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FRIT-F375 Un VIllage Francais Episode 6 Notes

by: Kathryn Brinser

FRIT-F375 Un VIllage Francais Episode 6 Notes FRIT-F375

Marketplace > Indiana University > French > FRIT-F375 > FRIT F375 Un VIllage Francais Episode 6 Notes
Kathryn Brinser
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

"Coup de Froid" / "Cold Spell"
Literary Themes and Culture (Nazi Occupation of France)
Oana Panaite
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathryn Brinser on Friday September 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FRIT-F375 at Indiana University taught by Oana Panaite in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Literary Themes and Culture (Nazi Occupation of France) in French at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 09/16/16
Episode 6- Coup de Froid (le 11 novembre 1940)  Marcel preparing fliers, Gustave writing letter to Pétain o Suzanne arrives, will be late for work if they deliver fliers o High risk of being caught o Keeps truth from Gustave (predictably) o Gustave used new sheet of paper for letter- one of Marcle’s fliers  Fliers won’t fit into newspaper stacks- rush to get done  Neighbor called for Daniel, Marchetti offers to go instead  New principal, sergeant of Pétain come to letter reading at school o Gustave comes in, almost shows letter with communist propaganda on back  Raymond and Marie sleeping (sawmill), see Marcel come to get string o Marie suddenly wants to leave  Daniel and Hortense go to soup ration o Deputy Prefect gives speech about solidarity of French state to people needing national assistance o Mentions “Verdun conquerer” (?) o Daniel gets news that Camille (?) died- Marchetti waiting for official doctor’s word  Hortense offers to go instead- Daniel must wait for von Ritter o Von Ritter arrives- gets upset about “unapproved patriotic gathering”  Orders guarding of War Memorial in town square  Fliers ready- Marcel doesn’t want to risk being seen with Suzanne  Some students absent from letter reading o Foulquier praises liberated France while talking to children  Marcel comes to work, Raymond suspicious of him o Lies that he was taking cigarettes  Hortense meets Marchetti at Camille’s (old man’s) house o Think he died of cold- slept with window open o Hortense writes letter of death notification to Annette (relative) o Marchetti mentions being happy at their house- Hortense seems polite but flat-spoken o Newspaper arrives, Marchetti sees communist flier  Foulquier mocks Lucienne because a student asked Marshal for chocolate for Christmas  Marchetti working out when fliers were inserted o Germans will retaliate against Daniel/de Kervern/Marchetti o Wants to investigate Suzanne o Due to “Out with the Krauts,” unsure if communist or not o Mentions Marcel being implicated as communist in 1936- Daniel blows him off saying it was a long time ago  Letter reading is to select one to actually send to Marshal o Inspector likes Gustave’s letter o Sergeant burns letter because of flier- inspector didn’t notice (?); says it was bad propaganda to say Germans/French soldiers should be in their own countries  Comrade (Edmond?) tells Marcel police suspect Suzanne o Marcel says his fliers have nothing to do with the Party  Raymond gets angry with Jeannine- got letter from her father asking him to fire Marie/Lorrain o He owns business o Raymond insists he had “passing” affair he regrets o Jeannine wants him to fire her o Angry (?) sex  Marcel watches Suzanne get arrested o Marchetti locks her into false story o Lady that gave out soup saw Suzanne arrive late o Admits to delivering papers late, not adding fliers o Locks her in cell  Principal doesn’t understand why Gustave’s letter was burned o Lucienne knows, doesn’t say o Sergeant notices her walking in schoolyard  Marchetti threatens Mme. Morvandieu if she doesn’t say everything about Suzanne o Suzanne’s husband in POW camp o Admits she saw Suzanne talking with Marcel  Raymond swears he won’t see Marie anymore o Doesn’t want to fire her o Marchetti comes to talk about Marcel  Says his printing press (used for fliers) was looted  Raymond refuses to be implicated  Won’t give Marcel up as communist, not even irregular activity  Raymond reprimands Marcel at sawmill o Doesn’t want him using mill’s supplies  De Kervern not on investigation of Marcel- talks to Mme. Morhange o If he were on it, would not risk finding culprits (??)  Marcel suddenly takes Gustave out of school o Lucienne gets principal (M. Bériot) o Leaving Gustave behind with Daniel- fleeing o Marcel won’t tell Daniel anything- just wants to leave Gustave and go  Marcel quickly packing things o Sees Marchetti looking his way outside o Caught with everything on him  Suzanne denies knowing Marcel o Bring Marcel in, try to get confession o Marcel takes fall for everything, says he used Suzanne as mistress to get access to post office (where she works)  Marchetti discusses Marcel’s arrest at dinner with Daniel, Hortense, Gustave o Tells them he confessed o Suzanne will get lectured but not punished; Marcel 6 months minimum


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