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SMC1301 - Objectives, Sumner v Annexation

by: Marissa Holguin

SMC1301 - Objectives, Sumner v Annexation SMC 1301

Marketplace > St. Mary's University, Texas > St. Mary's Core > SMC 1301 > SMC1301 Objectives Sumner v Annexation
Marissa Holguin
St. Mary's University, Texas
GPA 3.47
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About this Document

The general objectives of how Dr. Van Hoy requested her notes is the first part. It was counted as a lecture. The second is based off the reading and also shared during class.
Foundations of Reflection: Civilization
Dr. Teresa Van Hoy
Class Notes
history, social, Economics, power, political science, historical, historical foundations, smc, Sumner, annexation




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marissa Holguin on Thursday September 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SMC 1301 at St. Mary's University, Texas taught by Dr. Teresa Van Hoy in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Foundations of Reflection: Civilization in St. Mary's Core at St. Mary's University, Texas.

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Date Created: 09/15/16
SMC: Civilization Notes SMC 1301-H August 16, 2016 Objective: to feel deep roots in order to see the path forward. The Atlantic World. Twitter: @TeresaVanHoy Anything marked PT = Pirate Treasure = Extra Credit August 18, 2016 Objective: to listen on multiple levels How is power working?  Who has it, wants it, keeps it, challenges it  Looking out for: o Religion o Politics o Economics o Race/Gender o Military Christopher Columbus  1 from Old World  New World o Funded by Spain (Rumor: Queen Isabella sold her jewels)  Wisdom of Jews/Muslims of how big the world was  Jews fund expedition  rise against  Kicked out of Spain  “No World Beyond” Hercules legs (Pagan)  Conquered – indigenous people due to lack of armed forces  Named “Grand Admiral of OceanSea”, promised 1/5 of all found treasures  Devout man of faith  led to believe the enlightening of Christianity  Discredited by Spain, given no gold, and thrown in jail o Revived by Italian-Americans who faced discrimination and wanted to be seen in a positive light: Christopher Columbus  “hero for discovering America” Notes: Charles Sumner and the Annexation of the Dominican Republic  President Ulysses Grant  attempt to annex Dominican Republic o Prospects of acquiring control in Caribbean o Belief that Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine were twined  Sumner opposed treaty for 3 Reasons 1. Annexation = threat to Haiti’s self-rule, non-white experimental governments 2. Moral implications (business, military, diplomacy) 3. Race was “Geographically determined”  The Story of the Treaty o Grant approached Sumner to ask for his endorsement  “I am an administration man, and whatever you do will always find me in the most careful and candid consideration” – C. Sumner o Treaty was rejected (Sumner’s influence and opposition)  Reasons: 1, question of its virtues and disadvantages, 2. other annexations were important, 3. Cuban advocates saw it as a threat, 4. Indulgence of support o Grant blamed Sumner’s strong opposition and sought vengeance for his treaty o Grant sent for people to discover benefits of treaty but that failed after Sumner’s speech at the Senate floor  Differences between Grant (easy going but did not approve of insubordination) and Sumner (enjoyed a challenge and had strong, unwavering morals) o F. Douglass  approved treaty o J. L. Motley  opposed treaty  Immorality and Haiti o Sumner had strong morals that disagreed with Grant’s beliefs  investigation of treaty  opposition of treaty:  Misuse of titles, broken protocol, naval use  Financial (back door) deals with B. Baez  Corruption of Dominican government  Limitations on freedom of speech and choice o “the annexation would be only the first step to swallowing up the West Indies” -C. Sumner  Tropics & African Race o Sumner supported annexation of Alaska and expansion to Canada (North) but opposed any growth to the South  United States: “an Anglo-Saxon Republic”  Caribbean: “were colored communities” “black race was predominant” o Believed in legal equality of the African race, social esteem of the African race, and participation of ex-slaves in politics (Sen. J. Morill  insulted the Caribbean race) o Geographic determination of races


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