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GEOG 1001 9.12.16

by: Melanie Basinger

GEOG 1001 9.12.16 Geog 1001

Melanie Basinger

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About this Document

Class notes including possible test/quiz questions.
Introduction to Physical Geography
Nicholas Dunning
Class Notes
geography, climate, Cyclones, tornado
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Melanie Basinger on Wednesday September 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Geog 1001 at University of Cincinnati taught by Nicholas Dunning in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Physical Geography in Geography at University of Cincinnati.


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Date Created: 09/14/16
Introduction to Physical Geography 9.12.16 QUIZ QUESTION #16: Which of the following statements about tropical cyclones are true? Tropical Cyclones are most common in late summer and early autumn when ocean surfaces are their warmest Minor Atmospheric Disturbances  Tornados  Thunderstorms o Thunderstorms and lightning are most common in the ITCZ and in the MLCZ reflecting unstable air conditions Occur in isolations or with fronts Localized low pressure systems  Mesocyclones and Super Cells o Extreme low pressure development within thunderstorms creates stronger, rotational updrafts known as mesocyclones characterized by exceptionally strong winds and sometimes tornado development. o Storms with mesocyclones are called Super Cells o As moist air is drawn upward in the circulation of a mesocyclone, energy is released by condensation and wind speed and rotation increase as air pressure drops further. Funnel clouds develop when the mesocyclone narrows and rear flank downdrafts may pull the rotating cloud to the surface: a tornado. Air pressure within a tornado may be as much as 10% lower that the surrounding air mass, generating intense localized winds capable of causing great damage  Fujita Scale (Tornado Scale) o EF0 – EF5 tornados with F5 being the most destructive Climate Regions Part 1  Climate: long-term condition of the atmosphere, or weather integrated over time. o Latitude is the largest factor when determining climate. Also determined by altitude, maritime vs. continental location, and impact of invading air masses o Look at air temperature and precipitation patterns, not just annual averages. Other factors, but these exert independent control on natural vegetation  As air is heated at the equator, it naturally rises and moves toward the poles. However, Coriolis deflects the movement of air and creates global patterns of prevailing winds that help to distribute heat and moisture in the atmosphere and result in the earth’s variety of forests, grasslands, and deserts QUIZ QUESTION #17: Generally, when going from low to high latitudes, the mean annual temperature ___ and the annual temperature range ___. Decreases, increases  Average precipitation and average temperature, acting together as limiting factors over a long time, help to determine the type of biome (large scale ecosystem)


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