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by: Kayla

History_Study_Guide.pdf HIST 1351

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About this Document

These notes cover chapter 16 of the textbook, America: The Essentials of Learning edition
History of US from 1877 to Present
Dr. Tenbus
Class Notes
history, guilded, age, industrial, revolution




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kayla on Thursday September 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1351 at University of Central Missouri taught by Dr. Tenbus in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views.


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Date Created: 09/15/16
History Study Guide 1) Industrial Revolution  How did it happen? Farm to Factory o People wanted to make farming easier o Population increased. Need for more food, need materials, jobs, improve agriculture o Greater Efficiency Cheaper Food Fewer People Needed Larger Families Surplus Labor  More efficiency=more food  Population grows, jobs decrease  Price of food is dropped, people get married and start families earlier  Factors that contribute to industrialization o Growing population: more food o Stable Government: provides currency, safety o Abundant raw materials !!Coal, Iron!! Used for fuel and steel making o Widespread transportation networks: boats, railroads replace canals o Access to Capital: $$$, modern banking system o Tech Innovation: good education, people who were innovative o Warfare: increase in factory development for weaponry, thing for war  Three Industries: Steel, Oil, Railroads  Thomas Edison o Promised to invent something small every 10 days or so, something big every 6 months or so o Invented the phonograph, light bulb, Dictaphone, etc. o Ran Edison Electric Illuminating Co. Nickola T esla o Immigrant who worked for Edison o Invented alternating current (1886) o Went beyond DC, without interruption o Sold it to Westinghouse o Edison was jealous, AC was the new thing, GE had to switch to AC o Innovation is a constantly moving process Steel Industry o Replacement of iron o Steel is stronger, taking iron and purifying it, but expensive Henry Bessemer o Bessemer Furnace o Heats up iron and gets rid of impurities, white hot o Makes iron on a mass scale o Cost lowers, can be made faster Oil o George Bissell, father of oil industry o First Oil Well, 1859, Tulsa Pa o Oil demand grew, Oil Boom-1865 Andrew Carnegie: o Immigrant from Scotland, 1840s o Rags to riches story o Lifetime learner, created Carnegie Steel Co., which becomes the largest steel industry in the world o Bought out his rivals o Bought his own coal mines—get rid of the middle man o Kept labor cost low & hired the best people he could find o Social Darwinism—taking Darwin’s ideas and applying it to society o Quit in 1901, steel to JP Morgan Chronology: 1859—First Oil well is struck in Titusville 1861—Congress Creates the Morrill Tarif st 1869—1 transcontinental railroad is completed 1876


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