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Project Management IS 378

by: Samia Notetaker

Project Management IS 378 IS 378

Samia Notetaker


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About this Document

Week 2 notes based on professor's lectures on webcampus
Project Management
Dr. Reza Torkzadeh
Class Notes
#project management, information, Systems, IS, 378, Management, Lee, business, school, unlv, Fall, 2016
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samia Notetaker on Sunday September 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to IS 378 at University of Nevada - Las Vegas taught by Dr. Reza Torkzadeh in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Project Management in Information System at University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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Date Created: 09/11/16
Project Aligning 1.What is it? a. How the project is in line with other things in the company we work with. b. Need to be between project and everything else. 2.Portfolio Management a. Short-term vs. long-term strategy i. How will the thing I develop now fit in with something else I need later on? b. Operational vs strategic decision c. Functional goals vs organizational objectives i. How a project is going to affect the organization as a whole instead of effecting that individual department. d. Rapid Implementations vs. Strategic alignment e. Application vs. portfolio approach f. How does one project fit in a collection of projects i. Professor’s OIT example demonstrates this. g. Has to be aligned with goals and strategies of organization 3.Alignment with strategic goals  Who is initiating project?  Who is funding project?  How does project support mission of organization?  What is relative position of a project on the priority list of organization?  How does project contribution value the strategic goal of organization?  How does project help meet current and future needs of the customer? 4.Portfolio Priorities a. Project Manager who is not familiar with core business goals and objectives cannot come up with an effective project plan b. Project manager must be able to evaluate the extent to which a project serves organizational goals Strategic Planning 1.What is it? a. Provides organization a road map which gives direction on how to allocate resources and activities for the future i. Long term perspective for organization b. Determines … i. Position of company in industry ii. Position they want to secure in the future iii. Plan for attaining desired position 2.Influence of Strategic Plan a. Influences are diverse. A Strategic Plan…  Creates uniformity across projects  Reduces redundancy  Helps prioritize projects  Provideslong term perspective to assess needs of customer  Provides criteria to measure project success 3.Mission a. Describes purpose for which organization exists for b. Expressed in broad terms c. Position of the organization relative to competition and within industry i. What you want to be? How long it will take to get there? Where? 1. Example- to be a primary provider of system security in the western region of the U.S. within 5 years. d. Strategy different than mission i. Pay attention to figures 2.4 and 2.5 on page 28 in reading Goals and Objectives 1.What is it? a. Must be defined measurable and doable i. Clear! Someone else should understand it ii. Measurable- know when you reached your goals iii. Realistic b. Describe more specifically how a mission is to be implemented c. Used to evaluate performance d. Customer satisfaction is often considered on important goals e. A hierarchy of goals and objectives exist 2.Goals a. Focus on figure 2.5 on page 28 in the reading i. Second level of diagram- Departmental level- Must be supportive and aligned with organizational goals to satisfy level 1 goals of the organizations. 3.Department Goals a. Department must develop strategies that support organizational goals b. Projects are implementation tools for organization goals and objectives c. Goals help us define what we want to pursue and strategies help us accomplish that 4.Management Support a. Top management support is critical to success of any project i. Need through support throughout entire project lifecycle b. The support is needed initially and throughout project especially when project is overdue and over budget c. Project proposal must clearly describe how outcome is expected to support goals and objectives i. Must be aligned with organizational goals and objectives to get top management support 5.Planning a. Planning organizes and accelerates implementations of project b. It is done at 3 levels Long term Medium term Short term Project Management and Ethics 1.What is it? a. Is there a conflict between business and ethics? i. Goals and objectives that are not ethical will hurt company in the long run ii. Businesses goal is to maximize profits b. Individual trait that is formed early in life are influenced by family, environment, and values. They are less likely to change later in life i. Is this true? c. Throughout process evolves through learning expirencee ad interaction that reaffirm values. 2.Ethics a. How do you know your boss is trustworthy? Ethical Treats everyone the same Reasonable Know what she expects of you b. Way you behave affects trust with others c. Simple but effective points i. What can project manager do to improve relationships with other people? ii. This will help them in the end iii. Gives project manager benefit or doubt in a sticky situation 3.Project Manager and Trust a. Ask yourself how your decision affect stakeholders and how they are judged by others b. Trust has to be defined-depends on characters’ competency and ethical standing c. To build trust and create work environment that is free of game play and manipulation d. Trust is built over time i. It is pattern must be consistent throughout e. Trusted people are given benefit of doubt in hard situations f. Be open about you mistakes and show respect to the opinions of others g. Developing a project is more than knowing the technical aspect of technology.


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