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Week 3 Health Care Needs for Individuals with Disabilities

by: Sierra Kosh

Week 3 Health Care Needs for Individuals with Disabilities NURS 45070

Marketplace > Kent State University > Nursing and Health Sciences > NURS 45070 > Week 3 Health Care Needs for Individuals with Disabilities
Sierra Kosh
GPA 2.8

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About this Document

These notes cover: Mobility, transfers, and positoning
Healthcare Needs for Individuals with Disabilities
Jennifer Metheney and Heather Weil
Class Notes
Special Education
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sierra Kosh on Friday September 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to NURS 45070 at Kent State University taught by Jennifer Metheney and Heather Weil in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Healthcare Needs for Individuals with Disabilities in Nursing and Health Sciences at Kent State University.

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Date Created: 09/16/16
Week 3 Sep 12- Sep 16 Mobility, Transfers, and Positioning Wednesday, Sep 14- ➔ Potential Mobility Tasks ◆ Repositioning student in wheelchair ◆ Toileting ◆ Transferring to another work area ◆ Assisting to ambulate ◆ Assisting after a student falls ◆ Moving the student equipment. Ex. Automatic chairs are very heavy. ➔ Principles of Body Mechanics ◆ Always assess the situation before doing anything ◆ Work at the appropriate height if possible ● Ideal height is waist high (move bed up so you are not stooping over to change the student) ◆ Wide support base ◆ Low center of gravity ◆ Face the direction of movement ◆ Use leverage, rolling, turning and pivoting instead of lifting ◆ When working use arm and leg muscles (not back muscles) ◆ Reduce friction (rug burns) ◆ Move on a level surface ◆ Use mechanical aids if available ● You might think that you're strong enough but after 10 years it will help you avoid injury. ◆ Avoid rotation of spine (keep the student in front of you… move with them) ➔ Prepare ◆ Take responsibility for knowing how to use equipment and if it is available ◆ Assess the client ◆ Gather the correct equipment and if you need gather other staff members ◆ Clear the way so you don't have clutter or anything blocking your way during the lift ◆ Lock the wheels!!!! ◆ Make sure that your team members know what they are doing ● Practice if needed ◆ Uses your body mechanics ◆ Ask the student if they can assist you and warn them before you move them even if they cannot communicate ➔ Assessment ◆ Pain ◆ Mobility ◆ Range of Motion (ROM) ◆ Muscle Strength and Tone ◆ Body alignment and posture ◆ History of falls ◆ Activity intolerance ◆ Gait ◆ Strength, tone and mass ◆ Balance ◆ Comprehension ◆ Motivation ◆ Weight ➔ Assess ◆ Student ● Can they bear weight? ● Can they understand verbal directions or visual cues (pointing) ● Are they cooperative or fighting with you ● Do they have upper body strength ● Do they have any limitations (Ex. casts, splints, braces, etc) ● Can they assist (unable?, partially?, fully?) ➔ How long should someone be in one position? ◆ 2 hours ◆ 1 ½ if they have skin conditions ◆ Even if they are staying in their chair you can loosen straps, help them stand, adjust their position, ex. ➔ When falling ◆ Spread your feet ◆ Support the student and try to lower slowly ◆ Concentrate on using your legs You will end up on the floor with them if you want to get them down safe ◆ If they are verbal ask if they hit their head ◆ Check if there are any injuries (even if they say they are fine) ◆ Check vital signs ◆ Look at their position on the floor and check out the areas that you can see hit the floor the hardest ◆ Document (incident reports, calling parents and/ or physicians) ◆ Keep a close eye on them for the rest of the day and the next few days


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