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Geology 1014, Human Affairs Week 5 notes

by: Ann McCarty

Geology 1014, Human Affairs Week 5 notes GEOL 1014 - 0-61920

Marketplace > Oklahoma State University > Geology > GEOL 1014 - 0-61920 > Geology 1014 Human Affairs Week 5 notes
Ann McCarty
OK State
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

These concepts include Earthquakes and their hazards. Plate boundaries, Seismic Waves, Acceleration of earthquakes etc. It also includes Tsunamis, landslides, Regions of risks, and land use plannin...
Geology and Human Affairs Lecture
Priyank Jaiswal
Class Notes
Geology, Human, Affairs, 1014, Earthquakes, Hazards, natural, disasters, Plate Tectonics, plate boundaries, Seismic Waves, seismology, Accereration, Tsunami, landslides, Risk, regions, Land, use, Warning, Systems
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ann McCarty on Friday September 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 1014 - 0-61920 at Oklahoma State University taught by Priyank Jaiswal in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Geology and Human Affairs Lecture in Geology at Oklahoma State University.

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Date Created: 09/16/16
1014 Week 5 Chapter 5 and 6 9.12.16 Notes unavailable. 9.14.16 Chapter 6: - Plate Boundary and Earthquakes - Major Intraplate Earthquakes - - New Madrid and OK are best EX of intraplate - - If something is dense, the velocity is higher. - Earthquakes Processes - - Can open a fault. - - faults don't just happen by themselves they have zones - - faults happen in segments Not all of the fault will move at the same time. - - past periods are broken up die to events that are said to have taken place. - Seismic Waves - - P and S waves - Measuring Seismic Waves - Material Amplification - - Softer material has less energy and waves wont travel as far. - Ground Acceleration - - these can move at around 6m/sec - Super shear - - do you hear it or see/feel it first? - - depends on location - Earthquake Cycles - - Normal building of stress  Release  Repeat - Effects of Earthquakes - - Tsunami - Earthquake Risks - - Probability of: Magnitude of 5 within the next 30 years: now very likely due to Earthquake on 9.3.16 - Earthquake Prediction - - Location of Hazard - Response to Earthquakes - - have to understand that we cannot stop them, but we can reduce hazards by being prepared for them. - Earthquake Warning System: - - saves lives due to time given - Prediction of Earthquake Hazards. 9.16.14 6.01: C, 6.02: D, 6.03: A, 6.04: D, 6.05: B, 6.06: 6.07: D, 6.08: A, 6.09: C, 6.10: D Chapter 7 Tsunami - Case History: Indonesian Tsunami 1014 Week 5 Chapter 5 and 6 - - Now days, there are a few ways to predict Tsunami’s - - figure 7.3 - Indonesian Tsunami - - 7 hrs is a long time to wait for a Tsunami. - Intro: - - name for “lg harbor waves” - - most know asteroid: one that killed dinosaurs. - How do earth quakes cause Tsunamis?: - - Vertical displacement - - Rupture- movement- slowing of waves- splash on shore. - Landslides Cause a Tsunami - - oceanic Topography: has just as much diversity as land - Regions at Risk - - Rocks/ Landslides cause Tsunami - Global Tsunami - - Primary reaction : buildings fall - - Secondary: fires started, water water contaminated, disease. - Minimize Hazards of Tsunamis - - know where you are living and its hazards - - Detreating 3 mi down ~ he didn't work - - Building a sea wall wont work, but building stronger buildings will. - Tsunami warning system - Detection and Warning - - Most countries with rick has warning system. - Tsunami Runup Maps - - new data, this will continue to grow. - - how much water is coming - Land use planning - - vegetation helps save lives - Probability Analysis Map - - Figure 7.16


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