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Test 101 Week One Notes

by: Austin Notetaker

Test 101 Week One Notes Test 101

Marketplace > Dartmouth College > Test 101 > Test 101 Week One Notes
Austin Notetaker

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About this Document

This is test upload
Test Webinar Session
Austin Zaelke
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Austin Notetaker on Tuesday September 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Test 101 at Dartmouth College taught by Austin Zaelke in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 09/13/16
Dartmouth College Department of Spanish and Portuguese Spanish 2 INTRODUCTORY SPANISH Fall 2016 Professor: Irasema Saucedo Office: 321 Dartmouth College Office hours: MW 11:15-11:45, TH 10:00 – 11:00 or by appointment­saucedo­9001000 Texts: BOOK AND CONNECT ACCESS CARD BUNDLED (3,6, 24 months access card) ISBN # 0073534498 TITLE PUNTOS DE PARTIDA 10 edition PUBLISHER MCGRAW HILL ED. 10th CONNECTPLUS ACCESS CARD ONLY ISBN # 978-0-07-3553449-7 TITLE PUNTOS- CONNECTPLUS ACCESS CARD PUBLISHER MCGRAW HILL ED. 10TH Warning: in the past, students who purchased the packet on Amazon discovered the Connect access card/access code was missing! Wheelock Books may have hardcover copies of textbook only, not the access card. -- Do not buy a used card because you will not be able to do the homework. -- You can order the book and online access set, or online access only, at the publisher webpage. Connect Website: You will be doing workbook assignments on the Puntos Connect Website. AUTHOR Clotilde de Toledo ISBN # 978­88­530­0924­1 TITLE Una estrella en peligro   PUBLISHER Cideb Editrice You can order this book online at Amazon © Syllabus SPAN 2 | Spanish & Portuguese - Dartmouth College Use of Learnsmart: You are encouraged to use LearnSmart on a daily basis throughout the term. Use of CANVAS: We will be using CANVAS throughout the term. SPANISH 2 Course Description Spanish 2 (Intermediate Spanish I) is a continuation of Spanish 1 and as such continues with the study of the fundamentals of Spanish as a spoken and written language. Students will study more complex grammatical structures, and by the end of the course will have gained a global understanding of the major grammatical structures of Spanish. The requirements for the course include intensive oral practice – in class and in the virtual language lab – and intensive reading and writing practice. Short readings are integrated into the curriculum in order to provide cultural information and to foster vocabulary and reading strategy development. Composition writing will complement the reading selections and will provide exposure to the writing and self-editing process. The goal of this course is to gain intermediate proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening in the Spanish language and to engage the student in a preliminary investigation of Hispanic cultures. Course Objectives: By the end of the term, students who successfully complete Spanish 2 should be able to:  Handle successfully a variety of uncomplicated communicative tasks in straightforward social situations (Intermediate –Low on the ACTFL scale).  Understand sentence-length utterances, which consist of combinations of learned utterances on a variety of topics (Intermediate –Low on the ACTFL scale).  Read consistently with full understanding simple connected texts (Intermediate – High on the ACTFL scale).  Meet most practical writing needs and understand limited social demands texts (Intermediate –High on the ACTFL scale). As a student in this course, you may have to review on your own grammar topics not reviewed in this course. Your textbook book will be a helpful resource. In addition, there are other online resources listed on our department web site at: GENERAL INFORMATION © Syllabus SPAN 2 | Spanish & Portuguese - Dartmouth College2  Attendance: Classes are held 4 days a week. Drills meet 3 days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). Attendance to all class and drill sessions is mandatory. Every absence after two (class and drill combined) will lower your Final Grade. Three tardies are equal to one full absence. If you miss class, you are responsible for finding out what went on, including announcements, changes to the syllabus, and assignments. Athletes in season should meet with their professors after class on the first day of classes to review expectations and class attendance.  Class Preparation: Students should thoroughly prepare for each day’s class by studying all material indicated on the syllabus for that day BEFORE coming to class as any of it may serve as a discussion topic or be present in quizzes. Only workbook exercises completed and submitted online by the stipulated dates and times will receive chapter assignment credit.  Drills: Each student will register at the beginning of the term for one of these sessions and attend that session on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the term  Class / Drill Participation: In addition to attendance to and preparation for all classes, your willingness to contribute, your personal effort and progress are taken into consideration in the participation grade. See below, *Notes on Participation. Efforts to communicate with classmates respectfully and meaningfully in Spanish and to listen carefully to fellow students are of utmost importance. There may be random testing of the material assigned for the day that will also be part of your grade. No gum, no eating during class, no hats.  Workbooks: All of the automatic feedback electronic workbook (cuaderno) exercises are to be completed and submitted online by 11:59 p.m. on the date due, as specified in syllabus, in order to receive credit.  Compositions: Compositions will be written in class. The topics will be provided the day of the composition. Video materials: Students will view the movie Cinco Dias sin Nora. Discussion of the movie will take place in class, and the themes will be incorporated into composition topics and exam questions. All needed background materials will be provided by the professor.  Reading materials: Students will read a short detective novel beginning the fourth week of classes: Discussion of the novel will take place in class, and the themes will be incorporated into composition topics and exam questions. All needed background materials will be provided by the professor.  Oral Exam: Further guidelines will be presented after the mid-term period.  Written Exams: There will be two scheduled exams and a final exam, all of which will focus on the cultural materials (including the video materials) and vocabulary and grammar covered in class. Exams will be hand-written in class in INK. No student will be allowed to take an exam on a date other than that © Syllabus SPAN 2 | Spanish & Portuguese - Dartmouth College 3 scheduled without a letter from a physician or a coach. No postponements of any exams. The Final Exam must be taken on the scheduled date.  Final Grade: Your final grade will be determined as follows: Class Participation ........ 25% (Attendance, drill, quizzes and workbook exercises) Exams........................... 30% Compositions................. 10% Oral Exam...................... 10% Final Exam...................... 25% Letter – number grade scales: A 95 - 100 A- 90 - 94 B+ 87 - 89 B 84 - 86 B- 80 - 83 C+ 77 - 79 C 74 - 76 C- 70 - 73 D 60 - 69 E 59 - 0 Notes on Class participation: Students are expected to come to class having prepared ALL materials assigned. In class, students must participate actively speaking in group activities and class discussions. Missing class lowers the participation grade. Active Participation in class will be graded as follows: A: Excellent participation (the student answers questions and offers interesting comments without the need of the professor calling on him/her. The comments and answers show that the student is well prepared, completed and understood the assignment). B: Good participation (the student answers questions and offers interesting comments whenever the professor calls on him/her. Sometimes, the student participates without being asked. The comments and answers show that the student is prepared and understood the assignment). C: Fair participation (the student answers questions and offers comments only when the professor calls on him/her. The comments and answers show that the student prepared or attempted to complete the assignment, but doesn’t seem to understand it all). D: Poor participation (the student answers questions and offers very brief comments only when the professor calls on him/her. The comments and answers show lack of interest, improvisation and/or a poor preparation). © Syllabus SPAN 2 | Spanish & Portuguese - Dartmouth College E: Lack of participation (the student does not answer questions and does not offer any comments in the class or group discussion. The lack of comments and answers or incorrect answers shows that the student has not completed the assignment or prepared for the class. If he/she has done it, it has been in a careless or incomplete way). No attendance, no participation at all: When a student is not in class, he/she gets a 0 for that day. Religious Observance: Some students may wish to take part in religious observances that occur during this academic term. If you have a religious observance conflicting with your participation in the course, please meet with me before the end of the second week of the term to discuss appropriate accommodations. Disability: Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations is requested to speak to me and give me a copy of your accommodations form by the end of the second week of the term. All discussions will remain confidential, although the Student Accessibility Services office may be consulted to discuss appropriate implementation of any accommodation request. If you do not have current authorization from SAS, contact that office at 646-9900 or blitz “Student Accessibility Services”. If you have any difficulties with this course, please contact me at once and/or ask for support at the S.A.S. Office (Suite 205 Collis). Honor code addendum: Students may not ask anyone other than the professor of their course to correct written work for this course. Students must rely on their judgment and conscience to determine whether a specific question might be addressed to a classmate or a friend (e.g. help with an idiom not readily available in a dictionary, or the conjugation of a rare irregular verb), but in any case, such aid must be minimal, occasional, and acknowledged. Outside proofreading/correcting changes the student's work, gives the professor an inaccurate idea of the student's skills, and as such violates the Dartmouth College honor principle. As a Dartmouth Student you are required to comply with the Academic Honor Principle: r.htm Note: Not ALL the topics/pages in the book will be covered in class, and some concepts will be repeated. © Syllabus SPAN 2 | Spanish & Portuguese - Dartmouth College PROGRAMA Semana 1 12 – 16 de septiembre 1 INTRODUCTION - ACTIVIDADES REPASO DE CAPÍTULOS 1 – 6- Repaso Ser y Estar 2 CAPÍTULO 7: ¡A comer! VOCABULARIO: La comida y las comidas, ¿Qué sabe Ud. y a quién conoce? (pp. 200-207). 3 GRAMÁTICA: Expressing what or who(m)—Direct Objects: The Personal a; Direct Object Pronouns; Como expresar una acción muy reciente: acabar de + infinitivo (pp. 209- 214). 4 GRAMÁTICA: Expressing Negation: Indefinite and Negative words; Influencing Others—Commands (Part 1): Ud./Uds.Formal Commands (pp. 215-224). Semana 2 19 – 23 de septiembre *DRILLS STARTS 23 de septiembre. Homework Chapter 7 due (online)- SUNDAY, 11:59PM 1 ACTIVIDADES CAPÍTULO 7 - VOCABULARIO & GRAMÁTICA (pp. 226 – 229)- Repaso Ser y Estar 2 CAPÍTULO 8: De viaje - VOCABULARIO: De viaje - Otros usos de la palabra se (pp. 232- 239). 3 GRAMÁTICA: Expressing to who(m) or for who(m). Expressing likes and dislikes (pp. 241-250). 4 GRAMÁTICA: Talking About the Past (Part 1)—Preterite of regular Verbs and of dar, hacer, ir, and ser (pp. 251-258) - D/Cap.7/1 Semana 3 26 – 30 de septiembre Homework Chapter 8 due (online)- SUNDAY, 11:59PM 1 ACTIVIDADES CAP. 8 – VOCABULARIO & GRAMATICA (pp.260-263) - D/Cap. 7/2 2 CAPÍTULO 9: Los días festivos - VOCABULARIO: Una fiesta de cumpleaños para Javier, Los días festivos hispanos, Las emociones y los estados afectivos; Cómo enfatizar: -ísimo/a (p. 266-272) 3 GRAMÁTICA: Talking About the Past (Part 2)—Irregular Preterites; Talking About the Past (Part 3)—Preterite of Stem-changing Verbs (pp. 274-281)- D/Cap. 7/3 © Syllabus SPAN 2 | Spanish & Portuguese - Dartmouth College 4 GRAMÁTICA: Avoiding Repetition—Expressing Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns Together (pp. 282-286- D/Cap. 8/1 Semana 4 3 – 7 de octubre Homework Chapter 9 due (online)- SUNDAY, 11:59PM 1 ACTIVIDADES CAP. 9 - VOCABULARIO Y GRAMÁTICA (pp. 288 – 291) - D/Cap. 8/2 2 LECTURA (cap. 1,2,3) 3 EXAM 1- D/Cap. 8/3 4 CAPÍTULO 10: El tiempo libre - VOCABULARIO: Los pasatiempos, diversiones y aficiones, los quehaceres domésticos, Cómo expresar la obligación (pp. 294- 300) - D/Cap. 9/1- Semana 5 10 – 14 de octubre Homework Chapter 10 due (online) – SUNDAY, 11:59PM 1 GRAMÁTICA: Talking About the Past (Part 4)—Descriptions and Habitual Actions in the Past: Imperfect of regular, Irregular Verbs, Past Progressive (pp. 302-307) - D/Cap. 9/2- 2 GRAMÁTICA: Getting Information: Summary of Interrogative Words; Expressing Extremes: Superlatives (pp. 308 - 314). 3 LECTURA (cap. 4,5,6); ACTIVIDADES CAP. 10 - VOCABULARIO Y GRAMÁTICA (pp. 316 – 319 - D/Cap. 9/3 4 WRITING 1- D/ Práctica oral individual Semana 6 17 – 21 de octubre 1 CAPÍTULO 11: La salud - VOCABULARIO: La salud y el bienestar, en el consultorio del médico, cómo expresar una cualidad general – lo + adjetivo (p. 322-328) - D/Cap. 10/1 2 GRAMÁTICA: Narrating in the Past (Part 5)—Using the Preterite and the Imperfect, algunas palabras y expresiones asociadas con el pretérito y el imperfecto pp. 330-337) 3 GRAMÁTICA: Recognizing que, quien(es), lo que: Relative pronouns; Expressing each other: Reciprocal actions with Reflexive Pronouns (p. 338- 344) - D/Cap. 10/2 © Syllabus SPAN 2 | Spanish & Portuguese - Dartmouth College 4 GRAMÁTICA: Perfect Forms: Past Participle as an adjective, Present Perfect Indicative (pp. 454-461) - D/Cap. 10/3 Semana 7 24 – 28 de octubre * View MOVIE Homework Chapter 11 due (online)- SUNDAY, 11:59PM 1 ACTIVIDADES DEL CAPÍTULO 11 - VOCABULARIO & GRAMÁTICA (pp. 346 – 349)- D/Cap. 11/1 2 LECTURA (cap. 7, 8 ) 3 EXAM 2 - D/ Cap. 11/2 4 CAPÍTULO 12: ¡Conectados! -VOCABULARIO: La ciudad y el barrio, tengo… Necesito…Quiero (pp. 352-358) - D/ Cap. 11/3 + Present perfect Semana 8 31 de octubre – 4 de noviembre * View MOVIE (Cinco días sin Nora) Homework Chapter 12 due (online) SUNDAY 11:59PM 1 GRAMÁTICA: Influencing Others (Part 2)—Tú (Informal), vosotros and nosotros Commands. (pp. 360-364) - D/Cap. 12/1 2 GRAMÁTICA: Expressing Subjective Actions or States—Present Subjunctive (Part 1): An Introduction; expressing Desires and Requests: Use of Subjunctive (Part 2): Influence (pp. 365-376) 3 GRAMÁTICA: Continuación y repaso del subjuntivo (pp. 365-376); ACTIVIDADES DEL CAPÍTULO 12 - VOCABULARIO & GRAMÁTICA (pp. 378 – 381)- D/Cap. 12/2 4 WRITING 2- D/Cap. 12/3 Semana 9 7 - 11 de noviembre DRILLS ENDS lunes 7 de noviembre 1 Película-D/ Práctica oral individual 2 Película -REPASO GENERAL 3 Entrevistas orales 4 Entrevistas orales © Syllabus SPAN 2 | Spanish & Portuguese - Dartmouth College Semana 10 14 - 15 de noviembre 1 REPASO GENERAL- ÚLTIMA CLASE EXAMEN FINAL: lunes 21 de noviembre de 2016 a las 11:30 AM Please make accomadations NOW because exam will not be given before or after the date!!! © Syllabus SPAN 2 | Spanish & Portuguese - Dartmouth College


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