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POLS 2312-001 Chapter 1 Notes

by: Nicole Jimenez

POLS 2312-001 Chapter 1 Notes POLS 2312-001

Nicole Jimenez

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About this Document

These notes cover Public Policy, Political Culture, Land and People, Economics and Challenges of our local and state government. There is also a section for the answers to quiz 1. Feel free to emai...
State and Local Government
Kimberly Harper
Class Notes
Public, Policy, political, Culture, Land, people
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Jimenez on Saturday September 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 2312-001 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Kimberly Harper in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see State and Local Government in Political Science at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 09/10/16
POLS 2312 Chapter 1 August 29, 2016 Righ ts Police Public Everything Authority Safety comes back to Public Policy I. Identify a problem finances. i. ex. infrastructure, immigration, education, water II. Create a solution a. Cost (how much it will cost) b. Actors (who is involved and effected) c. Factors (one thing effects another) d. Unintended consequences (fixing one problem but then another one arises) e. Implement and Evaluate Bureaucracy Political Culture I. Political Culture: Attitudes and actions that happen a. Moralistic (North Eastern States) b. Traditionalistic (Texas) Individualistic (Texas) Quiz Questions I. Public Policy influences people’s behaviors II. Traditionalistic and Individualistic is most dominant in Texas III. Latino is the fastest growing ethnic population IV. The rate of population growth in Texas’s MSA is greater than throughout the state as a whole V. Texas land based industries include cattle, cotton, timber, oil and gas VI. Service is the economic sector that is currently creating the most jobs for Texans VII. Immigration, water, environment and education concerns VIII. Maquiladoras are based on cheap labor IX. The current population in Texas is 26 million people X. According to the Texas comptroller’s analysis, undocumented immigrant produces more revenue for the state than they cost in services Politics POLS 2312 Chapter 1 August 29, 2016 I. Politics: A process of policy making, who gets what, when and how II. Settles conflict Land and People I. Both are large and diverse a. Second in size behind Alaska b. Second in population behind California c. Social Media is a quick and easy way for candidates to reach people II. Eminent Domain: The way the government can take your property for government use III. Colonials: Poorest places in the state (on the Texas side, on the Mexican side, Maquiladoras) IV. Redlining: bank loans would not be given to minorities a. Minorities would be kept out of certain places b. 85% live in metro areas Economics I. Old main industries a. Cattle b. Cotton c. Timber i. First land based industry d. Oil and gas II. New main industries a. Fracking b. Energy c. High Tech d. Service i. Number 1 e. Agriculture f. Trade i. NAFTA g. Tourist Challenges I. Immigration a. The border is 1,248 miles long II. Water III. Environment IV. Education V. Poverty VI. Texas receives more illegal tax revenue


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