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French Notes: Week 1 The Present Tense

by: Jessica Davis

French Notes: Week 1 The Present Tense French 201

Marketplace > Jackson State University > Department of Modern Languages > French 201 > French Notes Week 1 The Present Tense
Jessica Davis
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

These are notes focused on the ER, IR, and the RE verbs along with a few conjugation examples and charts. Mainly how to conjugate each infinitive verb in the present tense. The are summarized no...
Intermediate French
Mr. Cunningham
Class Notes
french, foreign language, notes, grammar, week 1, pdf
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Davis on Wednesday September 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to French 201 at Jackson State University taught by Mr. Cunningham in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Intermediate French in Department of Modern Languages at Jackson State University.


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Date Created: 09/14/16
1 Notes I French Intermediate 201 The French Present Tense What is the Present Tense? *It occurs only when the following is about to happen: • Current situations • What is about to happen • Habits • The absolute truth Les Verbes ER There are two main types of French verbs and they are REGULAR and IRREGULAR. You have your regular ER, AR, and IR verbs in French with infinitives such as: Parler- to speak Adorer- to adore Étudier- to study Travailler- to work 2 Conjugation Let’s look at the verb PARLER…. TO SPEAK To conjugate the ER verb Parler you drop the er and add the following endings: E, ES, E, ONS, EZ, and ENT. Je Parle Tu Parles Il/elle Parle Nous Parlons Vous Parlez Ils/Elles Parlent ü Je turns into Jai when followed by a vowel. ü This is how you conjugate the ER verb in the present tense! Les Verbes IR and RE The other two remaining Verbs are the IR and RE. Tow words that I often use to remember when using the present tense for conjugating the IR and RE verbs are: Finir – to finish Je finis Tu finis Il/elle finit Nous finissons Vous finissez Ils/Elles finissent Vendre-to sell Je Vends Tu Vends Il/elle Vend Nous Venons Vous Venez Ils/elles Vendent 3 Irregular Verbs This is very important the verb ALLER that means, “to go” is the only ER verb that is irregular! ALLER –to go Je Vais Tu Vas Il/elle Va Nous Allons Vous Allez Ils/elles Vont Être Verb Je Suis Tu Es Il/elle Est Nous Sommes Vous étés Ils/ells Sont Avoir Verb J’ ai Tu As Il/ells A Nous Avons Vous avez Ils/elles ont 4 Checkpoint: Review and Tips ü In the verb Vendre that means, “to sell” the singular pronoun il/elle (he or she) you don’t need to add and ending just keeps it as is! ü IR- IS, IS, IT, ISSONS, ISSEZ, ISSENT ü RE- S, S, -, ONS, EZ, ENT ü When conjugating any form of the ER, IR, RE verbs just remember the endings ü Study the Pronoms carefully ü Make Flashcards for high frequency verbs ü The ER verbs are the most common verbs in French language ü The être verb is intransitive and the verb avoir is transitive


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