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Video, Presentation, Presentation Notes. LIGHTING JOB Information

by: Kaylee Lynn Rowland

Video, Presentation, Presentation Notes. LIGHTING JOB Information 308

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Stout > DESIGN > 308 > Video Presentation Presentation Notes LIGHTING JOB Information
Kaylee Lynn Rowland
GPA 3.075

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About this Document

All the things you need to know before trying to get a job in the Lighting Design Industry
Lighting Design
Julie Peterson
Class Notes
lighting, Design, Industry, video, presentation, notes, job
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaylee Lynn Rowland on Monday September 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 308 at University of Wisconsin - Stout taught by Julie Peterson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Lighting Design in DESIGN at University of Wisconsin - Stout.

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Date Created: 09/12/16
Des 308 Lighting Design Instructor: Julie Peterson Monday, September 12, 2016 Video Notes Bringing the Rooms to Life Video 3 ways to make a monster earlier 1. Costume 2. Make up 3. LIGHITNG - Up lights cast shadow and shadows can be seen scary - Light coming from an angle also creates shadows and drama and can show texture - Rooms with light coming from 2 direction are more pleasing o Spot lights would be seen as harsh and annoying in the situation - Windows on north or east walls show more light and preferred by artist because there are no yellow tones - Lamp shades cut glare and harshness - Rooms with darker walls will require more light fixtures than rooms with bright walls where the light reflects - Marble and chrome look best in Daylight and neutral lighting - Wood looks better next to warmer yellow toned lighting - Lower light levels suggest peace and comfort and cause people to talk quieter - Higher lumen rating gives more light | 2 100 watt bulbs can have different lumen ratings - Average Seated eye level 42” to 38” off the ground - A well designedroom balances general, task and accent lighting - Fluorescentlamps last 10 x longer than incandescentlamps - CRI – Color rendering index o Take samples home to look at them at home because they will look different under your lighting at home. - LEC- sheets of plastic can be programed to flash Lighting Job Opportunities Miranda Schuster, Anna Cofrin, Jessie Leonhardt, Kaylee Rowland Customer Service Representative Requirements: Two years of customer service experience, proficient in Microsoft Excel and Outlook Job duties: Take care of Customer requests, Orders, returns, claims, quotes, and product or service questions Project Support Requirements University or Bachelor’s degree and 3+ year of Experience Job duties Supports the sales organization of managing the bid, quote and pricing process while making sure they are compliant, competitive and meet company growth targets Editorial Lighting Stylist Requirements: Degree in fashion Previous knowledge of set up Design/retail /merch experience Job Duties: Determine best lightingographers Electrical Engineer Requirements: 5 years min electrical (commercial) design experience 4 year degree AutoCAD, Revit Licensed as a Professional Job Duties: Build plans and specifications Design control systems, power distribution systems, life safety systems Architectural Lighting Designer “The act of crafting space (exterior and interior) with light. This is illumination done in concert with architecture.” -Elizabeth Dunoff The design process takes account of: ● The kind of human activity for which lighting is to be provided ● The amount of light required ● The colour of the light as it may affect the views of particular objects and the environment as a whole ● The distribution of light within the space to be lighted, whether indoor or outdoor ● The effect of the lightened system itself on the user ( Lighting Technician ● Controls lighting of a stage ● Rigging and hanging lights ● Designing and running lights ● Managing the crew that helps you Fields of Experience Before Obtaining Position: ● Theatrical Production Design ● audio/visual technology ( Roadway Lighting Engineer Requirements: - two years of experience with street light - High school degree with two or more years of school after graduation Job Duties - Repairs or replaces lighting systems - Designs and predicts efficient lighting for certain street locations - Practices sustainability Circuit Designer Requirements: - Bachelor Degree of science engineering - Some require a Masters in electrical engineer - Few years of experience Job Duties - Designing sufficient circuits around a lighting plan specifications - Create signal processing filters: which takes info. from electrical currents/voltages Sources D25157%26lang%3Dfra%26cnp%3D2133%26action%3Dfinal Des 308 Lighting Design Instructor: Julie Peterson Monday, September 12, 2016 StudentGroup Presentation Notes Six leading lighting designers Rogier Van Der Heide - Commercial - Former vice president and chief design officer ofPhilips lighting - InnovatedLed design o 3 dimensionaldesign that fuses light, image, and architecture - Beijing Olympic stadium - Michell B. Kohn - President of Mitchell B. Kohn Lighting Design (Chicago) - Received International illuminationDesign Award of Distinction and the Award of Excellence - Specializes in interior illumination design for corporate, commercial, institutional, and selective residential places Anna Kondolf - Residential space - Landscapes - Resorts - Restaurants - Wineries - Light commercial and institutional Michael DiBlasi - Partner and principal designer in the Minneapolis office of Schuler Shook - Backgroundin lighting design o Restaurants o Hotels o Churches o Offices o Nightclubs - Custom fixture design, control systems, effectivesite lighting Marcus Steffen - Residential lighting - Wide variety of projects - Runs own lighting design company(MS Lighting Design) Jack Greener - How light can emphasize a brand through effective, yet simple lighting techniques - Part of independentlighting design company Renee Cooley - Established her own studio in 1991 (Renee Cooley lightingDesign - Graduated from Yalewith a masters in Fine arts in Photo - Portfolio includes o Hotels, restaurant, retail Brian Stacy - Leads Americas Region Lighting efforts and the New YorkArup Lighting design and engineeringoffice - Tons of museum experience Lighitng Design Companies LightInc. San Antonio Tx - Residential interior and exterior lighting - Operating since 1959 - Priorities o Product quality o Customer service Turney Lighting and electric San Antonio TX - Solar installation solar contractor - Green - Energy efficient ILIOS lighting designAustin TX - Corporate presentation seminar - Private events like wedding - Set it up to be personal - Access to latest tech Tazz Lighting Sand Diego Cal - Product supply to projectmanagement - Residential and commercial projects - Create customlighting pieces PKK Lighting Inc. Madison Wi - Around since 1970 - Energy efficient lighting - Decorative and task - Install and maintain lighting Lighting Matters Minneapolis MN - Leading edge of sustainableenergy efficient lighting - Show aesthetics to a unique spaces Pulse lighting Minnetonka MN - Commercial - Serves Minnesota, North Dakota and south Dakotamarkets - Customers are architects….. Lappin Lighting Minneapolis MN - Residential - Showroom 5,000 SF - Have designers Lighting Job Opportunities See Slide show Intro to Lighting Historicalfacts Sun Primary light for humans since forever 200,000 years - Pantheons has an oculusceiling - Romans house werebuilt around primary courtyards Fire light - 70,000 BCE - First lamp was made from a shell Oil Lamps - Whale fat first oil o Sperm whales best to come by - Whale oil production declined in the 20 century do to production of kerosene and veggie oil - Whale oil was used to make soaps andmargarine Candles - Primary source of light in the 17 century - Invented in 3, 00 B.C. Gas Lighting - in 1792 William Murdoc litthe very first residential gas lamp with goal gas - not popular other than street lights until 1816 Electricity - 1809 o First arc lamp was created - 1860 o Joseph Willson swan created the first electric light bulb - Thomas Edison - 1913 Irving Langumier discover that filling a lamp with inert gas instead of vacuuming out the air doubled the lamps efficiency Fixtures - Recesses lights 1950’s - Surface mounted fixtures 1960’s - Outdoor lighting o 19 century for security and circulation RUSH LIGHTS - Mini torch - Sake dried pith of rush plant in fat or grease - Originally for poor people throughoutthe British Isles - Inexpensive - Believe to give better light than some poorly dipped candles Lighting organizationsand association American lighting association ALA - Trade association - Residential lighting and ceiling fan industries - US and Canada - Membership- anyone can join - What they do o Develop and provide member with training and certification opportunities International association oflighting designers - Create better world through leadership and excellence in lightingdesign - To serve the IALD worldwide membershipby remoting the visible success of its member in practicing lighting design - Anyone can join - Founded in 1969 in ChicagoIL CIE InternationalCommission on illumination - Information exchange on matters of science and art oflighting, color and vision and image tech - Works with 41 countriesor geographical regionsincludingUSA - Independent non profit National Lighting Bureau - Educates lighting decision maker about the benefits of high benefit lighting - Founded in 1976 nonprofitorg - Member are sponsored by trade association professional societies, utilities, manufacturer, and federal Gov. agencies International Dark Sky association IDA - Protect the night skies for present and future generations - Founded in 1988 - Anyone can join - Members pay for all the cost o You’ll receivelatest updates Illuminating engineeringsociety of North America - IES - Recognized technical authority on illumination Mission - Improvethe lighted environment - Lighting knowledge - JULIE IS A MEMBER SustainableLightingFacts LED’s – Light- Emitting Diodes - No heat build up - Better light quality - Last longer - Reduce load on A.C o Ventilation, refrigeration and electrical system - If we switch o In 20 years we can reduce electricity consumption for lighting by almost 50% - CFL = Compact fluorescentlight GaN on GaN LED Lighting - Used as a technique of lighting - Removes cost/performance tradeoffs in LED lighting - Provides remarkable color performance and beam control - LED lamps have superior color rendering Lighting Cost - 35% of electricity used - 75% less energy and heat and traditional models using incandescentlight bulbs Natural lighting - Reduce electrical use of lighting


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