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First Europeans in Texas (Hint: It's the Spanish)

by: Kayla Lusk

First Europeans in Texas (Hint: It's the Spanish) HIST 4700

Marketplace > University of North Texas > History > HIST 4700 > First Europeans in Texas Hint It s the Spanish
Kayla Lusk
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

First Explorations into Texas and Mexico.
Texas History
Dr. Andrew J. Torget
Class Notes
texas, Spanish Caribbean
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kayla Lusk on Monday September 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 4700 at University of North Texas taught by Dr. Andrew J. Torget in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Texas History in History at University of North Texas.

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Date Created: 09/12/16
Spanish Explorations 1490’s- Europeans appear in the carribean 1519- Governor of Cuba-Expedition to go West, into the Gulf, but they didn’t know that that is what it was, that though it was a whole ocean. Hernan Cortes- Forced to go West, officer, deeply ambitious, gets fired? He left before the courier could reach him from the Gov telling him do NOT leave, but he did. He is a fugitive from the Crown. -Crashed near Vera Cruz, Mexico-dismantles his ships Communicating with the local natives was a mess. Hand Signals? Gold? The native peoples pointed to their enemy for the gold because ethey didn’t want these pasty weirdos riding large deer staying around too long. They were pointed to Tenochtitlan. The alarm was raised in Tenochtitlan to the Govenor, Montezuma, and send a convoy of gold to welcome these new people in a hand of friendship. This enticed the Spanish because that is what they were looking for! They rode into Tenochtitlan. The white people went in, kidnapped Montezuma, posted ransom to give him back, and were thrown out of the city 1521- Siege of Tenochtitlan. They blocked all routes in and out of the city, starving them out. They surrendered after 80 days because of an outbreak of small pox in the city, decimating it and the food supply August 1521-Collapse of Tenochtitlan-Spainiards took over Temple of the Sun and built a Catholic Basilica on top of it to show them who’s boss round these parts now. They sent the gold and silver to Havana, en route to the crown, and Cortez was forgiven. THUS STARTS EXPLORATION IN THE AMERICAS! Enter Panfilo de Narvarez- the enemy of Cortez. Begs the king to go west and succeeds, they want gold, he wants glory. Brings his second in command, Cabeza de Vaca, and they go to Florida (?) They crash in Tampa Bay, send ships back to Havana. They get shot at, they get killed off, they get malaria, its not good. They did not prepare for a swamp. They head north, because they believe that they crashed on the Yucatan, but are really in Alabama at this point. They make rafts out of their horses hides, 50 men per raft, 5 rafts September 1528- they drift around the coast, and get pushed further into the middle by the Mississippi Delta. November 1528-Whoever was left crashed into Texas because of a storm. FIRST EUROPEANS IN TEXAS. They land in Galveston, and the Karankawas took pity on them because they were naked and dying. 48 land, only 6 are strong enough to stand, completely defenseless. Spring 1529- 16 survive the winter, including our hero Cabeza de Vaca. July 1529-they are enslaved to the Cocos. 1534- Cabeza de Vaca escapes. They run into 3 other survivors from other rafts that were captured and made into slaves also. They walk to Mexico City (Tenochtitlan) arrive in 1536. Cabeza de Vaca tells about all the different Indian Tribes, but all they want to know about is the gold, or lack thereof 1540-They send another expedition north! Forst Europeans to see the Rio Grande. They send Francisco Coronado. 400 Spainiards and 1000 Indians. The “Turk” is they guide. They end up in Kansas. The kill the Turk and head home to Mexico City. They sent 3 more expeditions into Texas. Hernando DeSoto- looked for gold, and spent time all over the South (of modern USA) Consequences! 1. No Gold, No Silver 2. They left behind their horses, changing Indian cultures forever 3. They left behind their European diseases Only 10% of Indian population form 1500 survive until the Spanish come back to Texas, decimanted by smallpox and cholera and tuberculosis. The Spanish head frther south for gol and are more successful with the Incas in Peru


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