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by: Kallie

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About this Document

Geology of Our National Parks and Monuments
`Lori D. Snyder
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kallie on Friday September 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 201 - 002 at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire taught by `Lori D. Snyder in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views.


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Date Created: 09/16/16
Sample 4 year Degree Plan 2014-15 Catalog Note: This is just a guide; please consult with your adviser, the Catalog, and your degree audit for specific requirements. Communication Sciences and Disorders, B.S., Comprehensive The following is a hypotheticalschedule for a Bachelor of Science degree for a comprehensiveCommunicationSciences and Disorders, Liberal Arts major. It is based on the 2014-2015 Catalog. It assumes no transferred credits, no requirementswaived by placement tests, and no courses taken in the summer. The Department of CommunicationSciences and Disorders cannot guaranteethat all courses will be offered as shown, but it will provide a range of courses that will enable prepared students to fulfill their requirementsin a four-year period. First Year FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Subj/Area/Course Title Crs Subj/Area/Course Title Crs WRIT 114/116 Blugold Writing Seminar 5 Sub-category A-Fine GE IV 3 Arts Intro to CSD 150 FYE 3 GE IV Sub-category D-Literature 3 GE IIImunicat Social Sciences (not 3 GE II Choose from BIOL100, 4 151, or 214 PSYC)* GE II** Natural Sciences 3 GE IV Humanities* 3 Wellness Theory 1 Wellness Physical Activity 1 TOTAL 15 TOTAL 14 Second Year FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Subj/Area/Course Title Crs Subj/Area/Course Title Crs CSD 256 (prereq for Anatomy and Physiology of 4 CSD 258 (Spring onlyNormal Communication Lab 1 CSD 326,440 min. sophSpeech & Hearing prereq for CSD 331) standing) CSD 257 (prereq for Normal Communication 3 CSD 353 (prereq for Speech & Hearing Science 4 CSD 258, 331, 358) Development CSD 326) CSD 262 (prereq for Phonetics: Theory & 2 PSYC 230 Human Development 3 CSD 331, 358) Application PSYC 260 (min. soph.Educational Psychology 3 GE IB-MATH 246*** ElementaryStatistics 4 standing, prereq for PSYC 230) GE IA-CJ 202 Fundamentals of Speech 3 GE II Choose from Chem or Physicis 3 TOTAL 15 TOTAL ** 15 Third Year FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Subj/Area/Course Title Crs Subj/Area/Course Title Crs CSD 326 Voice & Resonance 3 CSD 331 (prereq for Developmental Language 4 Disorders CSD 470) Disorders CSD 373 Basic Audiology 3 CSD 321 Aural Rehabilitation 3 CSD 358 (prereq for Phonological Disorders 3 CSD 352 Fluency Disorders 3 CSD 370, 470) GE II Natural Sciences 3 CSD 370 (prereq for Clinical Procedures in 3 470) Communication Disorders GE Choose II, III, IV or V 3 Exceptional Child PSYC 334 or SPED 200 3 TOTAL 15 TOTAL 16 Fourth Year FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Subj/Area/Course Title Crs Subj/Area/Course Title Crs CSD 440 (min senior Neurological Aspects of 2 CSD 485 Serving Diverse Populations 2 standing) Communication CSD 470 (Full S/L) Clinical Practicum in 2 ES 385 (Full S)L Social Foundations: Human 3 Communication Disorders I Relations Behavior Choose from SPED 306, PSYC 3 GE Cultural Diversity 3 281 Management Elective Choose from SPED 210, 220, 3 ELECTIVE 3 330; PSYC 333, 379, ES 328 ELECTIVE 3 ELECTIVE 3 ELECTIVE 3 TOTAL 16 TOTAL 14 *Keep in mind while selecting open option GE III or IV courses to select at least one course each that meet the major’s Western and Non-Western History or Contemporary Culture course requirement. See list of courses available through the Education Studies department. ** GE II and III requirements call for courses from at least 2 departments or subcategories, so at least one of the GE II courses should be from Biology 100, 151 or 214 and a second GE II should be from Chemistry 100, 103, 115 or 127 or Physics 100, 211, 231 or 308.The 3 GE III course should not be Psychology. *** Other statistics courses are acceptable if a student has met math competency and GE IB in other ways, i.e. PSYC 265 or SOC 328. Note: There are no admission requirements, but students must maintain a 2.5 resident GPA to enroll in the upper division st courses for the major, and a 3.25 resident GPA in CSD courses, and a total GPA of 3.0 to enroll in the 1 clinical course.


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