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MGT 301 day 1

by: NoteGod

MGT 301 day 1 MGT301


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About this Document

Covered during class
Business Management
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by NoteGod on Thursday September 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MGT301 at University of Kentucky taught by Holbien in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Business Management in Management at University of Kentucky.


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Date Created: 09/15/16
MGT 301 8/30 -Can come at 2 o'clock class( but wont get extra credit, gotta get in the section to get it) -maxwell is 1/3 of the exams bring to class -500 ceo’s is a must need -Wall street journal is a must -extra credit comes from WSJ -exam dates are set no change - worst score drops DONT BRING OTHERS CLICKERS -Passing is 65% Johnny print notes Comes outs on wed covering Tuesday, Thursday Notes starts- -Tested on basic principles of MGT 1.Keyword- automaker are under pressure to offer unique services and products -“if you want to be outstanding you must standout” 2.Ford is lacking behind Gm because of Brand image -“people will not remember you because of what you did they will remember of what they thought you did” -3a)Revamping the grill(effectiveness or connecting with others, Appeasing the consumers likes and dislikes) -3b)Fuel Efficiency (Efficiency) -4Culture, knowing the connections of family -5Uncertainty -6Corporate-joint ventures -7Networks staying happy and relationships -8Sales doesn't feel motivate to sell, because bonuses isn't high enough to cover expenses -“school is about getting a job, only to the degree that life is all about work. So if their is more to life than work your education should be very broad.”Very skilled in many techniques and broad enough to be connect in walks of life -Five benefits of reading the news daily(WSJ) 1-The world opens up to you(having an advantage over people that don't know) 2- You understand the complexities(Messiness, Paradox, Ambiguous) of the world. Not ran by a formula 3-You understand where you stand/ You're place in the world, your vision, your passion, your purpose. 4-You understand your own belief system better 5-You become a more well rounded human being, and that is exactly what the world needs -What are employers looking for?? 1.Communication skills Not giving speeches, they're looking for interpersonal communication(can connect with an interviewer) written communication(not taking business writing class) Making one clear point and Clear structure of the writing. 2. Team skills 3. Ethics 4.Knowledge of the real world 5.Analytical skills( not calc, Stats is good, knowing facts, memorizing numbers) 4 fundamentals truths about leadership 1-Iron clad law of leadership- “before i can even except to lead others, I must first learn to manage myself.” 2-the maxwell primse-“the leadership skills comes within” 3-The founding principles of leadership- when i becomes the kind of human being, then i may become the kind of leader i want to be on the outside” 4- the fundamental question of leadership- Am i becoming the kind of person who other want to follow?


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