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FLFR 1010: Exam 2 Lesson 4

by: Ashleigh McClure

FLFR 1010: Exam 2 Lesson 4 FLFR 1010

Marketplace > Auburn University > Foreign Language > FLFR 1010 > FLFR 1010 Exam 2 Lesson 4
Ashleigh McClure

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About this Document

French 1010 Exam 2 Lesson 4
French 1010
Evelyn Bornier
Class Notes
#french1010, #flfr1010, #bornier, #evelynbornier, #auburn, #auburnuniversity
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashleigh McClure on Tuesday September 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FLFR 1010 at Auburn University taught by Evelyn Bornier in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see French 1010 in Foreign Language at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 09/13/16
Lesson 4: À Québec 9/9/16 10:07 AM • Être ○ To be ○ Irregular Infinitive Être To be Example Singular Je suis I am Je suis Américain Tu es You are Tu es Canadienne Il/Elle est He/she is Il est à Montréal. Elle est à Québec. Plural Nous sommes We are Nous sommes de San Francisco Vousêtes You are Vous êtes avec un copain Ils/Elles sontThey are Ils sont à Paris. Elle sont à Lyon. ○ Tu § "Familiar" □ Address family, friends, classmates or children ○ Vous § "Formal" □ Address teacher, older adults, formal situations ○ Ils or Elles? § Ils □ Use if the group has at least one male member § Elles □ Use if the group is exclusively female • Useful Vocab ○ À= at/in ○ De= from/of ○ Et= and ○ Ou= or ○ Oú= where ○ Avec= with ○ Pour= for ○ Mais= but • Verbs Ending in " -er" ○ Parler § "To speak" § Regular ○ Habiter § "To live" § Regular Infinitive Parler Habiter Ending Stem Parl- Habit- Singular Je parle J' habite -e Tu parles Tu habites -es Il/Elle parle Il/Elle habite -e Plural Nousparlons Nous habitons -ons Vous parlez Vous habitez -ez Ils/Elles parlent Ils/Elles habitent -ent ○ Stem + Ending § The stem doesn't change. It is the infinitive minus -er □ Parler-> Parl- □ Habiter-> Habit- § The endings change to agree with the subject □ Je= -e □ Tu= -es □ Il/Elle= -e □ Nous= -ons □ Vous= -ez □ Ils/Elles= -ent ○ Parler= to speak, to talk ○ Visiter= to visit ○ Aimer= to like, love ○ Étudier= to study ○ Habiter= to live ○ Inviter= to invite • Negatives ○ Describe what we do not do § Subject + ne + verb + pas □ Nous ne visitons pas Paris. § Subject + n'+ verb+ pas □ Nous n'habitons pas en France. ○ Describe what we never do § Subject+ ne + verb + jamais □ Anne ne parle jamias anglais. § Subject + n' + verb + jamais □ Vous n'êtres jamais sur le campus • Expressions ○ Oui= yes ○ Mais sur= sure Bien sûr= of course ○ ○ Non= no ○ Mais non= of course not ○ Pas du tout= not at all ○ Peut-être= maybe • Pronoun On ○ The French often use the pronoun on to make general statements § A Québec, on parle français □ In Quebec City they (people) speak French ○ On + il/elle form of verb § Ici, on travaille beaucoup. □ Here one works a lot □ Here they work a lot □ Here you work a lot □ Here we work a lot □ Here people work a lot ○ There is a liaison after on when the next word begins with a vowel sound § On est comme on est □ We are like we are. In conversation on is often used instead of nous ○ § On invite un copain? □ Do we invite a friend?


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