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Text Textbook Notes for CDD 5202 for Readings due 9/14

by: Amykates

Text Textbook Notes for CDD 5202 for Readings due 9/14 CDD 5202

Marketplace > Kean University > Communication Sciences and Disorders > CDD 5202 > Text Textbook Notes for CDD 5202 for Readings due 9 14
Kean University

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About this Document

These are my notes from the textbook for our reading that is due 9/14: HIPPA and Code of Ethics
Clin methods in sp-lang ther
Dr. Susan Mandel
Class Notes
HIPPA, code-of-ethics
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amykates on Sunday September 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CDD 5202 at Kean University taught by Dr. Susan Mandel in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Clin methods in sp-lang ther in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Kean University.

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Date Created: 09/11/16
[Documenttitle] | KathrynHerridge Topic: Details: TextbookNotes 5Principles of  Pg 92: HIPPA Privacy Rules o 5 Basic Principles of thePrivacy Rules  Consumer Control:clients controlreleaseoftheir info  Boundaries:PHIcan’tbesharedwithout authorization for marketing; usedfor care,payment, protectpublic health/safety  Security: must havewritten policies; giveprivacy practice notice and acknowledgement; take reasonablestepsto keepPHI secure  Accountability: $$ finesfor misuse  Public Responsibility: PHIreleasedfor publichealth, abuse,and quality asmt o Who MustFollow HIPAA?- “coveredentity”: any with accessto PHI o MinimumNecessary Rule- needto know basis o IncidentalDisclosures- unintentional disclosuresallowed if reasonablesafeguardsto minimize them(sign in sheet) o Business Associate Agreements - vendorsrequiredto sign confidentiality agreement CodeofEthics  AppendixA ASHA Code of Ethics: Pg475-479 o Preamble: violation is unethical - theserulesrelate to thosebeing served,thepublic, theSLPs, andresearchers,etc… o Principleof EthicsI:professionalarerequiredto honor the responsibility to servetheir patients, andresearchersto treatanimals Beethical humanely o Rulesof Ethics  Use all resourcesto providequalitycare  No discrimination  No misrepresentation  Welfareofpatient remainsunder thecertified individual (not student - it’sthe supervisor’slicense)  Informparticipants ofpossibleeffectsin research  Only provideproducts/serviceswhenbenefitis reasonably expected  Never guaranteeresult,butmake a reasonableprognosis  Skype allowed  Don’trevealor releaseinfo withoutauth  No chargefor researchservices  Voluntaryparticipation onlywith informedconsent  Don’tbeondrugswhenprovidingservices  Providereasonablenoticeofdischarge o Principleof EthicsII:Highest level ofcompetenceandperformance required Stay within o Rulesof Ethics your training  Don’tprovideserviceswithout your C’sor withoutsupervisionof certified with C’s 1 [Documenttitle] | KathrynHerridge  Stay within scopeofpracticeandyour training  Followthroughwith CEU’s - lifelonglearning  Don’trequirestaffto provideservicesoutside Advocateand training/experience Market  Maintain calibration andrepairsofequipment used Honestly o Principleof EthicsIII:Advocatefor theunmet needsofpublic o Rulesof Ethics  Don’tparticipate in conflict ofinterestactivities  Refer onlybasedoninterestofpatient -not $or personal  No fraudwith insuranceor anykind of$$ Inter-  Accurateinformationonly aboutservices,products,andresearch disciplinary andmarketing Professionalism o Principleof EthicsIV: Maintain professionalismin all relationships o Rulesof Ethics  Upholdautonomyofprofessionsinall relationships,including intraprofessional  Prohibit anyoneunder supervisionfromviolationofcodeof ethics  No harassment  Assign creditwherecredit’sdue ALWAYS  Professionalstandardsmustbeupheldin statements to collegues aboutservices,products,andresearchresults  Use your professionaljudgement -don’tjustpick updueto referral  Don’tusecodeofethichsfor personalreprisalor retaliation  Reportto boardofethicsif violation ofcodeofethics  Comply with codeofethics Summary: 2


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