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Chem lab instructions

by: Lauren saint pierre

Chem lab instructions CHMY 143

Marketplace > Montana State University > Chemistry > CHMY 143 > Chem lab instructions
Lauren saint pierre

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About this Document

chem lab instructions
Chemistry 2
dr b
Class Notes
General Chemistry
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren saint pierre on Sunday September 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CHMY 143 at Montana State University taught by dr b in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Chemistry 2 in Chemistry at Montana State University.


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Date Created: 09/11/16
Lauren Saint Pierre CHMY 143-05 Freezing Point Depression 13 September 2016 Introduction (3 pts) 1. What was done? (Briefly explain the title) 2. Why was it done? (Purpose) 3. How was it done? (Name the technique(s)/ methods used) 4. Why should I care? (Practical applications) Procedure and Observations (4 pts) 1. Length: 2­3 paragraphs of what was done and what was observed when you did it. 2. Sufficient details provided­ experiment could be reproduced using write up. 3. Third person impersonal voice. Past tense! 4. This should be written in your own words! Do not plagiarize. Data (2 pts) 1. The section should start with at least one sentence explaining what the data is/ where it  came from. Data are not interpreted in this section! Data are solely shown and explained.  2. Tables of data / figures are clearly and correctly labeled including units and a caption.  3. Data should be reported with the correct sig figs. 4. Graphs should be incorporated into the report using the snipping tool. Data Analysis and Calculations (6 pts) 1. Include any relevant chemical formulas and sample calculations: 2. Calculations should be written step by step. 3. Appropriate units should be included. 4. If a theoretical value is provided (or if you can find a theoretical value online) you must  calculate the percent error. Error ANALYSIS will be included in the conclusion. 5. A sample calculation is not needed when the weight of a substance is found (i.e. if you  find the mass of a graduated cylinder, find the mass of the graduated cylinder with water,  and subtract the values to determine the mass of the water.) 6. A unique equation number should be included. See the example provided. 7. Interpret your results for their meaning in the context of the experimental purpose  a. Outline the chemistry involved and tell me what you expected to see. Are the results  what were expected? Conclusion (5pts) 1. Restate the purpose of the experiment 2. Was the purpose achieved? Why do you think it was or was not?  3. Discuss what the data mean and draw conclusions, include the following information. a. Compare your results to the known value.  Error should be reported numerically,  including percent error when applicable.  b. If the results are not what were expected, outline possible sources of error that caused  the results to be different. Include only possible and reasonable errors­ human error is not a valid source.  If your results are poor, discuss what you could do differently if  you repeated the experiment. 4. Include any questions specifically asked for the report (in paragraph format). 5. The length of this section is variable depending on the experiment, but typically 3­5  paragraphs should be sufficient.


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