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by: KelseyS Notetaker

arab_notes_w2a.pdf THEA-UT 747-001

KelseyS Notetaker
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

these notes cover the beginning lecture and the discussion of the two plays
Arab Theatre
Edward Ziter
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by KelseyS Notetaker on Tuesday September 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to THEA-UT 747-001 at New York University taught by Edward Ziter in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Arab Theatre in Theatre at New York University.


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Date Created: 09/13/16
9/13 The Rise of Nasaar: Theatre under Nasaar Waft party emerged as a party that favored nationalism, has been discredited at this time. Emergence of the muslim brotherhood. Palestine is a british protectorate. British took sanjek of Jerusalem parts of southern Syria and parts of Lebanon mountains and created this mandate of Palestine. Secret agreement psykes pico agreement to divide up ottoman empire after defeating axis powers. Zionist movement: creating a jewish commonwealth in Palestine Jews tiny minority prior to ww2, immigration started to Palestine of European jews, Palestinians tried to limit immigration. 1920s militias of jews began forming to defend villages against arab population Tensions developed UN decided they would partition the country 1947 Jewish section and an arab section, leading to a civil war In 1948 declare Israel a state, arab armies to a miserable job defending Palestine Egypt more worried about Syria than jewish militia lots of arabs flee to Jordan, Lebanon…. Fear in the arab world over failure of military Arab states have little support from population- tremendous distrust and anger England the cou- the free officer movement Muslim brotherhood overthrow of the king Black Saturday 1952 series of riots in Cairo: group of mid-level officers declare themselves rulers of cairo, revolutionary command council to depose the king, the king fled Nassar emerges as president strong arms his aponents, muslim brotherhood tries to assassinate him, he then outlaws that party Nasar seeks alliance w soviet union, breaks up land, receives arms from USSR Nationalizes suez canal, kicks the british out Prompts attack from Israel france and Britain Israelis take the Sinai Peninsula Under US pressure France and England withdraw, Eisenhower says no you can’t have suez canal Seen as a huge victory by the arabs- build aswan dam, partition more land, build up military, speaks of arab nationalism Syria builds united arab republic under nasaar… short lived union when Syria realizes bad idea for the the UAR is short lived Nasar defines Zionism as the face of contemporary European colonialism France helps Egypt and Israel in 1956 because nasar helped Algerian rebels and france had control of Algeria at the time Last thing Israel wants is united arab world based on their destruction Rise of communism, us bagdhad treaty, led to rise o UAR PLO comes into power- PALESTINIAN LIBERATION ORGANIZATION A lot of fear that a war is going to start Syria and Egypt in mutual defense pact Nasar wants to remain head of arab revolution Escalation of rhetoric at whos gonna destroy israel first First unify arab world then liberate Palestine, plo starts border crossing raids All proceeding war of 1967 Syrians fear a preemptive attack Group called feta- they are attacking Israel Nasar v unprepared for 1967 war- he was upping the tension, asked un to leave the Sinai he brings in military troops closing straits of Tehran to Israel, Israel said in advance this would be an act of war Israel launches preemptive attack against Egypt – 6 day war they won so hard After 67 nasaar offered his resignation- crowds called on nassar to stay in power so he remains in power but real retreat from panarabism focuses instead on egypt These plays are before the 1967 war- plays of social life Song of Death- before Nasaar comes to power Tewfik el Hakim- Father of modern drama in arab world Book called return of consciousness about the appeal of Nasaar Seduced by nasars promise to unite arab world so they let it turn to a police state World where one son goes away w purpose to kill other son even tho hes likely to then be killed Revenge Modernization of cairo as opposed to underdeveloped village Tremendous energy and will needing to be modeled FlipFlap and his Master- 1964 height of nasaars rhetoric of pan-arabism Youseff Idris Starts slapstick clown humor he is a traditional clown Second act much darker, references to hitler and muslini, notion that god is dead, suicide Pretty much any job you have is stealing from people- the only honest job is gravediggers Social commentary medical state of Egypt at the time, dead people come from the hospitals Soldiers job is to die, why isn’t the military doing anything Antithesis of job is to die but no one wants to kill What is military for if not to defend honor of the arab world Act2 begins w a reunion flipflap is now a rag and bone saleman buy things to sell to others buying from people who are okay to sell to people who are even poorer Cast off ideas of Europe and the west Is this a pro Nasaar play? Liberty at first sounds amazing entrancing but then he learns there are still bosses and not 100% free to do what you want, you have the freedom to make more choices but there are still restrictions capitalism freedom within structures of capitalism, he then starts to say to close down the press liberty is a lie so then he starts endorsing totalitarianism embracing kinds of things nasaar has been doing but also wants to overthrow masters and slave goes back and forth which is actually better Kill themselves at the end they destroy the world reduced to atoms Master and slave still exists in our atomic structure so how do we survive it or get over it


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