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Test Webinar Week 1

by: Ciara Ashlee Seaman

Test Webinar Week 1 test webinar session

Ciara Ashlee Seaman

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About this Document

This is the test upload
test webinar
Ciara Seaman
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ciara Ashlee Seaman on Sunday September 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to test webinar session at Southern Utah University taught by Ciara Seaman in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views.

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Date Created: 09/11/16
Name: Ciara Seaman_______________ Date: _9/7/16_________________ Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens 1. What institution did Galileo come into conflict with? Why? ___The institute because the word of god and what Galileo said did not go together. ___________ 2. During Galileo’s time, the popular belief about the sun and the Earth was that ___ The sun revolved around the Earth. ______. 3. This geocentric theory of the universe was originally set out by the philosopher __Aristotle________________________________________________________. 4. The Medieval universities required students to pass 7 basic subjects before you could study philosophy and theology. Of these, the Vatican considered astronomy to be __An investigation of God’s work__________________________. 5. Galileo studied three different subjects at the University: __Medicine, Mathematics, and _____________________ 6. To Galileo, the universe could only be understood only if one studied the language of ___Mathematics. _____________. 7. How did Galileo set out to make money with his improved version of the telescope? ___By selling it to the navy to spot enemy ships. ____ 8. What was Galileo surprised to discover when he first looked at the moon through his telescope? ____That the surface of the moon isn’t smooth. _______. 9. What was the first planet that Galileo looked at through his telescope? _Jupiter______. 10. Ancient astronomers, such as _Ptolemy_, tried to explain how celestial bodies moved by assuming they were attached to crystal spheres. 11. The Ptolemaic system was useful if you just wanted to _keep track where things were in the sky. ___________________. 12. Nicolas Copernicus noticed the math related to planetary motion would be more simple if _The sun was at the center instead of the Earth. ___________________________ 13. In the Copernican system the Earth has 2 motions: a. __revolving around the sun each year____________________________ b. __spinning on earths axis once every day______________________________ 14. Galileo noticed that Venus went through phases just as the Moon does. From this, he concluded that __Venus is revolving around the sun like all the other planets. ________________ 15. What did the Catholic Church do to argue that Galileo was wrong? Name: Ciara Seaman_______________ Date: _9/7/16_________________ ___To investigate him and to Inquisition him. 16. What was the Church’s motivation for torturing and executing heretics? _ To cleans the Earth or to push the teachings of the church more. _______ 17. What did Galileo hope to do at the Roman Inquisition? __That nature didn’t just give them eyes to see their works, but brains to understand them. He wanted to convince them to keep their minds open. _ 18. What did the Inquisition decide with regard to Copernicus’s work and Galileo? __He wasn’t allowed to speak of it orally or in writing then was imprisoned indefinitely. _____ 19. “ ‘I don’t know.’ What a beautiful expression that is.” Explain this statement. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 20. Why did Catholic theologians not like Galileo’s theory about sunspots? _They believed the heavens were perfect. __________ 21. Why was Pope Urban VIII different from previous popes and what did this mean for Galileo? Urban VIII was compassionate and warm and Galileo felt like he could talk to him about his research. He had several meetings with Urban. __________ 22. Why did the Church eventually condemn Galileo’s Dialogue on the Two Chief Systems of the World ? _It contradicted the teachings of the scripture. ____________________________ 23. What was Galileo charged with by the Inquisition? _imprisoned indefinitely. _____________ 24. Why did the Pope and clergy abandon trying to defend Galileo? _That would mean the Pope would have to go against the church and would be investigated too. _____________________


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