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Twyman Notes

by: Sara Rahimzadeh

Twyman Notes ENG 3804

Sara Rahimzadeh
GPA 3.408

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About this Document

Printing notes Printing timeline included
History of Illustrated Text
Anna Bighta
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sara Rahimzadeh on Tuesday September 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 3804 at Florida State University taught by Anna Bighta in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 09/13/16
Twyman  Printing Relief Printing  Raised surface prints – the image area is raised  Children’s stamps  Unnatural for the artist who is creating it o Earlier form is wood block. You have to cut away everything that is not the image  You don’t need a machine in order transfer the image  255 BCE China, started by with hand work; no machine needed  Linoleum was sometimes better than wood. It was flat and consistent.  Today, paper is too thick for hand press  Tone the block to reveal the drawing from the carving away. White line is revealing the image, cutting away the image. Letting the black field take the ink. Intaglio  Recessed surface  A plate of copper; carve the image out of the plate. The ink has to fall into the carving.  It requires a very powerful press. The ink is in the grooves, not sitting on top. The machine will push the paper into the groove to complete the transfer  Engraving and etching – metal plates o Etching is less labor intensive than engraving. You trace and outline, and let acid eat away at the negative areas.  Dry point is a direct scratching or moving on the material. Planographic  It’s on limestone, and it’s on an even field.  Flat surface  Based on the idea that oil and water don’t mix  Late 18 century  The wax will pick up the ink, but the water will repel it.  It allowed for a direct copy – most accurate reproductions  There’s no need for a third party craftsman to create the wood block. Artists preferred this process.  Lithography (handwriting) o Intent for mass production of sheet music o Created by a German  With relief printing, you could print both script and images  Intaglio requires a different press than for letter press. o You can’t have an engraved plate on the same page as verbal press Speedy History of Illustrated Text  C. 1370 BCE  1 illustrated books Egyptian Papyrus Rolls  BOOK OF THE DEAD o A form of relief printing could be cave paintings o On papyrus, images could be inserted anywhere.  1 – 5 centuries  Codex o Tied to Christianity o Led to a kind of regularity 2 o Gave us more surface space o A lot usable.  6 – 16 centuries  Illuminated manuscripts  8 – 9 century (China and Korea)  Wood block printing o Form of relief printing o No press needed o You can have words and images on the same page  13 century  Rise of the university  1400  Wood block printing in Europe o 15 C-16 C Heyday!  1430-1446  Intaglio typing/printing o By the 16 century, it was really popular  1450s  Moveable type  Gutenberg press  1450s – 1520  Artists creating plates th  16 Century  Craftspeople creating plates (middleman)  1513  Invention of etching  1798  Lithography (German) o popular in 19 C th  1850 late – 19 C  Photography 3


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