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Early Settlements 9/2/16 - HIST 1311

by: Abby Chase

Early Settlements 9/2/16 - HIST 1311 HIST 1311

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > History > HIST 1311 > Early Settlements 9 2 16 HIST 1311
Abby Chase
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

These notes cover Dr. Able's lecture on 9/2/16 over the early settlements of America.
U.S. History to 1865
Dr. Able
Class Notes
hist, history, 1311, Dr., Able, Early, Settlements, Spain, Britain, france, America, colonies, Colony, USA, abby, chase, University, Of, texas, AT, arlington, UTA
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abby Chase on Thursday September 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1311 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Dr. Able in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see U.S. History to 1865 in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 09/15/16
Early Settlements: 1570-1660s 9/2/16 Thesenoteswill cover:  Early Settlements o Jamestown  The Virginia Company  John Smith andthe Powhatan  John Rolfe and Tobacco  Virginia o Massachusetts  Mayflower andPlymouth Colony  Massachusetts Bay Colony o Protesting Protesters  Rhode Island  Connecticut  Pennsylvania o Southern Colonies  Virginia  Carolinas  Georgia Sir Walter Raleigh  Pirate,thief,landowner,general  Putstogetherabunchof moneytosetup acolonyin SouthCarolinaRoanoke(1585ish) Roanoke  Supplyshipsthatarriveat Roanokestopshowingupforafewyears  No massgraves,no signoflivingforaverylongtime  Onlytheword“Croatoan”  Colonistscouldn’tmakeit,sotheywereinvitedtojointheIndianstribe  Englanddoesn’thavethe resourcestomakecoloniesthemselvesbecausetheywillgobankrupt dueto lack ofknowledge Virginia Company (Jamestown)  Plantscoloniesandassiststhecountriestryingto  Virginiacompanygainsenoughrevenuetostartcolonies  AssistedEnglandintheset-upfromJamestown–whichisnowVirginia  Had a lotofthe sameproblemsthattheRoanokecoloniesdid  Englishdidn’thandletheweatherinAmericawell  200ish peoplelivinginJamestown  Jamestowncolonymadeupofabunchof menwhodidn’twantto do theworkto makethe colonywork,abunchof spoiledrichkids Powhatan  Local IndiantribenearJamestown  Scarce resources  WhentheEnglishmoveintherebecomesacompetitionforresourcesandfoodleadingto hostility  PowhatanandJamestownareconstantlyfightingeachother Starving time 1609-1610  Bitterlycold,lotsofsnow,disease,malnutrition  Only60 Jamestownsurvivors John Smith 1580-1631  Warrior, soldier,slaveinottomanatatime  Noticedaprobleminthecolony,itwas beingrunbythe Virginiacompany  RealizedtheflawinJamestownwiththepopulationandtheirworkers/population  Decidedtoput togetherastrict militarydisciplineforthepopulationtowork o It helpsthecolonysurvive  ResponsibleforthetensionwiththelocalIndians  SavedfromexecutionbyPocahontas Jamestown  Neededawayto makemoney(atrade itemorsellingitem)  Tobacco that theygrowis waytoo strongforthe Europeanmarket John Rolfe1585-1622  Seesthatthe colonydoesn’thaveareasonto exist  Takesthetobacco and realizesthatit’stoostrongand he knowsthatthereisa goodtypeof tobacco insouthAmericathat youcan’t grow inVirginia  Createdacrossbreedofthestrongtobacco and theweakertobaccoand createda hash crop  Theybeganto cure thetobacco (preserveitfortheshippingtimeof6weeks) o Hang inthe sunand saltit so that itwoulddryout forshipment  Marries Pocahontas Jamestown – VirginiaColony  Abandonedtocreatenewcolonies  Turns intotheVirginiacolony o ThefirstpermanentBritishcolonyinthenewworld  Theheadrightsystem=140 acres o Whennewcolonistsshowuptheyaregivenlandtomakeproductivesothat thecolony can earn moneyfromtaxesandfromthe land  Goesbankrupteventhoughtheyhadalot ofsuccess House of Burgesses 1619  Wantedto electmentorepresentthem-stillthelegislatureofVirginia Jamestown achievements  FirstsurvivingpermanentcolonyinAmerica  Its goingto bealessonforallofthe futurecoloniesfromEngland  Firstto beself-sustaining  Firstto developtobaccoasa cash crop  Firstsystematicdivisionofland-theheadrightsystem  Firstrepresentativelegislatureinthenewworld-houseofburgesses Puritans  Religious  Didnot fitin inEurope  Separatednortherncoloniesfromthesoutherncolonies  Sailed15yearsafterJamestowniscreatedfor4-6 weeks  Sailedinthemayflower  Land incape cod in1620, leaveandlandagainon themainland Plymouth colony  Indiancooperation  Immediatelysuccessfulduetocooperation  Lots ofotherpuritancoloniesaresetuparoundthePlymouth colony Mayflower compact  Oncethecolonistsestablishtheircolonytheywilllivetpuritanrules  Theywillliveinarepresentativesystemofgovernment  Kindofthe firstAmericanconstitution  A writtensetofidealsorthenewcolony Massachusetts BayColony 1628  Alsoverysuccessful  Bostonbecomesamajortradingport becauseitison atrade routeand theyhaveagreat harbor  Puritanshavetheworkethicto makeitwork  Legislaturerunbythecolonyleaders  CreatesnewEnglandtomatch newFrance Connecticut 1636  Listentorecordingidk  NewYork isnewNetherlandsnotnewEngland Protesting Protesters  RogerWilliams–saidthat theydidn’thavereligiousfreedom,exiledforaskingforreligious freedom–foundedthecolonyofRhodeIslandwithIndians–freetobeany religion Pennsylvania 1682  Fatherowedhimadebtand hegot ahugepieceoflandcalledPennsylvania The Southern Colonies  Lord BaltimoresettlesMaryland1633 acatholiccolony  Carolinascolonyin1629 peoplewillfightanditwill separateintonorthandsouth  JamesOglethorpesettlesGeorgiain1732 Dutch conquest of new Sweden (new jersey) Englishconquest of new Netherlands (New York) Early colonial period  Slowandunevenprocess  Takes150 yearsforthecoloniestogetoffthe ground  Many failuresandfalsestarts  CooperationandconflictswiththeIndiansoftheregion  After1650 thecolonieswillexplodeinimportance  Ultimatelycaughtonbecauseofmercantilism,luck


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