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Tester upload

by: KPR17

Tester upload Psych 101


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About this Document

Tester upload
Intro to Psychology
Karena Moran
Class Notes
Intro to Psychology
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by KPR17 on Friday September 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 101 at West Virginia University taught by Karena Moran in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views.


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Date Created: 09/16/16
Psych 101 notes August 18, 2016 Module 1: Why Science? What is science? Organized and systematic method that we use to study a phenomena (things) How do we conduct it? Use the scientific method Facts vs opinion Facts are known and proven. Opinions are subjective Scientific method used to gain knowledge and understanding Why science??? Different from personal experience bc it is systematic Fact assc with scientific method Opinion based on personal experience We need scientific method bc common sense etc isn’t enough Objective data is enough – reliable and important conclusions - Can be replicated Empirical methods – studying questions that use actual measurement Systematic observation – observing natural world to gain knowledge Theory: broad explanation and prediction concerning phenomena of interest Hypothesis: can be directly tested; a prediction – very specific -stem from theories -Relationship between 2 or more variables - tentative until use scientific method to test it Theories vs hypotheses Diffusion of responsibility Kitty Genovese and latane and darley 1970 BYSTANDER EFFECT The more people around, the less likely someone is to help Operational definitions Measuring the bystander effect Hypothesis that can be measured – specific Ex: time how long it takes someone to help Flirting ;) Hypothesis? -More likely to talk if u want to start a relationship with them Operational definition – how do you define flirting? Other elements: Science is democratic – theyre skeptical Findings can lead to debates Science is cumulative - Build on past discoveries - Replication Psychology is science bc it studies behavior. Physiological and mental processes associated with behavior Applies this science to practical problems - Makes psychology useful Psi symbol  Most research in psych uses human subjects Ethics: make sure experiemtn is safe and protects integrity of participants 1 informed consent Written document 2 confidentiality Info is kept private of participants 3 privacy Cannot be observed in private places and confidential info cant be collected without consent 4 the benefits must outweigh the risks – weigh them 5 deception Non biased More accurate information Try to avoid it, but if not they must know after SUBFIELDS OF PSYCH Ask and answer different questions i.e. developmental vs social psychologists psychologists are everywhere


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