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3-9 Anth 203 lecture

by: Alejandra Gutierrez

3-9 Anth 203 lecture 3446

Marketplace > Washington State University > 3446 > 3 9 Anth 203 lecture
Alejandra Gutierrez
GPA 3.8
Anthropology 203

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About this Document

These are Monday's notes. They include the notes from the Power Point from class, and things that were said that were not on the slides. Enjoy.
Anthropology 203
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alejandra Gutierrez on Friday March 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 3446 at Washington State University taught by Abdul-Karim in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.


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Date Created: 03/27/15
You eat what you are You are what you eat If growing raising food then do not eat it New Guiney How is food part of our identity How does food you eat represent who you are Out In the field food becomes more of a survival No matter the combination American life rush and go Fast food Mexico takes time to make food and a bit repeated rice bean tortillas Family recipes passed down through generations connecting generations Regional things that are being grown Oranges apples seafood The more south you go the more spicy the food Drinks as well Such as regional beer and booze coffee US identity Pizza French fries Hamburgers Class identity wealthy people eat more People with money can get ore organic Poorer class areas has more fast foods present In higher class locations there is less fast food places Rhode Island has 1 McDonalds fought for 2 years to have it there Fork and knife Urban legend Spy did not know how to use a fork and knife in that culture and so was caught as a spy because everyone noticed how he used it differently Conspicuous Consumption Eating on Ceremony Like showing off Royal feast Sugar was for royals so sugar was overused to show off As well as fruit Today here Weddings Big gatherings Lavished meals Competition to out compete other people Age could affect it Pressure of it In other cultures Big feast to show off to show power Food as Fashion As new foods are introduced eating customs changes Old cookbooks everything was in jello 19501970 Could it be coming back Chips now has different flavors Cappuccino chips Now we are looking for low fat low calories etc But might not change anything The quest for the Holy Grail We are obsessed with food It is pleasurable Connection with family and friends But the weight People want to eat but do not want to gain Pills that allow us to eat everything we want while losing weight Some pills say do not wear white due to anal leakage Problem does not allow people to absorb fat and people need fat Obsession with food and weight feel bad when cheating o diet Adultery language is now also used to describe food and diets quotI am cheating on my diet You can never be too thin Kind of saying you can lose weight be eating Ads are more directed to women People are obsessed with what people think they look like Food as seduction We associate food with sex Gifts of food after sex Praying Mantis We associate it very differently than the past The green MampM is more sexual then the other MampMs


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