use by teens has declined below 40% in 2014 compared to 70% in 1975. Modern day teens however have evolved to other substances such as marijuana use. Time period greatly affects the interest of the youth however, so does socio-economic standing, nationality, appearance, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and even things as simply as hair texture. (275 Words) Name: Marina Lopez Tweens & Teens 2. Teenage Mystique (Hine, 2001) Explain the concept of teenage mystique. Have you experienced this during your adolescence? Have you seen someone exemplify this? Teenage mystique is the various perceptions of the youth. The youth has expectations of adults but lack the privileges or assets that allow them to better fulfill such expectations. Teenagers are best described as evolving. Teenagers are the future with equal possibility for success or failure. Some teenagers have better advantages or privileges than others but Teenage Mystique is everything from death to hope. Constant contradictions prevent most teenagers from seeing their power in society and taking action on it. Youth is admired in our society but it is also feared and viewed as chaotic, irresponsible and easily influenced. Teenagers are mostly surrounded by their peers and learn a large amount of vital information in these environments. Teenagers themselves have created a sense of freedom in relation to our age group the lack of adult influences encourages youth to adapt to their surroundings and admire the childlike carelessness. This usually consists of being able to take part in wild actions because they hold no responsibilities such as children, housing or even food supply. I am currently experiencing a form of teenage mystique right now.Attempting to juggle school my dance career and finding a steady job that will help me to save up for a car that way I am not constantly asking for a ride or investing money in transportation.At times I would much rather give up entirely then have to ask for another thing from someone else. I have seen an example of teenage mystique when my friend want to go to the university homecoming jus as bad as they want anAin their final exam. This self-contradiction in teens trying to balance independence and decision-making is constant and at times can be overwhelming. (288 Words) Name: Marina Lopez Tweens & Teens 3. Trashing Teens (Epstein, 2007) Share two take away messages and make one challenge to the ideas discussed by Psychologist Robert Epstein in this interview. The first message I toke away from this article was how high expectations are for modern-day teens even though those most hold those expectations do not believe that teens are capable of reaching them. Evidently the article says that when we are expected to achieve the goal without doubt of our failure we usually surpass expectations. The article also explains that these expectations are held for us at an adult level even though we do not have the assets of adults. If things like our memory and cognitive skills are at their highest when we reach our young teen years then why are we still catered to as children. From the stand point of a nineteen year old I do appreciate being able to still live with my mother and have food supplied to me because it gives me the opportunity to apply my focus else where such as on my education and saving money. If my mom did not supply those things to me however, I would find a way to supply them for myself and would most likely have to postpone my education and personal expenses for things like food and bills. The second interesting message I found was that the teenage body and mind is developed as an adults however, their adult surroundings contradict that. This pressure is emotionally stressful and I can agree with this message from experience. I don’t think that my situation reflected into my household but most likely it has effected the person closest to me. I see effects in my personal relationship because of stress caused from not being able to fully function by myself. This pressure of being dependent on another caused me inner frustration and was released into other aspects of my life. I challenge the idea that we have the freedom to spend, disrespectful, wonder at night, have sex, and do drugs because we will still be prosecuted as adults and have to deal with the law and consequences. Our freedom is limited by our parents more than anything and if your parents give you the freedom to you can explore all of those things. If your mom is anything like my mom you didn't even get to use the landline to talk to boys until you had your own phone at sixteen. (384 Words)


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