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Week 3 (September 04-09) - Intro to International Relations

by: Ricardo Rauseo

Week 3 (September 04-09) - Intro to International Relations INR2001

Marketplace > University of Florida > INR2001 > Week 3 September 04 09 Intro to International Relations
Ricardo Rauseo
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

These notes cover what we saw on Week 3: Thinking about the History of International Relations
Introduction to International Relations
Zachary Selden
Class Notes
International, relations
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ricardo Rauseo on Sunday September 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to INR2001 at University of Florida taught by Zachary Selden in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views.


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Date Created: 09/11/16
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 Realism and Liberalism  Realism o International system is anarchic o States are the highest authority o International relations tend toward zero-sum game o You have to help yourself o International institutions are expressions of power relations  Liberalism o International system is anarchic o More cooperation and mutual gains are possible o Maybe some people can win (perhaps not equally as everyone else) o International institutions can mitigate anarchy o Interdependence and democracy are important o What goes inside of states is awfully important o International institutions have power independent of states Constructivism  All relationships are socially constructed  Anarchy is what we make of it- why make assumptions?  Why do we assume international system is prone to conflict? o Why do you assume anarchy should tend to go in that direction? o Anarchy is what we choose to make it  What happens if people decide to view it differently? o We decide what is a threat (very subjective)  Identity as important factor in international relations International State System  What led to the creation of the system we have today?  European history based in feudal system, overlapping lines of authority  Ended with 30 Years War (1618-1648)- gave us principle of sovereignty o It began as a reformation (Protestant pushing against corrupt Catholics) o The result was a pact trying to avoid that from happening again  Redrawing map of Europe literally and conceptually-lasting legacy for today  Much of what you see today in the International system comes out of European history o Therefore, we have to study European History instead of Latin American or African Thirty Years War  Ends with Peace of Westphalia that established basic ideas that endure to this day  Principle of sovereignty- rulers can do as they see fit within their borders  Creates idea of nation-state: a place and people united by language, culture, etc.  Sets up idea that political legitimacy comes from secular authority not divine right of kings  Big changes but not necessarily leading to stability  Weakening of empires and growth of new powerful states  Holy Roman Empire and Ottoman empires in decline, Austria, Russia, Prussia, France and Britain become great powers  What is great power? o States are able to project some power abroad, some military force abroad that gives them advantage in the international environment  Leads to multipolar system with shifting alliances and lots of war o Peace of Westphalia opens up new routes to conflict  Some even has effect on development of the US-British tried to pass on costs of Seven Years War with France to the colonists in North America  French tried to get back at Brutish by helping the American Revolution  All of this war cost a lot- especially France  Helped lead to French Revolution 1789- now something new in Europe: a revolutionary state  What does this change besides France? Fallout of French Revolution  Revolutionary states seek to create more like them  Napoleon comes to power to spread revolution across Europe  Napoleon completely changes nature of war in Europe  Levée en masse: a popular army Friday, September 9, 2016  Realism, Liberalism/Idealism, Constructivism, Feminism, Marxism  Systemic, Domestic, Individual  Unipolar, Bipolar, Multipolar  Prisoner’s Dilemma Realism: everybody is out for their own self, and you have to account for that when you make decisions Liberalism: Cooperation is the way to mitigate the negative outcomes of anarchy Constructivism: The culture of the state, how these values developed is what really matter. They can approach different aspects with realism and idealism. Feminism: Gender is the category of analysis, social constructed notions, they broaden our mind by talking about how women are always affected first. Big decisions are made by men (it is masculine based). Marxism: Conspiracy in the sense that the people who are rich and own wealthy business are taking advantage of everyone else Systemic: How does international system works? Domestic: What is going on within states? Individual: What is the leader for that state like?


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