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Week 2 History of Interiors Notes 9-14-16

by: Kaylee Lynn Rowland

Week 2 History of Interiors Notes 9-14-16 333

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Stout > ARTH - Art History > 333 > Week 2 History of Interiors Notes 9 14 16
Kaylee Lynn Rowland
GPA 3.075

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About this Document

Powerpoint notes about the design elements from ancient Minoans, Greeks, and Romans
History of Interiors
Dr. James Bryan
Class Notes
history, Interiors, powerpoint, Minoans, Greeks, Romans, Design
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaylee Lynn Rowland on Wednesday September 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 333 at University of Wisconsin - Stout taught by Dr. James Bryan in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see History of Interiors in ARTH - Art History at University of Wisconsin - Stout.


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Date Created: 09/14/16
1 Minoan - - island of Crete – Fertile island = prosperous - Wasn’t sophisticated sea faring - they were the only ones who really knew how to sail so they didn’t have to worry about war because enemies couldn’t sail very well - They built residents for upper classmen that were large sprawling compounds - interconnected - some residential, some storage, some public spaces - palace like without the kings and queens. - 6 or seven palaces light this on the island - Typical for the Minoans - Had large quart yard in middle and smaller secondary quart yards through out - Minoans didn’t have to worry to much about the outside threats due to protection of the sea, so structures were more vulnerable - they had pluming not popular till 1800’s 6 The Queen’s Megaron - not accurate name - Megaron --? - not sure if they had a queen or not - Some one redecorated at some point - Second layer of plaster on walls - bright, airy, comfortable, day lit, cheerful, colorful, fun themes - decorated with sea life – masters of the sea 6 Greeks - Minoans collapsed - Greeks rose in Greece 100 years later - Continued to build like the Egyptians - court yard centered home and closed off to outside world - Look out for your self cause still no official law enforcement - Greeks did not believe the wealthy should flaunt their social status - Tacky, barbarian - Better education, better manners (About who you are as person not what you owned to show higher status - Very modest homes – True gentleman thought the soil worked just fine - Like Egyptians with plain adobe brick homes for all - Private life was not suppose to be emphasized to the Greeks 7 - Greeks were simple and modest to begin with but merged I into something much lavish after they become empire and interact with others - Greeks used boxes and stools and Tables Stool with Turned Legs - for those who had a little more wealth had simple stools - Decorative dowels for legs - Didn’t have to do that completely by hand, used a lathe 7 X” – Frame Folding Stools - had stools that had x frame folding stools with leather as the seat - Paws facing in in artwork - Sat in them differently- sat with their knees over the rods instead of in-between them like us. 8 Klismos - open weave for seat like other chairs we have seen so far - Leather strings or straw - Might see a fabric throw instead – pillow - about swooping curves – Saber Legs - continues up to back rest that wraps around user – curves like legs - actual chair is plain and simple - profile only distiction 9 Trapeze Table - from Bulgaria – might have been settled by Greeks - illustrates 3 legged popular table - for dining purposes for Greeks - sat at individual tables instead of one big one - Floors were usually dirt so they weren’t level - if it had 4 legs the table would wobble - 3 legs help it stay still even if it is tilted 10 Etruscan - Central Italy - neighbors of Greeks (Import and export – bronze works) - Furniture was a lot like Greek furniture - found through tombs (Afterlife important like Egyptians) - Bronze work best Art form known for. Bronze Cist - Metal barrel that stores valuables - size of bread box - cast and engraved 11 Marble Throne / Corsini Chair - barrel shaped arm chair - carved out of solid marble - another out of bronze - Art collection in the Italian renaissance to Corsini family - Shape is Etruscan shape – barrel shape 12 Romans -Concurred the Greeks and absorbed some of their ways - art, fashion, culture - mad it more attention grabbing then Greeks - Romans did not see modesty as a virtue, you got it… flaunt it! - Used status symbols and luxury - Court yard construction – indoor out door living - little exterior access - Romans had single stories like the Greeks (Wealthy) - Much bigger than Greeks - more then one court yard - had a lot of single use rooms instead of a few multi purpose rooms - set up as an experience to see - shows off their rank - your strong and powerful to enemies - multiple stories if lot wasn’t big enough 13 - could rent apartments – ground floors were desirable, top floors were the cheap apartments - different concept of the family - it was about extended of multiple generations - thought more of a clan rather than married and kids - it was a crime to disobey your father (Oldest living grandfather is in charge) - kinship, business, politics all combined - Romans big on adoption - elderly could adapt a young adult (Officially apart of “us”) - this is why the houses had to be bigger – all members of the family lived in one houses together Interior with Murals and tiled floor - Romans decorated a lot - had running water and radiant heating under floor (Wealthy) - lots of carbon monoxide and lead poisoning - showed how papered they were – homes were showplaces - Mosaics, murals, tile flooring - fictional story on wall 13 “Grotesque” Third style painting from Boscotrecase The Black room - solid color background with imaginary architectural structure in front of it - Couldn't actually build it with extreme proportions (LEFT IMAGE) - expert hated painting things that couldn’t be real - Some had floating scenes in middle of back ground - like bottom right image - Used a lot to decorate wealthy roman homes - found them in the palace and the rooms seem like grottoes 14 Stella Curulis - Romans were into collecting antiques (if you were wealthy enough) and got inspired by Greek folding stools - Chairs were usually thought of as more prestigious, however, this kind of stool did have a higher status among the Romans -a high ranking Roman gentleman would have had a army career and become a general -these generals and officers took mobile homes with them and part of the furnishings in these were folding stools -these became a designated high rank among the military 15 Notched board legs - Square chair with horizontal and vertical pieces and just embellished the edges - Hybrids of animals with humans decorative elements - Legs would have been flat boards but were cut into the decorative edge - cut prominent notches and deep into it - all the weight is held in a very narrow strip of the leg of the chair -risky way to make furniture 16


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