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Trinity River

by: Taylor Gipson

Trinity River 3351

Taylor Gipson

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About this Document

DFW Metroplex, Week 2 Notes
DFW Metroplex
Robert Fairbanks
Class Notes
dallas, FtWorth, DFW, Metroplex, history
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Gipson on Wednesday September 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 3351 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Robert Fairbanks in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see DFW Metroplex in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 09/14/16
 Early Hopes o Jacob Elliott predicted in 1843 that within 10 years, “the citizens of the Red River counties will find it more advantageous to direct their trade to Galveston by the Trinity than to continue it by the Red River.” o E.B. Ely, an agent of Peters Colony in 1844 predicted that, “$2000 judiciously expended would remove the entire obstruction.”  Really trying to promote Dallas.  Trinity River o Dreams of the Trinity (500 miles long, starting North of Dallas)  Rivers as transportation system  None were completely navigable, but the Trinity is the closest.  Making the Trinity navigable  Early efforts o Setting timber on fire to move out the other wood floating through. o Opening up canal from the Red River in order to give the Trinity more water. o Texas legislature pressured to give survey of the Trinity River.  Not convinced or encouraging. Idea was, that from the beginning, the dream was to navigate the river.  Convinced the legislature to spend $3k to clear the river but with little success.  Job boats to go from Galveston to Dallas via the Trinity. Took 7 months, which allowed people the realization that the dream was futile. o In 1868, built a steamboat and launched it on the river. Got to Magnolia and then sunk. Enthusiasm was HIGH. Railroads start to surface, so the attention began to thift a bit. o 19 century, $62k was donated toward the navigation of the Trinity River.  Later efforts o Shift to the invention of the railroad when the dream behind utilizing the Trinity couldn’t come true. o Railroads and the Building of DFW  Railroads as lifelines  Dallas and its lifelines (1500 to 7000 of settlers within in 2 years)  $5000 to aid in this promise of railroads  Dallas had to have as many railroads as possible o Map shows 3 RR’s actually going through Dallas, but technically, Dallas as access via other RR’s to more cities.  Big Farm technology/industry, thanks to St. Louis.  Securing the Houston and Texas Central Railroads o Goes up to Denison. Why? Because the Katy Trail had been built from St. Louis to Denison. Means that St. Louis STILL WINS. Everything from Dallas goes up North. o Cut freight expenses by $50. Became easier and cheaper to ship goods to Galveston.  Winning the Texas and Pacific Railroad  Economic Impact o “All Dallas has gone wild. There is such a rush to get rick that everyone is trying to do something to get money to invest in lots before it is too late.” -Anonymous, Sept 1873  Other Railroads  Fort Worth and its lifeline  Early RR efforts o $12k to Denver RR o Made strong commitment to RR’s, even against Dallas.  The Texas and Pacific and the Panic of 1873 o Large #’s of ppl left FtW after the RR’s stalled. o Volunteers finished the 16 miles of RR. Community effort by ALL.  Not the best quality. Representative of Texas Legislature, from FtW, gave the city an extension to finish the RR.  The economic impact and the response  Securing other lines o Tarantula Map  Map of RR’s centered in FtW. Literally, 9 lines were built.  Railroads and Town Building in North Texas  Some Dallas County RR Towns  Some Tarrant County RR Towns 


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