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Audio Setup and Mixing Week 2

by: Eric Hoover

Audio Setup and Mixing Week 2 JMC 33032

Marketplace > Kent State University > JMC 33032 > Audio Setup and Mixing Week 2
Eric Hoover
GPA 3.94

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About this Document

Mostly covers the 30-second radio commercial assignment to be done in week 3.
Audio Setup and Mixing
Scott Hallgren
Class Notes
radio, Commercials
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eric Hoover on Saturday September 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to JMC 33032 at Kent State University taught by Scott Hallgren in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views.


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Date Created: 09/10/16
9/6 in ASM: Audio Scavenger Hunt!!! Teams of 3 Collect 10-20 sound bites out in the wild Lab Notes: Discussion of pieces from the audio scavenger hunt Editing with Audacity!!! 9/8 30 Second Commercial Assignment Three components: Dialogue Sound FX Music Priority is always dialogue!! 2-3x higher than SFX and music. Strength of concept Most radio mics are condenser/shotgun mics It is recommended that 2 or more people should be reading in the commercial Story-based Purpose: 1-2 sentence reason for what you're doing for the commercial Target audience: who the commercial is selling to (demographics, psychographics) Communication objective: how you are explaining the benefits, comparing to the competition, etc. Guidelines for copywriting: Product needs to be interesting, not the commercial itself!!! Techniques for writing commercials Audience analysis Being familiar Appeal/benefit to the viewers/listener's needs+wants Effective organization Effective format types Organization of the commercial Get attention of the audience Hold interest Create an impression Plant the idea that the problem can be solved by using the product/service Finish with a rational/emotion/appeal to persuade the audience the buy the thing/service Beginning, middle, end! Beginning gains our attention Middle contains most of the information, including advantages the product has over the competition End is a summary of the most important points. Urges action (showing phone #/email) Some appeals: Rational appeals: SIMPLE (Keep it simple, stupid!) Safety Indulgence Maintenance Performance Looks Economy Emotional appeals (PLEASURE) People interest Laughter Enlightenment Allurement Sensation Uniqueness Rivalry Esteem Putting some "PUNCH" in the commercial Product Specs User Experience Notable advantages Cost/value ratio Heightened listener benefit (THE ONE THING) The 10 Radio Commandments Stay conversational Voice + time the copy Remain present and active (present tense, active voice) Beware uncertain pronouns (he, she, it, they, them, that) Avoid TV soundtracks (soundtrack throughout the entire spot) Keep humor in bounds Stress sponsor identification Concentrate the attack Conclude with energy Ask for the order Format of the script Single spaced within dialogue, double spaced between dialogue SFX/music double spaced between speeches Dialogue, SFX, music, talent/production commands should be capitalized, with talent commands placed in parentheses. Use abbreviations! SFX, ANNCR, etc. 30 second script - 70-85 words but narration along with production elements will determine the overall time. WRITE IN ACTIVE VOICE+PRESENT TENSE Concepting: The problem How can I solve the problem creatively? Target audience Product appeals/features/benefits One Thing I can say or show about the product How much do I need? Where is it positioned Competition Tone Ways to concept Show product Show benefit Show alternative Comparison Borrowed interest Testimonial/case history


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