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Biology 1710, Week 1

by: Anoosha Mardani

Biology 1710, Week 1 BIOL 1710

Anoosha Mardani

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About this Document

These notes cover chapter one and will be on the test this week.
Mark Burleson
Class Notes
Law, Theory, organisms, natural selection, scientific method, properties, Of, life, evolution
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anoosha Mardani on Monday September 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 1710 at University of North Texas taught by Mark Burleson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see BIOL SCI MAJORS 1 in Biochemistry at University of North Texas.


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Date Created: 09/12/16
Bio Lecture notes 08/31/16 Chapter 1 Notes Two main forms of inquiry in the study of nature • The word science, latin, means “to know” Inquiry is the search for information and explanation • • two main types of scientific inquiry: discovery science and hypothesis-based science • Also known as qualitative science and quantitative science The Scientific Method • A hypothesis must be testable • Experiments must have controls Data • Data are recorded observations or items of information • two categories - Qualitative, or descriptions rather than measurements (appearance, behavior, etc..) - Quantitative, measurements rather than descriptions Scientific Law vs Theory A scientific law describes a correlation between measure variables. Sometimes expressed as a math equation. The law of gravity. Ficks law of diffusion. J= -D(delta)C A scientific theory offers an explanation of natural phenomena. The theory of evolution through natural selection. The theory of relativity. Germ theory. Two types of Science: Basic and Applied • Basic Science or pure science seeks to expand knowledge regardless of the short term application • The goal of technology is to apply scientific knowledge for some purpose • Biology is marked by discoveries while technology is marked by inventions Reporting Scientific Work • Primary or peer-reviewed literature Reviewed by experts in the same research area, who judge whether or not the work is original • Secondary Literature Newspapers, books, review articles Properties of Life 1. Order 2. Response to environment 3. Reproduction 4. Regulation/homeostasis 5. Energy Processing 6. Evolutionary Adaption Organisms interact with their environments, exchanging matter and energy • two major processes: - cycling of nutrients - energy transfer and transformation: flow of energy from sunlight to producers to consumers Evolution, the Overarching Theme of Biology • Organisms living on Earth are modified descendants of common ancestors Theory of Natural Selection • Fossils and other evidence document the evolution of life on Earth over billions of years Natural selection is evident in adaptations of organisms to their environment • • Bat wings are an example of adaptation Three domains of life • Bacteria and Archaea are prokaryotic; plants, animals, fungi, and all other forms of life are eukaryotic The first forms of life on Earth were ____. A. plants B. microorganisms C. bacteria D. dinosaurs E. fungi B. MICROORGANISMS


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