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Settler Ideology - HIST 1311 9/7/16

by: Abby Chase

Settler Ideology - HIST 1311 9/7/16 HIST 1311

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > History > HIST 1311 > Settler Ideology HIST 1311 9 7 16
Abby Chase
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

These notes will cover Dr. Able's lecture on 9/7/16 about settler ideology and the protestant reformation's affect on America and all of the colonies involved.
U.S. History to 1865
Dr. Able
Class Notes
hist, history, 1311, protestant, reformation, Dr., Able, University, Of, texas, AT, arlington, UTA, settler, ideology, Catholicism, abby, chase
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abby Chase on Thursday September 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1311 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Dr. Able in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see U.S. History to 1865 in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 09/15/16
Abby Chase Settler Ideology 1600-1763 9/7/16 These noteswillcover:  Settler Ideology o Protestant Reformation  Martin Luther and JohnCalvin  Predestination andthe Covenant of Grace o British Politics  Henry VIII andthe Church of England  Mary andElizabeth o Rise of Puritanism  John Winthrop and the City on a Hill  Oliver Cromwell andthe English Civil War o Religious Freedom  Separatists vs. Non-Separatists o Puritan Legacy  “Puritan”  Protestant Work Ethic  Education System  Individualism The Protestant reformation  OnlyonetypeofChristianityatthemomentcalledCatholicism  Religionisapart ofpoliticsandeverydaylife,basisofthepoliticalsystemandviceversa Martin Luther 1483-1546  Germanmonk  After1500 becamemoreandmoreinterestedinthecorruption ofthechurch  Didn’tlikethatchurchesweremakingmoneyoffofreligionandbegantopublishandpublically speakabouttheseideas  Beganto questionthechurchesfundamentalbeliefs –emperordecidedtooutlawmartinluther  Austriandecidedtosheltermartinlutherbecausetheydisagreedwiththe emperor’sdecisions  Saysthat the catholicchurchhas no authority  Builthisreligiononanindividualperspectiveofthebible Protestantism  RejectionofCatholicteaching  Solafide and solascriptura–only scripture  RejectionofCatholicsocialandpoliticalstructures  Individualismovercollectivism  Individualovercorporatebody Level of the Church (1-4= clergy) 1. Pope 2. Cardinals 3. Bishops 4. Priests 5. Laity Level of the people of the community (1-4are the nobles) 1. King 2. Grandees 3. Lords 4. Local 5. Commoners  Societyisbuiltthesamewayas thechurch  Lutherwas tryingto breakdownthisstructureofthe church o Symbolizesthathewasalsochallengingthesocialstructureof Europeancountries  Believedeveryoneshouldhave theirowninterpretationofthebible o Catholicchurchdid notallowpeopletoreadthebiblebecausetheythoughtthepeople wouldmisinterpretthebook o Only5% of peoplecouldread-thesepeoplewereallowedtoreadthebible o Yourrank definedyouasaperson,andLutherwascontinuallytryingtotearthisdown, althoughitwas pointlessatthetime,itwouldestablishthewayitwouldbetorndown  Lutherbroughtindividualism o Forinterpretation,religiousbeliefs o Challengedthesocialchartandsaiditsmoreimportantto berankedon whoyouare not onwho yourparentswere o Starts ashiftfromcorporatismto individualism o Wrotehis ideasallovertheplace,neverhadanactual book,peopleweren’tableto readthem John Calvin1509-1564  Calvinism/Reformed o Luther– individualism  Stillhadpriestsandbishopsbutnopope,God wasthe topof thepyramidbut therewasstillalinebetweentheteachersandtheLaity(commonpeople) o Predestinarianism  Thepeoplewhoweregoingtobesavedhadalreadybeen determinedand nothingtheycoulddothroughouttheirlivescouldchangethat  Calledthe“elect” o CovenantofGrace  Memberof theelectwouldbecontactedpersonallybyGodandtheywouldbe toldtheyare thememberoftheelect  TheywouldmakeareligiouscontractwiththeirGodtoliveaproperChristian life,oncetheyagreedtheywouldknowtheirsalvationwasassure o Anti-episcopalianism  Calvinwantednoclergyat all –wantedpeopletobeequal  Didn’tactuallyhappenbecausetheelectwastechnicallyaheadoftheLaity o Calvinwroteitalldown,everythingfromtheprotestantreformation,hebecamethe biggestinfluenceforthechurchesthatwerenotcatholic  Catholic,Lutheran,Reformed–3 typesofChristianityatthetime  LutheranstatesinDenmark,Sweden,Norway  Almostallwarswerecatholicvprotestant BritishPolitics  HenryVIII o Wantedadivorcefromhiswifeandthecatholicchurch didnot allowit,hecreatedhis ownreligioncalledAnglicansothathecouldgeta divorceandhebecametheleader o You cannot becatholicandholda positionintheBritishGovernment o Englandwasa Protestantstate o Anglicanisthesameas Catholicismexceptyoudonotanswerto thepope  Mary I o CatholicbutresponsiblefortheProtestantchurchofEnglandrepressingallthe protestants–afterhenrydied  ElizabethI o BecameleaderafterMary diedandspenthertimerepressingallthe Catholics EnglishReligion  Church ofEngland(Anglican/Episcopal)  PuritansareCalvinists–againstAnglicanchurchbecauseitshouldjustbeCatholicism o Non-separatists o Separatists o Presbyterians  MinorityGroups o Quakers o Methodists Puritan Ideology  Religiousfreedom o Wantedto represstheotherreligions  Ruggedindividualism  Hard Work  Religiousandcivicresponsibility o Everythingabovemakesthepuritanstheperfectcolonists,whyeverypuritancolony was sosuccessful John Winthrop 1587-1649  MassachusettsBay governor,usedCityonaHillmetaphortodescribe Massachusetts Cromwell 1559-1659  Puritansarekickedoutof England Quaker  Believeintheinnerlight  Allpeopleareequal


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