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BADM 320 Week 3 Day 2

by: Amy Kwon

BADM 320 Week 3 Day 2 BADM 320

Amy Kwon

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About this Document

These notes cover what's going to be in our exam.
Principles of Marketing
Mark E Wolters
Class Notes
business, Marketing, principles of marketing
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amy Kwon on Wednesday September 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BADM 320 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign taught by Mark E Wolters in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Principles of Marketing in Business Administration at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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Date Created: 09/14/16
Thursday,   September   8,   2016 BADM Week 3 Day 2 Competitive Strategy - Differentiation Strategy: creative design, marketing the brand, research and development with innovation and quality - Cost Leadership: cut costs & save money to pass on savings to customers (Wal- Mart did fine during the recession) - Focus: (Focus Differentiation/Focus Cost Leadership) - narrow target market using either of the above scenarios
 (ex: Target is more preferred because slightly higher quality level stock) - Firms either focus on one or the other as in no man’s land is bad
 (Cheap clothes? Or Better quality but more costly?)
 (Sears is not Macy’s but it’s not Zara, so it’s not on either of the extremes, so it wasn’t doing well)
 GE McKinsey matrix - Evaluation SBU’s
 -Business decide where to invest their money (which division, sbu, etc) —> focus on growing? stabilizing? Divest?
 -Industry Attractiveness (are we growing?)
 -Strength of your Business Unit (be honest and compare different SBUS) (the business strategies you have for it —> you need to have a philosophy to get people to agree on something) (profit margins in relation to competitors) Industry Industry Industry Industry Attractiveness Attractiveness Attractiveness Attractiveness Strength of SBU HIGH MED LOW Strength of SBU HIGH grow grow hold Strength of SBU MED grow hold divest Strength of SBU LOW hold divest divest ex Q: industry attractiveness + biggest product = grow 1 Thursday,   September   8,   2016 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETiNG & DIGITAL MARKETING Social media defined by 2 factors (Kaplan & Haenlein) • Media Richness: amount of content - how much can they share? 
 Wikipedia, Video Blogs, Parascope with Live Chats… • Self-disclosure: how much info are people sharing regarding their feelings and ideas? With social media, it’s very helpful (esp. for small businesses) MEMORIZE THIS TABLE!!! Criteria Traditional Media Social Media Ability to reach both large & Get large & niche audiences. 
 Get large & niche audiences. 
 niche audiences Good content!!! but good work Good content!!! but good work doesn’t guarantee ppl see it (ad doesn’t guarantee ppl see it (ad blocker) blocker) Expense & Access Pricey
 Cheap Not that accessble Accessible Training & Number of people Skilled labor for specialization anyone’s parents can even use involved facebook Time to Delivery takes long quick Permanence can’t go back and change can make changes Credibility & Social Authority credibility not much credibility (not taken seriously) 4E Framework for Social Media Firms need to EXCITE customers - what excites and what is important to them? find out what they like. Firms need to EDUCATE customers about their offering - what are the good points of our products? Firms help them EXPERIENCE your products - share customer experiences and reviews. Person sees another person buying something and also buys it. Firms let them ENGAGE with social network - customers need to be engaged (subscribed, “Click Here for More”) before they commit to buy. 2 Thursday,   September   8,   2016 3 ways to be cool on YouTube: 1. Be Funny 2. Be Weird 3. Be Useful 3


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