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Reading in Narrative 3383 Week 5 Notes

by: Ann McCarty

Reading in Narrative 3383 Week 5 Notes ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946

Marketplace > Oklahoma State University > ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946 > Reading in Narrative 3383 Week 5 Notes
Ann McCarty
OK State
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Content includes: Summary of Madame Bovary Chapter by Chapter. Class discussion notes and insights to the novel
Reading in Narrative
Edward J. Jones
Class Notes
Reading, narrative, Madame, Bovary, Romanticism, Gustave, Flaubert
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ann McCarty on Friday September 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946 at Oklahoma State University taught by Edward J. Jones in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views.


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Date Created: 09/16/16
Reading in Narrative Week 5 Madame Bovary - Chapter 1: we meet Charles Bovary, whose parents could have been rich if his father didn't spend everything on himself. We start off by meeting him in a fifth grade class, learn of his mother’s sweet personality. We learn that she tries her best to get him a good education, and that when he gets sent off to medical school, she sends him food every week. He eventually drops out of school, and learns other things like singing and art. When he tells his mother, she helps him out and his father doesn't know for 5 years. He eventually goes back to his studies and passes a big test. After he accomplishes to make his practice, his mother finds him a wife. His wife, Madame Dubuc who is a widow form another man, is very tedious and is a needy woman. - Chapter 2: Charles’s wife continues to nag him. One day, Charles goes to help a farmer man, Rouault, who broke his leg. Charles goes as often as possible to see him and his daughter. Eventually, Rouault’s leg gets better, and Charles doesn't stop going. When his wife finds out that the farmer has a daughter, she gets very jealous and makes Charles swear to no go any more. A little time after that, his wife gets sick and dies suddenly. - Chapter 3: Charles is finally at peace to not have such a needy wife. He learns the pleasure of being a single man. However, as more time is spent with the Rouault’s the more he realizes that he likes the daughter. The father realizes what is going on and decides that when Charles asks about marrying his daughter, he will accept the offer. When Charles finally brings it up, he is too shy to ask, but M. Rouault knows what Charles is asking. Rouault asks his daughter, and her answer is yes. However, they can’t get married until the mourning period is over for Charles, so they will have a spring wedding. - Chapter 4: The wedding goes well, if not a little bit awkward for almost everyone involved at times. Finally after two days of celebrating, Charles and Emma go home. - Chapter 5: From Charles’ perspective, everything is wonderful. He is happiest, an is more in love than he ever was. However, when it switches to Emma’s perspective, it tells that she is not satisfied by what she thought that love was and what she thought that marriage would bring her. - Chapter 6: the reader gets the history of Emma’s life. We find that she often becomes board of her life with what she is doing. When she is in the convent and after her mom dies, she loses an interest for her studies. In her marriage, when it doesn’t live up to her expectation, she starts looking for the next big thing to bring her interest. - Chapter 7: Emma is still unhappy with her life and asks God why didn’t she hold out for a more handsome, rich man like her friends most likely did. She is so ready for action in her life that when she gets an invite to the home of a man who is trying to reenter political society, she gladly accepts. Unknown to her, this man has invited her (and by default, Charles) because he likes how she looks. - Chapter 8: At the ball, Emma gets a taste of the rich life, and cannot get rid of it. We also see her pulling away from Charles in that she doesn't want him to touch her as much anymore. - Chapter 9: In her discontent, Emma buys things for herself and at first, they work. She even sends Charles’s servant away because the two women do not get along very much. She wakes up every morning hoping that something Reading in Narrative Week 5 Madame Bovary exciting is going to happen that day, and always goes to bed unsatisfied. Eventually she stops doing her duties as a wife and lets the house go. She fights with the maid she picked out, and becomes very board with life in general. Her helath declines all together and Charles makes plans to move to a new place. When they do move, it is noted that Emma is pregnant. END OF PART ONE. - Chapter 1: In this chapter, we learn of the new town, Yonville-l’ Abbaye, that Charles and Emma move to. The chapter opens to town gossip and sets the way that the little town works. Upon Charles and Emma’s arrival, we learn that Emma has lost her dog, she blames Charles, for unknown reasons and Monsieur Lheureux tries to console her. - Chapter 2: They have dinner at the local inn. Emma finds out that this new town will not really offer her anything new to appease her boredom. She talks about music and other things of interest in the town. After dinner, Charles and Emma are shown to their new house. Emma reflects that every new strange place that she had stayed the night at, ended up being a new part of her life. - Chapter 3: Emma decides that she wants to go see her baby, but becomes weak along the way. She runs into Leon, whom she talked about music with at dinner the first night in town. Emma has Leon help her to the nurses house, which spreads a bad rumor about her. When she sees her daughter, she spits up. So, she leaves. After returning Emma to her home, Leon thinks about how life is boring, and the only one that he can think of that would make it less boring, is Emma, but because she is married, it is a social injustice for him to continue to call on her. - Chapter 4: It seems that when Charles and Emma go over to the Pharmacists, that Leon and Emma will have a great time together while Charles and the Pharmacists will play dominoes. They are very intimate. Leon decides that he will tell her of his love for her, but he can never get the courage to do it. Also there appears to be some kind of leak in the roof, but Emma doesn't notice for a long time. - Chapter 5: Emma realizes that Leon is in love with her. She changes her attitude around him and seems to become a more loving and devoted wife. She gets all of the house work done, shows off her kid, and makes sure that whatever Charles wants to do, it is done. Only later do we find out that she is actually not happy and admits to herself that she is in love with Leon. Emma is rather upset that Charles can’t tell that she is going through some inner turmoil. - Chapter 6: Emma tries to find solace in the church by the cure who was in charge was too distracted by the children and by the notion of Emma’s husband as the doctor. She leaves frustrated. Leon decides to go ahead and pursue his education in Paris. He leaves and Emma is left to live with his departure. - Chapter 7: Emma is struggling with Leon’s absence. There is some medical things that take place - Chapter 8: There is a kind of town fair. There are many groups/ couples that end up talking, but the most interesting of them all are Emma and Rodolphe. Reading in Narrative Week 5 Madame Bovary They are pretty much together through the whole event and when Rodolphe declares his love and devotion to Emma, she goes along with it. - Chapter 9: After 2 months, Rodolphe comes to see Emma. With the decline in health, he suggests to Charles that Emma should go riding. After arrangements are made, Emma goes with Rodolphe. When they sit together, Emma finally gives into him and they sleep together. After that, they keep in constant contact, and eventually Emma starts going to see Rodolphe at his home. However, with more and more trips to see him, Rodolphe gets upset and tells Emma that she is acting too carelessly. - Chapter 10: After that, Rodolphe’s manner changes towards Emma. He becomes more cold and distant to her and less “loving” here the reader can see by his thought that Emma is not the first woman that he has seduced, but by far the easiest. Once Emma realizes to some extent what is happening, she becomes cold herself towards Rodolphe. Eventually he stops coming and Emma asks herself why she never loved Charles in the first place and wonders if she will ever be able to actually love Charles the way that he deserves. - Chapter 11: there is a celebration of sorts and the Pharmacist is encouraged to get a new instrument that will help in the surgery of Hippolyte who is having surgery to have his club foot fixed. There is much discussion in the pharmacists’ journal about how to do the surgery and that it went well. However, contrary to what was written, the poor man contracted Gangrene, and his leg eventually had to be cut off. Rodolphe meets Emma in the garden later that night. - Chapter 12: Emma brings up the notion to Rodolphe of running away together. Charles and the pharmacist get together and buy Hippolyte two artificial legs to walk on. Emma keeps buying stuff, but they don't always have the money for her to buy them. Rodolphe confesses, rudely, that he has been with other women to Emma. From the narrator the reader understands that Rodolphe is stringing Emma along just for the emotion of it. Charles’s wife and mother continue to fight with each other about how things should be done around the house. Emma and Rodolphe plan to run away, Charles has no idea, but the date keeps getting moved back. - Chapter 13: And the day before they are to leave, Rodolphe flakes out on her. Saying that he is leaving her for he betterment of herself etc. As he is writing the letter, Rodolphe is with the understanding that what he is saying is total crap, but hopes that she will take it for fact. At first, Emma is kind of able to handle just the letter, but when she sees him passing through town, she falls ill, and is unable to take care of herself. The book says that at least to start with, there were 43 days in which Charles did not go to work, and stayed by her side, which means that he had no state of income. - Chapter 14: After taking out a huge loan from the local seller- the same one that Emma was constantly owing money to- Charles is able to pay the bills in front of him, and tries to put worry off about the future bills. Some things help like the 300 francs that he receives from his mom, and the selling of the horse that was bought for Emma for her rides with Rodolphe. A priest started to come and see her on a regular basis, and Emma started to get better a Reading in Narrative Week 5 Madame Bovary little bit. It is seguessted to them to go and see a play at the opera and that it might help Emma feel better. - Chapter 15: They go to the opera, and Emma starts to feel wonderful, she gets into the play as it is speaking to her. Charles does not at first understand the idea of the play. Emma gets chocked up a bit, and Charles goes to get her something to drink. He runs into Leon, who comes to see Emma. The whole rest of the play is used to think about Leon, and in faking being too warm, the three of them leave the play early, and a decision is made saying that Emma will stay to see the next play with Leon and Charles will go back home. END OF PART TWO - Chapter 1: we find out that Leon is studying law. They talk about their troubles to each other and lost track of time. Eventually, Leon confesses his love for her. When he asks why they cant get together now, she says that it is because she is too old and that he will find someone else to love him. He refuses the idea and wont let her leave. They make plans to meet each other the next day. Emma goes and writes a letter telling Leon that they must never see each other again and gives it to him the next day. However, in spite of what the letter says, Leon makes Emma spend the day with him and eventually, on a long cart ride, the letter gets torn up and it can be inferred that they were having sex in the taxi. - Chapter 2: When Emma returns home, the pharmacist is yelling at his assistant for not being careful. Emma, impatiently, asks why she has been brought to this place rather than going straight home, and roughly, she is told that Charles’s father has died suddenly. Emma has no sympathy for Charles as she sees him as weak. She tries to think of ways to get rid of him. When Charles, his mom, and Emma are all spending quiet time together, when Lheureux- the guy that they took a loan out from- comes along. He gives Emma the idea to take over Charles’s affairs in a Power of Attorney way. Emma brings it up to Charles after his mom leaves, and he agrees to let Emma go to talk to Leon about how to write it up correctly. - Chapter 3: The first line in Chapter 3 tells us exactly what Emma is doing on this “business” trip of hers. They take a day boat ride and spend time on an island. At the end, Emma makes sure that Leon has gotten everything right about the Power of Attorney, after hearing about Rodolphe hand his latest excursions with other women. - Chapter 4: Leon goes to visit Emma because he feels that it has been too long. At this meeting of theirs, she promises to find a way to see him once a month. She tries to play the piano, but from lack of practice, is no longer as good as she was. She uses this against Charles in saying that lessons cost too much and when he did find a decent price, she make it seem like she needed to go at least once a week. But, in reality, she was just going to see Leon. - Chapter 5: Emma goes into town, dressed to disguise, and then follows Leon to a hotel room and they spend the day together calling the place “their this, and their that”. Emma will get her hair fixed, and then ride the carriage back home. Charles finally sees Emma’s piano teacher, but the teacher doesn't know a thing about Emma. Somehow, Emma produces a receipt a while later. Lheureux ends up seeing Emma and Leon together and then later he comes Reading in Narrative Week 5 Madame Bovary to her to get money and has her sign a bunch of receipts to say that she will pay him 4,000 Francs for all of the stuff that she has gotten form him, plus their debt. When Charles’s mother comes to help with it all, she wants to see the bills and so Emma asks for a fake bill because she does not want to reveal that she sold the house that Charles’s dad had willed to them. On one of her trips to see Leon. She doesn't come home and Charles goes into the city in order to find her. After he looks everywhere, she finally runs into him and says that he cant react like that and that she was feeling unwell. This gives her freedom to be able to stay as long as she wants. - Chaper 6: Emma starts to become unhappy with Leon, or she becomes too much for him to please. Then, the loans start catching up with her. The more dissatisfaction that Emma has correlates to how much money she has spent. Soon she is unable to really pay for things and kind of gives up on selling things to try and make up for it. Her total goes to collections and the sum is about 8,000 francs. She tries to pay off what the notes say, but because it is already to collections, there is nothing to be done. She has 24 hours to pay it off. - Chapter 7: A few men come to the house to price all of her things, when she realizes that no bank will give her the money that she needs she gets Leon to try, but he can’t get the money that she needs either. She goes home and when she wakes up the next morning, there is a post about selling all of her furniture. She goes to see the notary. However, after she asks for money, he tries to seduce her and she is disgusted with him. The implied version is that he was asking her to pimp herself to him. She goes home and tries to figure out what to do next. She goes and sees the tax collector, the reader sees this scene from the perspective of the neighbor. It appears that Emma tries to make a move on him, and when he rejects her, she runs from his presence. In a last chance effort, Emma thinks of Rodolphe for money. Meanwhile, Charles is crying and everyone is looking for her. - Chapter 8: Emma finds Rodolphe and attempts to seduce him. However, he does not have the money, so she runs to the pharmacist and has Justin let her into the chemical room. There, she takes a handful of some chemical and tells Justin not to worry about it, that “the blame [would] fall on [his] master”. She goes home, writes a letter explaining what she has done. By nightfall, she stats having fits, permits Charles to read the letter, and becomes worse eventually vomiting blood. An expert of a doctor comes and says that there is nothing more that can be done for her. Then he goes over to the pharmacist’s house and has dinner, and then the pharmacist ventures back over to Charles’s house, where there is a priest speaking to Emma. After hearing the blind man, Emma falls on the bed, dead. - Chapter 9: Charles is so grieved that he doesn’t realize, nor will he admit that the funeral must take place and or to even make plans for one. Eventually though, he says that he wants her to be buried in her wedding dress, and the type of coffins that he wants her to be buried in. The physician and the priest start having arguments over who is right and the pros and cons of believing in God. Eventually, Charles lets them know that he wants some of her hair. Then they box her up and Emma’s father gets to town. Reading in Narrative Week 5 Madame Bovary - Chapter 10: At first, Emma’s father had to quite understood what was going on with his daughter, but when he did, he came quite quickly, or as quickly as he could. The Pharmacist makes up a story that Emma, intending for the sugar, ended up getting the arsenic. The funeral beings and Charles just wants it to be over so he hurries along the priest. Afterwards, everyone kind of files out and remembers things about Emma or is handling their grief their own way. The end of the chapter notes that Rodolphe and Leon know nothing about Emma’s passing. - Chapter 11: Charles tells Berthe that her mom went on a long trip and that she would bring back toys for her. The bills start stacking up and Charles is trying to pay them all back, and trying to get patients to pay him back, only to find that they had paid Emma, and all, and it seems like everyone wants him to pay them back now, and he is unable to keep up with it all. It seems like everyone wants to take everything away from him. Charles dies of grief, Berthe ends up working in a cotton gin, and the pharmacist ends up famous. 9.12.16 Notes not Available 9.14.16 Tactics: - Events in the novel help the reader decide if the author believes in Coincidence and or randomness. - What is it about Emma that keeps her perspecticve? - Should we develop sympathy/ give her some slack? Romanticism: - Romantics do not believe in randomness. Events are important/ ordained to happen. Madame Bovary: - She is always in her room, isolated, not partaking in the world. - Rodolphe seems to have all of the lines to put past Emma. - - He is cheap, and highly problematic. - The Plight of women is a theme/ subject in this novel as well as in Emma and Anna Karenina. - Handicaps of Emma: - - Imagination: not controlling it. - - she believes in books too much. Stendhal - He addresses the notion of Psychology. - - this was a new concept, ppl were aware of it, but they didn't really know what it meant. Flaubert Reading in Narrative Week 5 Madame Bovary - The church is present, but it is not a main topic/ concern/ problem. - - we can see that the church at this point does not hold the same amount of respect for God due to when we learn about the priests who dress casually and go to watch girls ` dance. - - However, when the church is involved in Emma’s life is the only time, so far, that she is not living for herself, but doing for others. 9.16.16 First Paper: what Book and passage to use for your paper? 5-7 pgs. Madame Bovary - Her affairs end up bleeding into her feelings for Charles Flaubert: th th - Environment has effect on how we turn out (19 - 20 c.) - Nature and nurture Themes: - Causes her own fall, by doing what she does. - Caring v. not caring enough - - status and society of women being limited in what they can do. - Victims: - - duty v. natural feelings - Fulfillment in life and emotion - - good relationship, express emotion, being able to express emotion (this should be considered do-able/ acceptable)


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