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South America Notes

by: Jessica Cox

South America Notes 1123

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > 1123 > South America Notes
Jessica Cox
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About this Document

covers all of South America, with the daily take aways
Intro world geography
Christopher Nunley
Class Notes
geography, Latin America




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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Cox on Friday September 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 1123 at Mississippi State University taught by Christopher Nunley in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views.


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Date Created: 09/16/16
South America 09/16/2016 ▯ Contains 12 states ▯ Rich in natural resources ▯ Gold, timber, water, oil ▯ More than 20% of the worlds oxygen is produced in South America (rainforest) ▯ Most of the population lives in Brazil ▯ ▯ Physical geography ▯ Longest continent from north to south ▯ 4750 miles long ▯ Chile is 90 miles wide but 2,500 miles ling ▯ brazil is the fifth biggest country in the world ▯ The size of South America allows it to have a wide variety of climates and vegetation ▯ mostly tropical rainforest ▯ Argentina is one of the most diverse with 5 different climate zones ▯ Physical regions ▯ Andes mountain ▯ Longest mountain chain ▯ 23,000 ft high ; 4300 miles long ▯ rocky mountains are only 3000 miles long ▯ amazon basin ▯ 2 nd longest river in the world ▯ mostly located in brazil ▯ Brazilian highlands ▯ Comprises of several small mountain ranges ▯ Pampas ▯ The “great plains” of South America mostly in Argentina ▯ ▯ Spanish Conquest ▯ 1531 Spanish arrived (led by conquistador Francisco Pizarro) and enslaved the Incan empire ▯ used the existing empire for benefit ▯ forced them to mine the silver ▯ Conquest Continued ▯ silver mining created huge wealth for the Spanish ▯ spread the colonies to Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay ▯ Portuguese took over indigenous populations in brazil ▯ 90% of the indigenous population died of disease and dangerous working conditions ▯ ▯ Independence from Europe:1800-1900 ▯ started by the American and French revolutions ▯ many wars during this time frame which led to several countries obtaining their independence ▯ ▯ African descendants ▯ Sugar was a huge crop in brazil ▯ Unlike the Spanish, Portugal has no slave population to help with plantation work and mining ▯ Half of all slaves brought to the Americans ended up in brazil ▯ 198 million Africans live in brazil today ▯ ▯ south American union ▯ UNASUR- union of south American nations ▯ 2008 ▯ est a single currency ▯ shared defense (armies etc) ▯ easier passport passage ▯ infrastructure ▯ not quite effective ▯ political posturing ▯ fight of control of resources ▯ some countries not involved ▯ ▯ South American Economic Geography ▯ 1 agriculture nd ▯ 2 manufacturing ▯ 3 oil ▯ ▯ SOUTH AMERICA TAKEAWAYS ▯ *south America has 12 states ▯ brazil is the largest and has the most population ( 5 biggest in the th world) ▯ rich in natural resources ▯ largest continent from N to S (4750 miles) ▯ this allows for wide variety of climates ▯ Argentina has 5 different climate zones ▯ physical regions: Andes, amazon river basin, Brazilian highlands, and pampas (plains) ▯ Incans lives in the Andes and were vary sophisticated from 1463-1531 until the Spanish invaded and enslaved them ▯ the native people of brazil were enslaved by the Portuguese, but 90% died due to disease ▯ population of south America is around 387.5 million, with more than half of the population living in brazil ▯ most of the SA population is along the coast ▯ ▯ Wednesday September 14, 2016 ▯ ▯ South America Urbanization ▯ city populations have grown steadily since 1950 ▯ >80% of the population is urban ▯ fast growing ▯ cities provide opportunities ▯ increased chance of making more money ▯ received better edu for their children ▯ more “things” to do ▯ ▯ Problems in South America ▯ disparity of rich and poor ▯ slums produce crime and disease ▯ very high levels of corruption ▯ Columbia: drug trade ▯ Venezuela: murder rate is ten times high than the U.S. (around 62 people per 100,000) ▯ ▯ Human geographic regions of south America ▯ The Caribbean North ▯ Andes West ▯ Southern Cone ▯ Brazil ▯ Caribbean North ▯ Colombia, Venezuela, French Guiana ▯ Plantation lifestyle with European influence in French Guiana ▯ Mostly live along the coast ▯ Colombia and Venezuela rich in farming ranching and mining ▯ Population is somewhat more inland than the actual coastline ▯ Colombia ▯ Population ▯ Andes and north interior ▯ Coffee is the largest export ▯ Narcotics ▯ Cartels influence the political system, army and police ▯ Fight for control of the trade network and growing of coca plants ▯ Almost overthrew the government in 1999- PABLO ESCABAR ▯ Some cartels have their own army ▯ Venezuela ▯ 29.7 million people ▯ mostly live in the highlands ( resources) ▯ farming and cattle ▯ contains the worlds largest waterfall ( Angel Falls) ▯ 2 main resources ▯ Guiana highlands ▯ Maracaibo lowlands ▯ Largely Spanish decent and catholic ▯ ▯ French Guiana ▯ Still under French control ▯ Economy ▯ Limited agriculture ▯ Gold and seafood ▯ Space industry ▯ ▯ Andes West ▯ Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Paraguay ▯ Amerindian population ▯ Untapped resources (oil, minerals) ▯ Peru ▯ 1,000 miles of south America west coast ▯ geography defined by 3 zones ▯ coast, andes and rainforest ▯ 30.4 million people ▯ ½ are Amerindian ▯ desert coast ▯ city of lima (500 yrs old) ▯ 40 oases which produce citrus, olives and vegetables ▯ Sierra ( andes mountains ) ▯ Incan culture ▯ Quechua ▯ poor population, miners ▯ 20% of the worlds gold ▯ cooper, zinc and lead ▯ Selva( amazon rainforest) ▯ city of Iquitos ▯ Iquitos can only be reached by traversing the 2,300 mile amazon river ▯ ▯ Ecuador ▯ Over the equator ▯ 14.7 million people ▯ most live in fertile valleys and long the pacific coast ▯ leading export is oil and seafood ▯ bananas, cattle and coffee to be grown ▯ ▯ Galapagos islands ▯ Annexed by Ecuador in 1832 ▯ Biodiversity ▯ Visited by Charles Darwin in 1835 ▯ ▯ Bolivia ▯ Large Amerindian population ▯ 60% speak Spanish ▯ no official language ▯ 90% illiterate ▯ ▯ The Southern Cone ▯ comprised of 3 countries ▯ Argentina ▯ Chile ▯ Uruguay ▯ Tied together through trade ▯ Physically diverse ▯ Mountains west/pampas east ▯ ▯ Argentina ▯ Second in area next to brazil ▯ 41.3 million people ▯ large flat grassland ▯ pampas ▯ farming, cattle, mostly for Europe ▯ mostly Spanish a lot of German and Italians as well ▯ 91% of the population live in urban areas ▯ ▯ Chile ▯ the longest (north and south) ▯ along the Andes mountains ▯ mining is huge ▯ copper ▯ exports lots of vegetables to the US ▯ lots of earthquakes (Ring of Fire) ▯ ▯ Brazil ▯ “powerhouse” of south America ▯ resources, people and geographic area ▯ rich in farmland, tropical rainforest, untapped resources ▯ 200 million people ▯ Portuguese ▯ Mixed population ▯ 13 cities with over 1 million people ▯ catholic ▯ soccer is the national sport, hosted the Olympics ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯


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