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Week 2 Interiors Studio 3 Lecture and Reading Notes

by: Kaylee Lynn Rowland

Week 2 Interiors Studio 3 Lecture and Reading Notes 415

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Stout > Art Interior Design > 415 > Week 2 Interiors Studio 3 Lecture and Reading Notes
Kaylee Lynn Rowland
GPA 3.075

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About this Document

Retail Design and what you need to know about Pop- Up Shops
Interior Design Studio 3
Maureen Mitton
Class Notes
interior, Design, Lecture, notes, Reading, retail, Pop-UP, Shops
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaylee Lynn Rowland on Thursday September 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 415 at University of Wisconsin - Stout taught by Maureen Mitton in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Interior Design Studio 3 in Art Interior Design at University of Wisconsin - Stout.


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Date Created: 09/15/16
Des 415 Studio 3 Instructor: Maureen Mitton Thursday, September 15, 2016 Lecture Notes WEEK 2 What do people get from shopping (Brick and mortar) that they don’tget online? 1. Try on/tactile/quality 2. Customer Service 3. Atmosphere/social/ entertainment 4. Immediate/quick 5. Save on Shipping What do people get from online shopping? 1. At home 2. Click away 3. No lines 4. Moreoptions 5. Deals 6. Can buy from a location not near you YOUR DESIGN SHOULD SUPPORT ALLL OF THESE THINGS Things to think about - What type of merchandise are you selling? o Large items = Bold (appliances up onpedestal with giant signage) o Smaller items = ability to see and understand ( Jewelryat torso level great lighting, like art) - Who are your customers? o Target demographic- age, gender, single v. married, kids v. no kids, urban v. rural, etc. o What are their culture and lifestyle characteristics o What do they“GO” shopping - What is your retail Location - What role or value does entertainment play in their retail experience - Circulation o Sells product o Provides egress o Keeps it simple - Design needs to bring customers through the space –front to back - Security- cash wrap should be protected Ergonomic sweet spots - 18-20 inches above ground is for storage or extras - Above reach height should be an eye catching towhat’sbelow - 20 inches to 7ft above is perfect place for product. PRIMARY DISPLAY MAIN CIRCULATION Aisles are usually 4’ to 6’ (6’ allows 2 way traffic) Secondary3’ to 3’-6” Place just for clerks2’ to 2’3” Make the surroundingsneutral so the products stand out Des 415 Studio 3 Instructor: Maureen Mitton Due: Thursday, September 15, 2016 Reading Notes WEEK 2 Pop-up Store Experiences Notes - Retail spaces as of late are considered dynamic. - Brand immersion has generally taken place in an event-based platform and were unable to echo consumers and their interests. - The face of popup is becoming more diverse and more specific to the brand’s needs. - A rapid design, build, implementation, and removal produces maximum value for all parties in event-retail program. - More speed means more launches and locations - Finding the right location for the popup is the most important thing Seven Tips (idea to store in eight weeks) 1) Find the location before pitching the idea - Popups can be open for a mater or days or weeks rather than months 2) Fabrication Process - find the right partner 3) Avoid micro-management 4) Think modular - every idea has to be conceived, drawn, engineered, and constructed - is customization for important than speed? 5) Avoid change orders - changes can kill the overall timeline of the project 6) Budget the experience - don’t under budget the physical space - the space shouldn’t seem like an afterthought, however - decide how important the physical experience is - what’s worse spending 20% more, or launching two days late 7) Expect the unexpected - keep weather changes and other problems in mind Pop-up Budget Planning 1) Materials specification - materials will make or break the budget 2) Physical site specials and specialty trade labor - electrical, lighting, flooring, site remediation, plumbing—any specialty labor is going to be expensive 3) Fixtures and cabinetry - fixtures and displays play a large role in presenting products to consumers in the most appealing and interesting way? - look for rental or factory built solutions from your job partners 4) Packaging and freight - materials need to get from one place to another 5) Installation labor - these costs range from the price of moving materials in the door to fixtures and running cables 6) Exterior sign - signs can range in cost and require permits 7) Graphics and décor - usually always the smallest part of the budget - where you can gain the most visual and budget impact Four tips for designing popups to manage and value traffic 1) Wayfinding 2) Scripted experience - each location will have its own set of design limitations, so design to the script, then the location. 3) Interactives - engage the customers so they spend more time there 4) Make it measurable - let clients be able to give some sort of feedback through cash receipts or using the internet


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