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Test Upload, Week 1 notes

by: Laura ginn

Test Upload, Week 1 notes 101

Marketplace > San Francisco State University > ENGLISH (ENG) > 101 > Test Upload Week 1 notes
Laura ginn
GPA 3.08

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About this Document

This is the test upload
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laura ginn on Monday September 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 101 at San Francisco State University taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see in ENGLISH (ENG) at San Francisco State University.


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Date Created: 09/12/16
BIOLOGY 100 (04) – HUMAN BIOLOGY FALL 2016 Instructor: Lynne M. Dowdy Office Phone: 338-3024 Office: HH 433 E-mail: Office Hours: WF 9:10 - 10 am ; 11:10 - noon ∙ put B100 in subject line ∙ Lectures: MWF 12:10 - 1:00 pm, in HSS 154 Required Human Biology, 14 Ed. © 2016, by Sylvia Mader and Michael Windelspecht and access to Materials: McGraw-Hill Connect online learning system Option #1: Purchase text bundled with Connect Access Code – available at SFSU Bookstore; includes hard copy of text, a code to access Connect online learning system, and access to electronic copy of text. Option #2: If you do not need a printed copy of the text, and instead only want the electronic copy of the text, go online (see below) and purchase Connect – includes access to Connect online learning system and to electronic copy of text. Supplies: 4 Zeus Test Forms; No. 2 pencil; i>clicker; 1 package of 3” x 5” index cards On Reserve In  Human Biology 13 Ed., by Sylvia Mader and Michael Windelspecht (previous edition of our Library: textbook)  Human Biology, by Colleen Belk and Virginia Borden  Visualizing Human Biology, by Kathleen Ireland COURSE REQUIREMENTS LearnSmart  Eight online homework assignments (through Connect) linked to chapters in text (10 pts each) Modules:  To access these assignments, you must first go to the following web address to register for our class section: When you initially go to this site, you will register for the course section, either by using the code provided with your new textbook purchased from the SFSU bookstore, or by purchasing access online. During this registration process, you will establish a password to use each subsequent time you access the course section.  As each assignment is created, its due date will be announced. Exams:  Three multiple-choice midterm exams (100 pts each)  One comprehensive final exam (200 pts) EXAMS MUST BE TAKEN WHEN SCHEDULED...NO EXCEPTIONS ! If you are sick, have an athletic competition, must leave town, whatever …. the missed exam will be the exam score which you drop.  NOTE: During exams, you may not use any electronic devices including translation dictionaries.  For your own reference, sample midterm exams from a previous semester are posted on iLearn. Online  Eight quizzes (10 pts each), of which the lowest score will be dropped Quizzes:  Quizzes on lecture and textbook material will be posted on iLearn. When a new quiz is posted, it will be announced in class. Each quiz will only be available for a defined length of time (usually 48 hours), though during that time you may take the quiz as many times as you wish. Papers:  First paper: 2-3 page, peer-reviewed paper on an assigned topic (65 pts) - Due: Friday, October 14  Second paper: 3-4 page research paper on an assigned topic (100 pts) - Due: Friday, December 2 Clicker Points (up to 75 pts possible) will be assigned for i>clicker responses (credit for participation, credit Questions & for correct responses), and for completing and submitting index cards in class, when assigned. Other Register your clicker with our iLearn class, and bring your clicker and index cards to class on a Participation: regular basis! Grading: Total possible points = 890 pts; total points earned will be calculated in two ways: 1. Sum of all exam scores (3 midterms + 1 final exam) + 7 best quizzes + 2 paper scores + 8 LearnSmart modules + participation / attendance 2. Sum of the two highest midterms + (1.5 x final exam ) + 7 best quizzes + 2 paper scores + 8 LearnSmart modules + participation / attendance The higher of these two sums will be used to determine the grade. Disability The Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) is available to facilitate reasonable Access: accommodations for students with disabilities and/or learning differences. The DPRC is located in the Student Services Building and can be reached by telephone (voice/TTY 415-338-2472) or by e- mail ( If you are registered with DPRC, you are encouraged to contact the instructor. Student SF State fosters a campus free of sexual violence including sexual harassment, domestic Disclosure of violence, dating violence, stalking, and/or any form of sex or gender discrimination. If you Sexual disclose a personal experience as an SF State student, the course instructor is required to Violence: notify the Dean of Students. To disclose any such violence confidentially, contact: The SAFE Place - (415) 338-2208; Counseling and Psychological Services Center - (415) 338-2208; For more information on your rights and available resources: Withdrawal Wednesday, September 14 is the last day to drop! Up until that date, if you decide not to Policy: take this course, you are responsible for dropping the class through SF State Gateway during access hours, and, in return, no symbol will be recorded on your permanent record. In order to leave the class after September 14, you must adhere to the specific withdrawal policies of the College of Science & Engineering. From September 15 - November 18, you must submit, to the instructor, a withdrawal petition with an unofficial copy of your transcript. You will be allowed to withdraw only for serious and compelling reasons. (Not doing well in the class, finding the class too hard, etc. are not considered appropriate reasons for withdrawal.) If the withdrawal request is approved, a W grade will appear on your transcript. Also, note that a student may withdraw from an individual course only 1 time, so if you have already withdrawn from this course, your petition to withdraw will be denied. Beginning November 19, withdrawal petitions, including an unofficial copy of your SFSU transcript and appropriate documentation of serious and compelling circumstances beyond your control, must be approved by the instructor, the Department Chair, and the Associate Dean. At this late date, withdrawals are generally approved only if the student is totally withdrawing from the University. IMPORTANT CALENDAR DATES Labor Day Holiday (No class): Monday, September 5 Last day to drop class: Wednesday, September 14 Exam #1: Wednesday, September 21 First paper due: Friday, October 14 Last day to request CR/NC: Wednesday, October 19 Exam #2: Wednesday, October 19 Veterans’ Day Holiday (No class): Friday, November 11 Exam #3: Wednesday, November 16 Last day to withdraw (see above): Friday, November 18 Fall Recess (No class): Monday, November 21 - Friday, November 25 Second paper due: Friday, December 2 Last day of lecture: Wednesday, December 14 Final exam: Wednesday, December 21 10:45 am - 1:15 pm (Final exam must be taken on this date, at this time.)


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