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Art History 100 Week 1 note

by: Jieun Son

Art History 100 Week 1 note Art His 100

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > Art History > Art His 100 > Art History 100 Week 1 note
Jieun Son
GPA 3.4
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About this Document

These notes are about particular painting analysis which is in OWL assignment. They cover what's going to be in our exams.
Survey: Ancient-Medieval Art
Monika Schmitter
Class Notes
Ancient-Medieval Art, ART-HIST100




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jieun Son on Sunday September 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Art His 100 at University of Massachusetts taught by Monika Schmitter in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Survey: Ancient-Medieval Art in Art History at University of Massachusetts.

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Date Created: 09/11/16
ART-HIS 100 Lecture 1: Introduction: Basic concepts of Art Historical Analysis 1. “Gardenscape from the Villa of Livia,” Prima porta, Italy (30-20 B.C.E.) 1) Composition: explains how an artist structures a painting using space, color and line.  Marble balustrade opens in delineated linear perspective around a large pine tree in the center of the panel.  Behind marble wall, there are pink roses, white daisies, and yellow chrysanthemums.  A quince (left) and a pomegranate (right) balance the central pine.  Foreground: very ordered and sharply detailed.  Middle and background: wilder and more sketchily painted. 2) Iconography: examines the meaning of pictorial elements within the Prima porta Gardenscape fresco. Iconography is the study of the symbols or meanings of the images in a particular culture.  This is a tending garden, even though no humans are present in the painting.  The plants which bloom in different seasons are in one place and at one time = garden never have existed. o Iris and violets – Spring o Daisies and roses – Summer o Chrysanthemums, quince and pomegranates – Fall  Symbols of plants o Ivy, laurel, myrtle, oak and pine were all used by the Romans to make triumphal crowns. o With palm trees, they are symbol of victory. o The coexistence of these elements is symbol of creation of timeless and triumphant paradise.  For the Romans, birds are tokens of fertility and messengers of Gods. They are also collection of different seasons and species.  Location: The underground room was probably used as a dining room. Romans loved to dine in cool places like grottoes in the hot summer months. o It's buff-colored upper border suggests we view this open-air garden through the framing stalactites of just such a cave. 3) Technique ART-HIS 100  This painting was done in true “fresco” (which means fresh in Italian). It is a wall painting done on damp (wet) plaster.  Because the chemical bond occurs between the painted pigments and the plaster, the paint never fades, but stays brightly colored and fresh.


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