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by: Madilynn_Danielle

stems__roots_and_leaves.pdf BTNY 11000 - 010

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About this Document

notes over the stem, root, and leaf system
Introduction To Plant Science
Peter B Goldsbrough,Robert E Pruitt
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madilynn_Danielle on Monday September 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BTNY 11000 - 010 at Purdue University taught by Peter B Goldsbrough,Robert E Pruitt in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views.

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Date Created: 09/12/16
Botany Week 2: stems, leaves, and roots  Plant Organs o Various tissues combine to form complex organs including: roots, leaves, steams, flowers, and fruits  Stems o Many are photosynthic o Support and is the structure to the plant (taller= more light) o Transport water and minerals o Produce food o Produce more stems  Nodes: the point where leaves or branches attach- needed for growth  Buds: new stems or flowers form in the axil of leaves  Internodes: length of stems between nodes  Stolons: below ground  Rhizomes: above ground  Tuber: storage- modified stems  Leaves o Photosynthesis (primary function) o Storage o Transpiration-the flow of water through a plant, from the roots to the leaves, via the xylem vessels.  Dicot- a flowering plant with two embryonic seed leaves  Monocot- single embryonic seed leaf o Simple leaves  Smooth  Teeth  Lobe o Compound Leaves  Pinnate (feather)  Palmate (finger on hand)  Leaf Vein Patterns o One central location – feather o Away from each other – hand o Parallel – monocots  Leaf Arrangement o Phyllotactic o Opposite o Whorled  Specialized Leaves o Bud scales (modified leaves) o Floral bracts o Succulent leaves o Water holding structures o Bulb o Spines (leaves) o Thorns (stems) o Prickles (usually derives from the epidermis)  Roots o Water and mineral uptake o Anchorage o Storage o Produce more roots  Root cap – protects and lubricates the growing root  Root tip – area of cell division  Root hairs – provide huge surface area for absorption  Casparian Strip o An impermeable waxy layer between the cells of the endodermis that stops water and solutes from entering the xylem expect by passing through the cytoplasm of adjacent cells o Water can move in the apoplast of symplastic, but must enter symplastic to bypass the Casparian strip  Apoplast: outside  Symplastic: inside  Specialized Roots o Aerial: stick in air to get water o Pneumatophores – (mangroves) breath underwater o Attachment – Ivy o Prop roots – support (corn roots)  Flowers o Sexual reproduction and asexual o Production of seeds o *NOT ALL PLANTS HAVE FLOWERS*  Non-Flower Plants o Ferns o Conifers o Mosses and liverwarts  Flowers Again o Almost all composed pf 4 different parts of organs  Modified leaves o Pistil: girl repo system, stigma (captures pollen), style (pollen attaches), overy o Stamen: boy repo system, anther (pollen), filament o Perianth: sepal, petals


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