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Physics 107; Week 1 notes

by: Gabrielle Huebner

Physics 107; Week 1 notes PHYSICS 107

Gabrielle Huebner

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About this Document

Physics in Everyday Life
Prasenjit Guptasarma
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabrielle Huebner on Tuesday September 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHYSICS 107 at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee taught by Prasenjit Guptasarma in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Physics in Everyday Life in PHYSICS (PHY) at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

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Date Created: 09/13/16
Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 Physics 107, Fall 2016 Physics in Everyday life – On line Instructor/Facilitator: P. Guptasarma, PhD Professor & Physics Chair Department of Physics University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Course: Physics 107; Online, Fall 2016 Office Visits: By Appointment. Please send email with multiple time options. Physics On-line: Welcome to Physics 107 - Physics in Everyday Life, on-line. Please be patient as we deal with any technical (or other) snags during the course. Please bring any serious problems or suggestions to my attention via e-mail to For technical issues on Webassign and D2L, please contact the respective helpdesks first, and then contact me. Textbook (required): Title: Physics: A Conceptual World View, 7hedition, with WebAssign, Authors: L. Kirkpatrick & G. Francis. Use any version of the book, including e-book which can be purchased with your Webassign subscription (see below). Note, I am OK with your studying a different edition (your responsibility). The e-book option is relatively inexpensive when bundled with Webassign (details on D2L). If you’re joining late, send me an email and I’ll forward old emails to you about this. Webassign (required): Webassign access is required for this course. Webassign is an online homework program interface through which you will do your homework assignments. Sign-up at no cost for the first couple of weeks or so, after which Webassign requires a subscription – paid directly ~$40, or bundled with an e-book or a hardbound book. The e-book+Webassign is ~$75. **On, register with your UWM email id, your First Name and Last Name as on PAWS, and create your own password. The Webassign Class key is: uwm 9571 2624. Final Quiz: There will be an on-line, timed quiz. You are required to take this quiz in order to pass this class. 1 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 What is Physics 107: Physics in Everyday Life? PHY 107 is a course that introduces you to the foundations of Classical Physics. At the end of the course, we hope that you will gain an insight into a few key physical principles. These principles have helped humans understand the world around us, and continue to improve the quality of our lives today. Physics 107 satisfies certain General Education Requirements (GER) at UW- Milwaukee, and also certain Natural Science requirements (contact your academic advisor for more information about this). Differences between Physics 107 (the lecture/on-line course) and Physics 107 (the lab course). PHY 108 (Laboratory for Physics in Everyday Life) is a hands-on laboratory-format course at UWM. In contrast, PHY 107 (Physics in Everyday Life) is a traditional course taught at UWM in either lecture-format, or on-line format. The lab and the lecture are offered as two separate courses at UWM, with separate instructors and separately earned credits. You not required to be registered for both courses (108 and 107) at the same time. PHY 108, the lab, sometimes uses concepts learned in PHY 107. However, we make no attempt to synchronize topics between 107 and 108. Rather, during the same semester, PHY 108 Labs can run slightly ahead of topics being covered in PHY 107. Although is possible to take both 107 and 108 in the same semester, you need not do so. For these and other reasons, your instructors in Phy 108 give you brief 15-20 minute reviews of relevant topics in lecture-format before you start your experiments. General Comments: University guidelines in regard to religious observances, student conduct, sexual misconduct, or similar matters will be enforced. Please consult Appendix C of the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Schedule of Classes Bulletin for further information. If you need any accommodation for religious observance or other allowed reasons, you must let your instructor know as soon as possible. If in any academic or non-academic difficulty, please contact Prof. Guptasarma as early as possible. Can you be a good “on-line student”? My first assumption is that you can focus on your own, that you have good (and regular) study habits, and are somewhat of an autodidact (a self- learner). If you feel you are not a self-learner, or do not have good study habits, you might learn better through a face-to-face lecture course, offered in Fall and Spring. If you need to discuss this question further, or are concerned about it, feel free to contact me by email and we could set up a phone or other appointment. 2 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 What to do right away, and other important things: 1. Webassign: Create an account on Webassign ASAP: Important: Use your UWM username as your Webassign username. Enter your First Name, Last name, email address and Student ID exactly as on PAWS. Webassign access is free for an initial 15-day period, so you should be able to start right away without paying or buying anything. As instructor, I have access to information about when you log-in, when you complete, etc. Your access/subscription to Webassign is free for an initial period. So, you need not wait for anything to start your assignments and should give yourself no excuse to not start right away. 2. Book: Get one of the following: a. the bundled e-book (electronic book) with Webassign, OR b. the bundled paper hardcover book with Webassign, OR c. any other copy or edition of the book (see other notes) but with a separate purchase of Webassign (approx. $40). Webassign is the only thing “absolutely required” for this course. Consider the e-book+Webassign option if you like studying books using a screen. Most people like this option because it is relatively inexpensive, and because they can access the book from anywhere. You might consider the “real paper” book option if you do not like reading an e-book on a screen. If you buy the “real paper” book+Webassign bundle from the UWM Bookstore (hard copy textbook bundled with Webassign access) be careful while opening the wrapping. There might be a valuable Webassign card in there. Keep the Webassign card carefully, as this likely contains a pre-paid access code to start Webassign. Both bundles have been heavily discounted by the publisher for use during this course. 3. Video Lectures: I have recorded video lectures for most chapters and assignments. Your total time spent listening to on-line lectures counts toward your grade as “attendance.” Log into Mediasite using your Panther id and password to view recorded video lectures. You may do this using one of two ways (the two are equivalent): a. Go to 2f86c821 , OR 3 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 b. Log into D2L and Click on the Mediasite link in “Announcements.” Mediasite is a classroom video recording software we use on campus; unfortunately, the software does not allow me to organize the lectures very well. Please search for the recorded lecture as labelled in the attached schedule. Please scroll to the right, and you will see several pages. Click on the lecture as titled. Play around with the settings. To see the slides more clearly, click on the arrow on top right pointing North-East. When you hover your mouse on this arrow, it should say "Show original Slide Show". This will open a new window with a clearer slide show while you listen to my voice/video in a separate window. There are ways to make the icons larger, or to see them all at a time, or to re-organize them on your screen. 4. D2L: We will use D2L mostly for announcements and easy access to links - all your homework and scores will be available on Webassign. Log into D2L ( to find video links, updated syllabi, study worksheets, and other resources. D2L is accessible through a link Use the same UWM username and password as for your email to get into D2L. Be sure to check D2L regularly. 5. Email Communications: Most communications will take place via e-mail. Search for the characters “107” regularly look for emails from me. Be sure to check your email 1-2 times a day for emails from me. If sending me emails, always send from your address with at least the characters “107” in the subject. If you forget to do this, or if you forget to say who you are, you might not hear back from me for some period. Do not send me emails from any other email address – I try not to open such emails. Write your full name and (if possible) student id and email address in the text of your email. I try to respond to emails promptly and regularly, but I want to set expectations here. You might hear back from me right away – even within minutes in some instances. On the other hand, you might not. Don’t panic until a week has passed. Feel free to send me the email again as a reminder. I don’t mind receiving reminders. 6. Schedule: Look up the Schedule (below); start studying and working. Look for deadlines on Webassign. You are allowed to request three extensions (Click Request an extension on Webassign) without loss of points. 4 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 Schedule Readings, Lectures, Tutorials, Websites and Assignments For the recorded lectures and tutorials in column 1and 3, make sure to log into D2L and click throughthe links in the announcements page. Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 6 Read these Start Working Listen to Listen to Listen to Submit in a Chapters in the on Webassign these these these online timely manner textbook Assignment Recorded Recorded videos before lectures tutorials on (internet midnight on (Mediasite) mediasite site, the due date optional). shown on Webassign i Chapter 2: Velocity & Go to Links “Describing Assignment 1 Acceleration- Tutorial – 2 1 below Assignment 1 Motion” Part 1 Velocity & Acceleration – Part 2 Chapter 3: Assignment 2 Explaining Go to Links “Explaining Self Study Motion -1 Tutorial – 3 Assignment 2 Motion” Packet 2 below Explaining Assignment 3 Chapter 4: Assignment 3 Motion -2 “Motions in Space” Explaning Motion - 3 (Force, Mass, and Acceleration) Read Assignment 4 Review above Tutorial – 4 Go to Links Assignment 4 Chapters 5: asneeded “Gravity” 2 below & Review Chapters 2-5 Study/Q&A Session #1 Chapter 5: Assignment 5 Gravity – 1 Tutorial 5 Assignment 5 “Gravity” Gravity – 2 5 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 Chapter 6: Conservation Assignment 6 “Momentum” Assignment 6 of Momentum and Energy - Part 1 Link 3 Chapter 7: Assignment 7 Conservation Assignment 7 “Energy” of Energy – 1 Assignment 8 Assignment 8 [also review Chapter Conservation 6] of Energy – 2 Chapter 8: Assignment 9 Assignment 9 “Rotation” Browse through Assignment 10 Physics in Assignment 10 Everyday Life - Chapters 11-13 Lecture 2 “Structure of (This is actually Matter” Chapter 13; please ignore “States of Matter” the first slide in the lecture) “Thermal Energy” Study again Assignment 11 Assignment 11 Chapter 13” Browse through Assignment 12 Assignment 12 Chapter 17 “Light” Browse through Assignment 13 Chapters 20-21 “Electricity” “Electric Current” 6 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 Optional Internet Links: 1. 2. on-motion.html force-and-acceleration.html between-two-forces.html 3. Energy and Momentum 4. Rotational Angular Momentum (just for fun) 7 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 Grading Final Quiz: 30% Webassign assignments: 30% Webassign Self-Study Packets 30% Listening to lecture videos through D2L link: 10% (Time spent listening to lecture videos is like “attendance.” Pay attention to this). (Note: Some students tend to obsess about whether they are getting full credit for the “attendance” portion of the grade. Most people who have listened to most of the lectures get high credit for this – please don’t keep emailing me to ask if I have kept track of every lecture you’ve attended. The software allows me to run a list of each student and their “attendance” activities). Lecture Videos, Homework Assignments, Self-Study Packets, and Quizzes: What you need to keep track of for your grade: 1) Recorded Lecture Videos and other videos. (Graded) Be sure to listen to these after logging in through D2L so your time spent listening to the videos can be accounted for. 2) Graded Webassign Assignments Be sure to complete these on time. Extra Credit assignments help give you a leg up on your grade. 3) Graded Webassign Self-Study Packets. Be sure to complete these on time. 4) Graded Webassign final quiz. Timed Final Quiz: The quiz will not be on a certain date. You will get to take the quiz at your convenience over a certain range of dates. You must get the quiz done within these specific dates. Watch out for an update on the syllabus about the date(s) of the quiz. You will need to make sure that you assign a time to yourself when you will not be disturbed by anything and will have a clear, fast internet access. Once you start taking the quiz, you would need to finish it - you will not be able to pause it or return to it later. There will be no adjustments to this policy. Assignments and Study Packets with deadlines: You may request at most 3 extensions without penalty during the course/semester using the “Request an Extension” feature on Webassign. Use these carefully. Complete all assignments by the last day of the course, even if with a grade penalty. Keep in mind that although pace appears slow at first, it picks up after mid-semester. Midway through the semester, large chunks of homework will be released with a single deadline toward the end of the semester. If you leave large amounts of work unfinished without documented reasons, you might be denied extensions. 8 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 More FAQ’s, and How to do well in this course: - This class will be taught on-line mainly using self-study worksheets, e-mails, Webassign assignments (for homework and quizzes) and videos. There will be no traditional lectures in a classroom. You will have access to some recorded lectures and videos including lectures by me (Prof. Guptasarma). You must schedule time to listen to these lectures and to do self-study of the book and homework to be able to complete assignments on time. - As a student who has decided to take an on-line course using a computer, I will assume that you are fairly good with basic tasks on a computer expected of an average college student since approximately the year 2000. In other words, I assume that you know how to get on to the internet, use a mouse (or other pointing device) to click around - You may need to open other links on the internet, and read certain types of files. - You will need a reasonably updated computer running a reasonably updated version of Windows or Mac and good, reliable access to the internet (note that Safari and Mozzila can have compatibility issues with internet sites). - If you don't already have it, you should download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from so you can read .pdf documents. - You must regularly read your <> email and check into D2L. Always be sure to write to me from your UWM email - I rarely open other (non-uwm) emails. Also, please be sure to write the characters “107” somewhere in the subject line. - Homework will be posted on Webassign. You must regularly visit Webasign to find new homework. - Depending upon how skilled you are with a computer or with computer software, there might be times when you need 'tech support'. As far as possible, please do not e-mail me with tech support questions. First contact tech support staff at Webassign, D2L and Mediasite (where the lectures are recorded). See below. - Handheld Electronics (phones and tablets): Although these mostly work, do NOT depend upon hand-helds and other devices e.g., smartphones, i-pod touch, i-pad, i- phone, android phones and tablets (or even Linux/Unix based systems) – to replace a “mainstream” computer – to do your homework. These don’t always work unless the application has been specifically designed for them. You will need to do your own tech support if you wish to use these devices for this course. They might, or might not, work for Webassign, recorded lectures, and D2L. - Internet access: Please also do not plan to rely on intermittent (or weak) internet access at the last minute, as homework will be due via Webassign, and access gets 9 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 automatically denied (see “homework” below) after deadlines. Make sure any such issues are fully resolved during the first week. - Emails: You will find me replying to emails fairly quickly, but please do not expect instant e-mail replies to all your questions. I try my best to reply within 12-36 hours. Sometimes, I might send an email to all students including a reply to your specific questions (this does not mean I am ignoring you!) - On certain days, I might receive 30-50 emails a day from students in this class. It is almost impossible for anyone to respond to each of them immediately. - You are likely to hear back from me faster if you write the topic of your email in the subject line, with the characters “107” in the subject line. Do not simply click reply to one my emails on a different topic. UWM’s email browser clumps together all email with the same subject (as with gmail and other modern email interfaces), making it quite difficult to separate one email from another when there are multiple emails on the same subject. - Please write the digits "107" in the subject field to avoid the possibility of my losing your email, and make sure to write your name (and student id, if you can) in your email. I generally avoid opening email from non-UWM addresses (gmail, yahoo, comcast, etc) - use your UWM email. - You might find it useful to use the tutoring center located in the UWM Golda Meyer library and Math tutoring centers in Bolton and EMS for anyone who may need it. However, you are not allowed to use anyone else to work on your assignments or quizzes. This behavior can result in your entire undergraduate degree being rescinded for cheating. - Quizzes – How to study: Previous students have reported that the quiz is relatively easy if you’ve done your homework regularly. Read the book, review Webassign homework questions, review Study Worksheets, video quizzes, quiz study questions, and the D2L Study Packets. Watch lectures and other videos via D2L. - Recorded Lectures.& Videos: There aren’t recorded lectures/tutorials for all chapters and assignments, but there are lectures for some of the harder ones. These are available via a link through D2L (announcements page). The time spent by students listening to lectures is loosely monitored by me. Most people who have made an honest attempt to log in and listen to lectures receive high credit for this part of the grade. 10 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 - Interesting Links: See “Content” and “Links” on D2L. - Instructor’s availability: I will be available by email for any questions, and can meet in my office with an appointment. Technical Help on Webassign or D2L Webassign Help: 1. 2. Phone Support Toll free: (800) 955-8275 Local: (919) 829-8181 Hours: Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–8 p.m. ET D2L Technical Help, if needed: UWM Help Desk: 414-229-4040 Tricks & Tips: D2L Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s): Blogs: Additional Study Resources: There are several free tutoring resources on campus, in Bolton Hall and in the library. This tutoring and other help is offered free by the campus and by the Physics department through our teaching assistants and PhD students. If you have questions about concepts or about how to do a problem, let me know and I can record a lecture with the answer and how to solve such problems. These will be available as “tutorials” on my recorded lectures link. If you have suggestions about how to improve this course, or how to add other study 11 Phy 107 Online Syllabus, Fall 2016, version 1 resources, please feel free to write to me by email. EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE: CONTACT ME FIRST IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY WITH THIS COURSE. I am usually pretty good at answering emails within 12-36 hours (see instructions above about getting a faster reply). However, keep in mind that my email load can be quite high on some days: There are times when I can receive 150-300 emails in a day (many on-line students writing to me at the same time, my other students from other courses, my PhD research student and research interns, my research collaborators, emails about my UWM administrative activities, and general spam email which comes into every professor’s e-mailbox because it is a publicly available address on UWM’s website). I may not be able to respond to every email as soon as you send them. So, if many students ask the same question by email, you may find me sending a bulk reply to everyone. In this case, you may not immediately receive a personalized reply. This should not stop you from writing to me – you should feel free to write to me as many times as you want to. As far as my priority on answering emails: I will answer your Physics/homework/concepts based questions first. LOOK OUT FOR A POSSIBLE ADDENDUM (VERSION 2) OF THIS SYLLABUS ,WITH MINOR REVISIONS AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT COURSE EVALUATION . IWANT YOU TO COME OUT OF THIS COURSE WITH A STRONGER INTEREST IN PHYSICS AND THE SCIENCES . HOPE YOU HAVE A LOT OF FUN WITH IT . i Alternatively, you could Request an Extension through Webassign.. 12


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