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Intro to Music Literature: Chapter 14

by: Jade Gibson

Intro to Music Literature: Chapter 14 MUL 2010

Marketplace > Florida Gulf Coast University > Music Ed & Music Therapy > MUL 2010 > Intro to Music Literature Chapter 14
Jade Gibson

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About this Document

Today we covered how music was influenced in the Medieval Ages. Topics: Black Plague, The Crusades, The Great Schism, Sacred vs Secular, The Music editing/making process
Intro to Music Literature
Thomas Cimarusti
Class Notes
Music, Literature, MusicLit, Black, plague, BlackPlague, The, crusades, great, schism, Scared, secular, MusicEditing, edit
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jade Gibson on Wednesday September 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MUL 2010 at Florida Gulf Coast University taught by Thomas Cimarusti in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see Intro to Music Literature in Music Ed & Music Therapy at Florida Gulf Coast University.


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Date Created: 09/14/16
Chapter 14  Part II: The Middle Ages and Renaissance REVIEW:  The Culture of the Middle Ages  ­ (Year 500­1450)  ­ Early Christian Church as main religion   ­ 2 types of people: Citizens & Monks/Nuns   What happened during this time period? How did these events affect Music?   I. The Black Death/ Bubonic Plague   A. The epidemic plagued Europe in year 1346  B. The sickness was found to be caused by a flee from Asia  C. 75 million deaths were recorded.  About 3/4ths of Europe was inflected.  D. Doctors would cut wound and apply a leech in hopes to drain infection  E. A popular nursery rhyme, “​Ring Around the Rosie” ​  was created during this time  period to describe the plague.    F. In order to eliminate the spread of disease, they would throw the bodies on the streets  and burn them (ex. Ring Around the Rosie)    II. The Crusades & The Great Schism   A. Convert all to Christianity  B. Two men both declared themselves as Popes  C. Pope 1: Eastern Orthodox   D. Pope 2: Roman Catholicism  E: This division in the Catholic Church caused so much debate and correlation  that many people left the church.  This separation between man and church  derived the ​Secular​ Music Period.      III. Sacred Music in the Middle Ages A. Pope Gregory put together a mixture of​ chants​ that were used for 100’s of  years.    B. These Chants were used in the service, following the correct​ Liturgy.             C. ​   The Mass Ordinary Music vs Propers Music  Ordinaries   Propers  1. Kyrie  ​ (Greeting)  1. Gradual  2. Gloria  2. Alleluia​ (Praise the Lord)   3. Sactus  3. Tracts   4. Credo​ (to believe)  5. Agnus Dei  Bold terms above will be tested on*    IV. Life in the Medieval Century A. Paper was made from Cow Skin­ Skinned­Hairless­Dried out= Parchment   B. The Music was made to look like art, Paintings on the margins of music to  represent the piece  C. It took approximately to 7 years to make the paper, print the music and add the  paintings to the margins        VOCAB:  Secular: Non­religious music  Liturgy: The organization of a Mass service  Chants: Music written and performed by Monks and Nuns performed in service​s    


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