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Overview of sex, lies and videotape (1989)

by: Christina Horton

Overview of sex, lies and videotape (1989) ENG 303

Christina Horton
GPA 3.3
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About this Document

Detailed notes from the movie including quotes from the movie from IMDB
Cinematic Auteurs
Kevin Esch
Class Notes
english, Film, cinematic, auteurs, overview, notes, movie, soderbergh




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christina Horton on Thursday September 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 303 at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months taught by Kevin Esch in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Cinematic Auteurs in Literature at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months.


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Date Created: 09/15/16
Sex,Liesand Videotape (1989) John Mullany +Ann Mullany Ann +Cynthia John +Graham John+Cynthia Graham+Ann Cynthia+Graham Husband + Wife sisters Dalton affair initial attraction make atape College friends and togetherin end  First shot: Pavement.Graham – driving  [first lines] Ann:Garbage.AllI've been thinking about all week is garbage.Imean, Ijust can't stop thinking about it.  Grahamchanging in abathroom with audio of therapy session  Ann:Anyway,being happy isn't all thatgreat.I mean,the last time I wasreally happy... Igot so fat.Imust have put on 25 pounds. Ithought John wasgonna have a stroke.  John on the phone, married (thinking about infidelity…)  Ann, meanwhile still in therapy session. She doesn’t wanther husband to touch her  John is in fact,unfaithful, with Cynthia.John and Cynthiakiss (audio of therapy session continues)  People talkingoff screen, focusing on something else…  Ann and Grahammeet…Ann feels awkwardbecause she doesn’t wanta guest.  Grahamasks Ann “Haveyou ever been on television?” - G is curious about A, takenby her. Clearin his expression. Inquisitive. Constant eye contact withA – camera zooms in on facesand expressions of G and A  Dinner table (J+ A + G): cameraslowly pans table,Jasfocal point. Focus shifts to G – holds spoon incorrectly. G wears black, Jwearsblack slacks and suspenders and white shirt, A wearswhite shirt, black skirt)  A and G tour an apartment.(G in all black,A in white)  C (wears all black) comes to house (J and A), Jis naked with plant covering his genitalsand hands behind his head, close-ups of faces,side view  A and G at restaurant – G asks if A could tell him something personal. A talksabout sex, doesn’t enjoy it, thinks it is overrated. “I think thatum... I think that sex is overrated.Ithink thatpeople place far too much importance on it,and I think thatstuff about women wantin' it just asbad asmen is crap.Imean I think thatwomen want it,I just don't think thatthey want it for the same reason thatmen think they do.” - A - A wantsG to reciprocate,he says he is impotent (no erection in the presence of another person) - G watchesA intuitively - “Never takeadvice from someone who doesn’t know you intimately.” – G  Bedtime:A leaves bed to look at G while sleeping. She crouches down close for a few seconds then leaves. G was awakeand pretending to sleep.  A therapy session: talksabout G,giddy, describes him asa “character”  A and C: atC’s house, talking about G. - A disapproves of her sister, passive aggressiveattitude  G’s Apt:likes to film women talkingabout sex - Watcheshis TV,naked, touches his body gently,caresses his chest lightly (not necessarily masturbating,perhaps implied if view could see him finish his ritual) - A shows up, unannounced while he is watching. - A questions tapes,G says “Personal Project” and triesto avoid topic - A is nosey, looks attape titles,curious, wantsto watch. - A wearsall black,G wearsjeans and black shirt - A is uncomfortable and leaves  A and C on the phone – doesn’t wantC to meetG  C and G: Cgoes to G’s apt,unannounced - C wearsblack/white/tan - G wearsblack shirt and jeans - C and G talk about A being unfortable - G thinks J isa liar - G wantsto tapeC, she agrees.C isa very direct person. - Interview/Videotape: first sexual experience – 8 yrs. old and other 8 y/o boy, wanted to watch eachother pee. Boy runs awaybefore C finishes. When did you finally see a penis? – 14, not what she expected.“The organ itself seemed like a,a separatething, um, a separateentity to me.I mean,when he finally pulled it out, and I could look atit and touch it,I completely forgot thatthere wasaguy attachedto it.Iremember literally being startled when the guy spoke to me.” - Session scene ends.  C callsJ atthe office, wantsto see him. C is horny aftervideotape session. Demanding thatJgoes, she hangsup abruptly. Jgoes  G watchesC’stape,naked. G is emotional…whatis he thinking? In video: C mentions A to G, G turnsaway,sad, almost crying.  C and J have sex,exhausting session. C wantsJ to go right after.  C and A on phone – talk about “interview” - A mad at the thought of C takingher clothesoff. - C admitsto masturbating. - A in whiterobe, C in black  C startsto feel weird about affair  C’s bar(work, The Bayou): A visits C.Guy at barwearsred (Barfly), A wearsred  A and J athome: A wakesJfrom bed, she sitsin a chair and end of bed. - A asks where he wasfor lunch. J LIES. A knows (or actslike she does). - A asks if J ishaving an affair. - A is calm,armsfolded. Asks outright if it is C - J gaslightsher, A doesn’t believe, she givesin, laughs it off… - A lies down in bed, J sitsup on bed, on the edge and sighs *recognizeshe just got“awaywith it”  C’s Apt:J and C on bed. J sitting on edge(like previous scene) and Clies down - Starttalking about G and tapes - Trying to justify his “personal project” - J knows thatC masturbatedon tape - C saysshe trusts Gmore than J - C turnsJ down for sex, C wantsit to end *hasbeen thinking about it, obvious by attitudetowardsJ - C saysthings aresimple, Jsays things arecomplicated  A cleansher house. Finds C’s earring.A takesa few seconds but figures itout. Scoffs, laughs and triesto break earring. - Takesher clothes off, changes. Goesoutside and getsin her car. - A blocks her ears*and sound silences. When A leaves the carshe is atG’s apt.No driving viewed.  G’s Apt: - G is doing dishes - A is quiet - A wearsblack shirt and blue jeans (like whatG usually wears) and red bandana,G wears black shirt and blue jeans - A tellsG about theaffair, G knows alreadyfrom the tapesession - Ann:Lifeisshit. Nothing'swhat Ithought it was. John's abastard.Let'smake a videotape. Graham:No,I... ahem... I don't think that'sagood idea. Ann:Whynot? Graham:BecauseIdon't think it'sa choice that you'd make in a normal frame of mind. Ann:Andwhatwould you know about anormal frame of mind? - A does the interview: A saysher name then screens goesblank. - A lays on couch, G hovers over her (both clothed)  A comes home, J is“worried sick” - A is careless,says she wantsout of marriage.A says “Fuck you!” (A doesn’t use thatword a lot) - A tellstruth about where she was,J loses it (because both A and Cwent to G) - A admitsto videotape - J racesto G’sapt  G’s Apt:G is sleeping, awoken by J arriving. - J punches G and throws him out and locks door and keeps the key. - J wantsto watch A’s tape - Interview: Ann - Sex is not satisfying; saysshe doesn’t know. She has never had an orgasm. Music growsloud! - A thinks about sex with other people, switches from tape to actualtaping (live/past) - A tellsG that she thought about being with him intimately. G sayshe hastoo. - A asks G to give her an orgasm.G says no, “he can’t because he wont” - A startsasking G lots of questions - G explains his impotemcy; pathological liar,alcoholism, he’s recovering. Expressed feelings non- verbally and scared for people to get close to him. Gsays he isn’t like thatanymore. - G refersto ‘she’ asin Elizabeth(mystery girlhe cameto town to see) - G is continually uncomfortable with questions, becomes increasingly irritated,came back to town for closure or resolution. Wantssomeone who is important to him to understand him - A grabsthe camera,interrogatesG,G doesn’t want cameraon him. - G admitsto having lots of problems/issues; speech about not knowing who he is… - A tellsG she is leaving her husband and partof the reason is because of G, he hashad an “effecton her life” - G looks out the window: You're right,I've gota lot of problems... Butthey belong to me. Ann:Youthink they're yours, but they'renot. Everybody that walksin that door becomes partof your problem. Anybody thatcomes in contactwith you. I didn't wantto be part of your problem, but I am. I'm leaving my husband, and maybe I would have anyway,but the factis, is, I'm doing itnow, and part of it'sbecause of you. You've had an effect on my life. Graham:Thisisn't supposed to happen. I've spent nine yearsstructuring my life so thisdidn't happen. - A touches G’s shoulder and hair,tenderly, pushes him to the couch and to lie down (like when she watched him sleep) - A moves G’s hand to her face,G’s hand touches her faceand G watches(just music, A touches his face and caresses his neck and face.A kisses G,G getsup and turnsoff the video - Taping ends, tape ends, static.J sitsand watchesfor a few seconds - J leavessays to G thathe fucked Elizabeth before G and E broke up. J says about E “She wasno saint, good in bed and could keep asecret.” J leaves - G startsto destroy his tapes, enraged.Throwsthem out the door  J atthe office, “work is critical…”in a meeting.Jlost a client,becomes mad  C atthe Bayou,A visits with a plant asa gift.A leavesquickly (A wantsarelationship with her sister despite everything) - Barfly wearsblue, A wearsblue. Short conversation again…  A visits G,they are“together” [last lines] Ann:Ithink it'sgonna rain. Graham:[chuckles]It is raining. Ann:Yeah. Graham/Ann/Cynthia– makestapes John/Ann/Cynthia – married/havingaffair (no sex)/(sex) John and Cynthia Grahamand Ann Having sex not having sex -when Cand J -G and A aretogether stop having sex when C and J arenot then… John startswith everything,Graham startswith nothing John ends with nothing, Graham ends with everything Ann and Cynthia startwith bad relationship and end with a good one despite turmoil John and Grahamstartasfriends, end asenemies


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