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Late Medieval Early Renaissance Week 2 Notes

by: amanda Notetaker

Late Medieval Early Renaissance Week 2 Notes ARTH 2302 - 001

Marketplace > Texas State University > Art History > ARTH 2302 - 001 > Late Medieval Early Renaissance Week 2 Notes
amanda Notetaker
Texas State
GPA 3.25

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About this Document

Notes taken from lecture 1 week 2 Late Medieval and Early Renaissance. Powerpoint notes are on tracs if youre in ARTH 2302.001 under resources
Ren Mod Art
Kathryn B. Moore
Class Notes
Art, history, ArtHistory, reniassane, Early, late, medieval
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by amanda Notetaker on Sunday September 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 2302 - 001 at Texas State University taught by Kathryn B. Moore in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Ren Mod Art in Art History at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/11/16
9/7/16 WEEK 2 LECTURE 1 Siena- Late Medieval • Really distinct art • Shows range of artistic practice because they used art as means of competing SLIDE 5 Late medieval architecture • Brick • Battlements – low parapet at the top of a circuit in a fortification • Single tall bell tower • White marble was connected to ancient roman past SLIDE 6 Frescos inside Palazzo Pubblico • 4 wall all frescoed over the idea of goo verses bad government and the effects SLIDE 7 Cycle begins with personification of Christian virtues for good government SLIDE 8 Justice = balance of good verses evil SLIDE 9 Representing Peace as a contemporary Sienise woman wearing silk SLIDE 10 Representing the affects of good government Notice: Bell tower on the far upper left conner The use of brick in buildings Sense of a living city Security and order SLIDE16 Bad Government Notice: Terrany Greed Vain Lust Violence Justice is bound and powerless City disorder SLIDE 21 Siena Cathedral Prime example of late medieval art in siena Ancient Roman and French Gothic vibes • Outside architecture advertising their connection to France and Rome o Black and white strips & round arches <- Ancient Roman Architecture • Inside looking to Roman past SLIDE 26 Alter pieces • Traditional subject matter and material • Expanding upon alter piece in terms of scale and scope, earthly court surrounding queen o Saints present represent Siena and angels SLIDE 30 Martini • Conservatism represents the contacts to the North o More of a international style o Looking to French art § French gothic elements: • Pointed arches • Thin columnetts Mary flattened = space was not defined Words coming from Gabriel’s mouth exploring what it means for words to be flesh SLIDE 33 Depicts Mary caught in a moment of prayer Notice the chair and rob textiles LATE MEDIEVAL AND EARLY RENAISSANCE- BURGUNDY & FLANDERS • First examples of oil painting on wood because it is very humid in that area • Very innovative artist due to climate • Altarpiece for home use SLIDE 36 Merode • Home of wealthy merchant family • Wood structure • Oil painting • Gabriel coming to Mary- contemporary dressed • polyptych o An alterpiece made up of more than three sections SLIDE 40 Donor portrait Detailed realistic portrait of commissioners BRUGES SLIDE 43 Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin Inserts his own portrait as Luke SLIDE 44 Realism • Snapshot • Not idealized


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