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Module 2 Week 3 Notes Dan 2307

by: Briana Johnson

Module 2 Week 3 Notes Dan 2307 DAN 2307

Marketplace > University of Houston > DAN 2307 > Module 2 Week 3 Notes Dan 2307
Briana Johnson

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About this Document

Module Two Week 3 notes over The Dancer and Dance Classes
Introduction to dance
Jacqueline Nalett
Class Notes
intro, dance, 2307, Jacqueline, nalett, notes, week three
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Briana Johnson on Sunday September 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to DAN 2307 at University of Houston taught by Jacqueline Nalett in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views.

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Date Created: 09/11/16
Introduction to Dance (2307) FA 2016: Jacqueline Nalett UNIT 2: WEEK 3 NOTES  The Dancer and Dance Classes  Professional dancers are athletes  They train dance techniques both in the studio and out  Training outside of the studio includes conditioning and engaging in body therapy  Dance techniques can be either psychical (strength, flexibility, and body alignment) or artistry (facial and body expressions while dancing)  A dancers professional career is very time demanding and many professional dancers sacrifice a steady income and dance because it means more to them than the money Mikhail Baryshnikov  Russian ballet dancer  Was in Sex and the City as Carries French lover  Dance is all about the dancer becoming the dance  Mikhail spends his days piecing together old and new ballet dances and techniques  Started training for professional ballet at 11 years old in Russia  His dance teacher was the best dance teacher at the Vaganova School  His students were dancing in productions and theaters around the world  Baryshnikov said that it was the chance of his life to dance for the best dance teacher in Russia  He spent three years training with his dance teacher in school and three years training with him outside of school at a studio  Baryshnikov was accepted into the Leningrad Based Kinetic Company in1967  Spent three to five hours a day training in the studio  Baryshnikov believed that the component of dance is not and should not b hard to a dancer. The part that should be hard is to be a master at your own dance, to be a man of your own mind and to put in the work required for your desired outcome  Dance teacher made him strong mentally  In 1969 all eyes of dance were on Mikhail  At 21 he won the Gold medal at the international competition in Moscow making him a celebrity The Dancer  A dancers technique refers to the proper placement and alignment of the body  Having proper technique means you have mastered how to move safely and correctly to minimize any injury  When you see a dancer that makes it look so “easy” they have spent many years training, getting hurt, and messing up.  For people who train in dance, they have options on what they would like to actually do as a job o Performer o Teacher o Choreographer o Etc.  There are oppurtuites for people to dance no matter their physical restrictions such as wheelchair bound or even deaf  Dancers train for a long time  You don’t do it because you love it, you do it because you can’t live without it  It may be a lot of sacrifices however for people that dance they cannot not dance; its apart of their essential life needs just as we need to sleep, eat and breath


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